What Should I Do When I Bring Home A New Puppy In Edmond?

new puppy in Edmond

If you are planning to get a dog as your pet, it is essential that you do a thorough research on how to look after the dog, what are the measures that you need to follow and what are the methods of dog care. Once, you are done with your research, there are certain areas that you need to concentrate on:

1. Living Space and Sleeping Area:

Make sure that your dog has got a proper living area in your home where they can settle in order to get adjusted to the new environment. This commonly takes the form of a kennel, where all their comforts can be found.

2. Potty Training:

The kennel also helps the new puppy understand that he should not soil his own home. Whenever the puppy is out of the kennel, immediately place him outside in the grass and watch to be sure he goes. An Edmond dog trainer can offer further advice for puppies that resist potty training.

3.Neuter/Spay, Vaccination and Other Vet Care:

Spaying and neutering pets is a humane way to control animal populations, but it is commonly recommended to wait for your pet to mature for a few months first. Vaccination is important as it helps to prevent serious illnesses. Regular vet visits can prevent and get rid of worms, fleas, and other potential health problems.

4. Microchipping and Registration:

Microchipping is a non-invasive process of implanting a rice grain sized RFID chip just under the skin of a pet. The chip can be read by any standard reader device used by animal control and vets. In case your dog is lost, he can quickly be found by the information provided by the chip registry.

5. Training and Socialization:

This should start in the early ages of puppy hood. This helps in building its character and overall development when exposed to new people and other dogs. Your dog will become interactive and far less likely to become fearful and aggressive.

6. Exercise:

Edmond’s dog parks are a great way to socialize your dog while getting exercise! Exercise keeps your dog fit and active. Moreover it helps it in the overall growth and development of the dog. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

7. Nutrition:

It is extremely important that you provide your dog with the right and balanced nutrition. Corn based dog foods are not as nutrient dense and often produce digestive problems. The right food will ensure that his fur is smooth and shiny, eyesight is healthy and bones, joints and muscles remain strong.

8. When You Leave Your Dog Alone:

When you get a pet at home, you have to ensure that it gets utmost love and care. However, there may be times when you have to leave it alone. Training by walking out the door and coming back in after a few minutes will normalize the leave and return process. Otherwise your dog could suffer from separation anxiety.

Having a pet at home is a huge responsibility. And you need to make sure that you will be able to take proper care of it. This is more so because dogs are extremely sensitive to human love and care. Make sure that you live up to your dog’s expectations.

Safety Tips for Dogs in Beaches

dog safety in beaches

Summer is certainly the best time to hit the beach. If you are thinking where to keep your dog while you are enjoying at the beach, the good news is you won’t have to leave him at home. You can let your dog soak his paws in the warm water or play with the beach ball while you take a relaxing sun bathe. There are few safety measures that you need to take while your dog is playing at the beach.

1. Take care of those paws:

Be a little aware of the broken things lying here and there on the beach. A piece of broken bottle or hard pebbles might hurt the paws of your dog.

2.Check the waves or current warnings before letting your dog in:

Some dogs love to swim, but the beach can be unpredictable. Large waves or undercurrents can be dangerous.

3.Safety vest: Make your dog wears a life vest.

If he gets pulled too far from shore the life vest will keep his head up during the rescue.

4.Sunburn is not just a human problem:

if he spends long hours under the sun, a dog’s nose, ears and other areas covered by light or short hair may burn. Dog sunscreens are easily available at any pet store.

5.Avoid dehydration:

Dehydration is very common in dogs, under the heat of the sun, your dog will need lots of water. Don’t forget to carry water and a bowl for the four legged members of your family.

6.Don’t let him roam:

Beaches are often new territory, unfamiliar to your dog. It’s important not to let him get too far, but a leash might be too restricting. A good option is the long type of leash anchored in the ground by a large corkscrew.

7.The most challenging task:

You might get way too happy looking at your dog playing in the beach. Give him a good bath after you return home, as all the salt and sand can be irritating for your dog’s skin.

With the right precautions, you and your dog can have a great time at the beach!

7 Summer Treats That Could Harm Your Dog

Dog Owners love to provide their dogs some exciting treats to keep them happy and healthy. However, there are certain treats that possess major threats for your dog’s health. Do keep in mind that beer, avocado, fruit toxins, corn, dairy, fatty foods, and grapes are extremely harmful and should be kept away from your pet dog during summer.

Go through this infographic to know more about the 7 summer treats that could harm your dog seriously.

7 Summer Treats That Could Harm Your Dog

Step-by-Step Method for De-Shredding Your Dog at Home

de-shredding your dog

De-shredding your dog is a huge task, especially, when you are planning to do it at home. We have got simple, easy yet extremely effective tips that will help you become a pro at de-shredding your dog at home.

Read on to know more:

  • If you have a short haired pooch at home, opt for a rubber brush to get the hair out. You can also use the furminator.
  • Use a natural shampoo like dog fashion spa so that the hair fall is reduced to a great extent. Opt for shampoo’s that has essential oils like lavender that helps to calm both the atmosphere and the bathing process.
  • To get rid of paw stains use an eco friendly paw cleaner. Don’t forget to use the wipes on a daily basis to clean all the stains.

Try out these steps for dog grooming in OKC today and let us know your feedback.

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Are You The First Time Dog Owner? Here Are The Answers To Your Queries

Dog grooming in edmond

Having a dog as a pet is a huge responsibility. You are not only bringing your furry friend home, but, you have to ensure that he is well looked after and cared for. If you are living the city of Oklahoma you must be aware how difficult it is to have big dogs like retriever or Labrador as your pet. The space constraint prevents you from having big sized dogs as your pets. In order to provide a cozy comfort to your furry friend, more and more people are opting for small sized breeds like morkies, poodles and shih tzus. If you are a first timer dog owner the following answers to your queries will make your journey of owning a pet quite a memorable one:

  • Yes, it is important to take your dog out for a walk. He needs to meet people, socialize and get fresh air as part of his life. Moreover, exposure to the sun will ensure that your dog gets its daily dose of Vitamin D. Moreover, your dog will be fit and active too. Don’t make your dog a home hamster.
  • Make sure that your dog gets its daily dose of exercise. Just like big breeds of dogs, small sized dogs too enjoy playing games. Hence, make sure that you engage them in throw the ball and fetch it games.
  • And finally, you need to train your small dog too. Make sure that you hire the right trainer for your small sized dogs. The sooner it is exposed to training the well behaved it will be.

There are many dog boarding in OKC where you can keep your dog in case you are going out of station. Make a list of the well known ones in the Oklahoma City. Before you leave for some work, call up these boarding centres and find out about the facilities offered. Select the one that best fits your dog and his requirements.

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6 Ways to Find Out If Your Dog Has Fleas

get rid of dog fleasFrom Lake Arcadia to its many parks, Edmond, Oklahoma offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! The journey turns merrier if your dog accompanies you. Camping under the stars with your dog or just going for a hike through scenic woods make for cherished memories. It’s all fun until you realize you brought home some uninvited guests: fleas. There are means to detect them early. We have jotted down the top 6 ways to detect fleas, taking expert help from dog boarding professionals in Edmond.

Let us get into the details of the means to read the signs that your dog has been infested with fleas:


  1. Perform a thorough inspection of your dog’s fur. The fleas will run in the opposite direction from where you divide the fur. You can easily detect them from their brown color.
  2. Give a thorough bath. Keep the drain clogged for a certain period and closely watch for the signs of black spots in the water. If you see any, take a closer look.
  3. Comb the coat using a flea comb. The small, brown critters of flat and oval shape that run quickly could be fleas.
  4. ‘Flea dirt’ or flea droppings are left behind by these bugs that look like flecks of dirt or black pepper. When you put some flea dirt upon a white facial tissue, after some time yellowish spots will appear confirming it’s not actually dirt! Gross!
  5. If you get hold of a bug from your dog’s coat, try to squish it in a tissue. Gnats and fruit flies are commonly mistaken for fleas, but if it is a flea, you will not be able to squish it easily.

If you want to get your dog and your home free from fleas, get in touch with expert dog boarders or groomers in Edmond who know how best to deal with a flea infestation.

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends!

Dogs are no doubt one of our favorite pets. They have become a part of our daily life. But how did dogs become our best friends? Well, it is believed that dogs have descended from wolves almost 15,000 years ago. Humans and wolves formed a strong bond between them and eventually, the modern dog came into existence.

Find out in this infographic, how dogs became our best friends.

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends


Know How Your Pet Dog Sleep And The Common Sleep Disorders

Ever wondered how much time your pet dog sleep? We know that proper sleep is important to keep us healthy and active all day. For dogs also, sleeping is just as important as for humans. In fact, dogs require more sleep compared to humans due to their low REM. Active dogs spend less time sleeping like police dogs, service dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

Find out in this infographic why dog sleep matters and the common sleep disorders for your pet dog.

how do dog sleep infographic

Tips On How To Involve Your Children In Dog Training Program In Edmond

dog training in edmond

Dog training and dog grooming are growing in popularity among Edmond dog owners. Many travel long distances to ensure that their pets are taken good care of. If you are to travel with your pet often, training your dog to socialize and behave is important. There are many who do not like pets. Often untrained pets can become difficult to handle and people would not be comfortable around your pet then. In Edmond you have the option to train your dog with professional help. You can even include your kids in the training session of the pet.


Train your pet with the kids in a place with lots of distractions, such as a dog park, or dog daycare. This way you can easily figure out whether they are reliable and can be trained easily. The pets who are able to maintain their composure despite all the distractions can be called well trained. The trainers in Edmond who are into dog training in Edmond are efficient. You can also participate in the training of the pets and even ask your kids to do so as this would help them become more comfortable around the new pet.

Duration for training

Do not train a pet for more than 10-15 minutes without break if they are less than 1 year old. They are still young and it would be frustrating for them. If the process continues for too long, they may resist further efforts.

Negative response

Dogs have a tendency to jump and get distracted easily. They behave negatively in an adverse situation or to anything that is not familiar to them. Training your pet in Edmond should include training them to respond properly to any situation. They should be able to walk past something which may make them react adversely. The procedure of dog training in Edmond includes the entire family to participate in order to make the pet familiar to as many people around as possible.

Teaching them the right approach

The pets have the tendency of happy “tail wagging” whenever they meet someone they like or wish to express that they like the person they are meeting. Excitement can make a dog very disruptive. Training the dog also includes teaching them to make the right approach towards someone.

Get professional training help

The professional dog training in Edmond is provided in such a manner that makes a large difference in the upbringing of the pet. The pet would be able to easily socialize and become likeable. It would not react around other dogs which is a very important thing to be ensured in case there is such a chance.

How To Prepare Your Dog’s First Day Of Daycare

dog day care center in Oklahoma CityNow that you have decided to send your day to dog sitting in Oklahoma City you have already crossed the hurdle of being mentally prepared of being away from your pet. You are ready to spend hours before the computer and watch your dog carry out silly antics so that you can go “ooh” and “aah” over its little escapades. However, there is one thing that you can do. Prepare your dog for his first day at the day care centre. Following are the ways that you need to follow:

Dog Day Care Service

  • Hydration is the key

    When you dog is being sent to the day care you need to be rest assured of one fact – his physical and mental exercise will be much more than what was at your home. He will spend the day sniffing out new places, check out passersby through the window, jumping up and down a new couch, play with a ball and so on. All these will leave him tired and exhausted. Hence, it becomes important that your dog remains well hydrated at all the times. Make sure that you dog have access to a bowl of fresh water when you leave him. In fact, ask the day care staffs to refill his bowl at frequent intervals.

  • Give your dog time to make new friends 

    Dogs like humans are extremely sensitive about those with whom they mix. Even if your dog is friendly and gels with people easily yet you need to give time to your dog to mix with the day care staffs. For your dog it is a new place and he is meeting new people when you are not there. As such, your dog will take time to open up and make new friends. You need to be extremely patient during this time. Don’t force anything on him.

  • Take your dog for a walk before you leave him at the day care 

    Before you leave your dog to the day care center, take him for a walk so that in case your dog feels like peeing, he can release himself before he is dropped at the day care. Otherwise, there are high chances that he will pee the moment he is left alone at the day care center. This will also ensure that your dog develops proper toilet training.

  • Begin the day on a calm note 

    Dogs have an uncanny habit of picking up moods and sentiments. If you are nervous about leaving behind your dog at the day care center or you are emotional of being away from your dog for long, your dog will pick up the emotion and will react in a similar fashion. This is neither good for you nor your dog. Hence, begin the day on a calm note. Cuddle your dog, pet him, and give him a warm hug before you leave him at the day center. Make your dog feel loved and cherished so that he loves spending his time at the day care center and looks forward to meeting you in the evening.

Once you keep in mind all the areas discussed above both you and your pet will be prepared for Dog sitting in Oklahoma City.