The Golden Egg Hunt

egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt may bring to mind the popular holiday tradition of filling colorful plastic eggs with toys and candies and hiding them around the lawn for kids to find. However, this event is going to be much more interesting not just for kids but for your puppies too! Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a pioneer in dog care and world-class dog boarding facilities, is offering “The Golden Egg Hunt” for your furry friends. During this fun event, you pet will hunt indoors and out for Easter eggs containing exactly the kinds of treats a dog would love!

There is also a costume contest for your dogs in which they can flaunt their Easter Sunday best. Don’t forget about our team of experts who provide complete grooming services to keep your dog looking great all year! If you’d like your dog to be a part of our egg hunt, book him for daycare or boarding over March 30th, 2018. The party starts at 10 a.m., and admission is only $10.

golden egg hunt

At Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, we are committed to providing care and comfort to not only our clients’ dogs but also animals in need of food, shelter and love. Thus, the best part of this event is that all proceeds will be contributed to the Pet Angels Rescue organization so that many other helpless animals can get the care that no animal should be without.

So, get your pet dogs ready for the extravaganza and enroll them with us. We offer the best dog boarding in Oklahoma along with an array of activities to help make your pet more active and fit. This Golden Egg Hunt will not just make you and your pets happy but will give you beautiful memories with your furry friend that will last forever.

How to Make Sure Pets Stay Healthy When Being Boarded

Good health is a lot more important for you than wealth. This holds true for your pets too. Pets are the most loyal companions, and they bring out the best in us. They may be speechless creatures, but they have nurtured lifelong relationships with humans for ages. Loving your pet alone is not enough, but taking good care of them is also pretty important.

Your responsibility toward your pets increases manifold when you are away from them for vacations or business trips. Places that offer dog boarding in Oklahoma are the best options for your pets so that they are taken good care of even in your absence. This blog post helps you with some tips to ensure that your furry friends stay safe and happy when you are away.

  • Choosing the right kennel is the first and foremost step that you need to take if you are planning to leave your pet at a dog boarding facility in Oklahoma. The right kennel is a perfect place to leave your dog, but it should have proper space to accommodate your pet along with its accessories. Moreover, the kennel should offer adequate space for animals to move around comfortably and provide appropriate safety measures. The facility providing such a service should be staffed with caring and attentive crew members who can keep the pets confined within congenial yet secure boundaries.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene is the second-most important factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a facility for dog boarding in Oklahoma. The cages and kennels offered for your furry friends should be neat and tidy. They should be well ventilated and comfortable too. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t catch any illness while staying in a boarding facility.
  • Boarding kennels should offer proper facilities for socializing and interacting with fellow pets. This will make your pet feel happy and keep it engaged. In addition, facilities offering dog boarding in Oklahoma should provide several means of fun and enjoyment for your pets as well as grooming and training activities.
  • When you look for a place that offers pet boarding, you should choose one with better medical amenities and friendly crew members to make your furry friend feel at home. There should also be emergency arrangements in place to cover any crisis that may occur in your absence.
  • Lastly, you should look for options in dog boarding in Oklahoma that are equipped with modern audio-visual aids so that you can keep an eye on your pet from anywhere and at anytime.

Five Essential Tips to Upgrade Your Dog Boarding

dog boarding

Dog boarding is a term that we all are well familiar with. It refers to a place where your furry friends find a temporary shelter when you are away from them. Dog owners often feel stressed about figuring out ways to look after their pets in their absence. There are plenty of businesses that not only offer dog boarding in Oklahoma but also keep your pet happy and active during its stay. Thus, it serves as a great substitute for hiring a pet sitter. However, businesses offering dog boarding need to keep their services updated to keep up the pace with the changing needs and preferences of dog owners.

This blog post offers five important tips for dog boarding service providers that will not just help in upgrading their services but will keep the pets that come in comfortable and happy. The tips are as follows:

Ensure Proper Drainage

Generally, dog kennels inside a dog boarding facility lack a proper system of drainage. The floors often become contaminated and dirty owing to the accumulation of food pieces, water and other debris. A raised-floor kennel makes cleaning the space easy and also allows for proper drainage.

Hire Devoted Staff and Use Smarter Tools

The most important asset for companies providing dog boarding services is their experienced and dedicated staff. An indispensable part of upgrading your dog boarding service is managing the cost of hiring newer employees and maintaining the current crew. Since the customers you are dealing with want their dogs to be pampered and well cared for more than anything else, it is quite important that you make sure to use good quality equipment and accessories.

dog boarding staffs

Utilize the Space Properly

The growth of any business calls for offering a wide range of options to the customers. This makes your services not just flexible but more likable by Oklahoma dog owners. For instance, you can choose to install convenient devices like swivel feeders or large transfer doors. There are a lot of designs and setups that will make your services for dog boarding in Oklahoma awesome for pets.

Invest in Good Installation

Kennels providing dog boarding in Oklahoma can be updated to suit the needs of the dogs and provide them with more comfort and care. There are prudent manufacturers who provide easy installation of newer equipment in no time. Thus your investments in the latest kennel designs and setups will bring you more returns.

dog boarding

Try to Make the Environment Stress-Free

Stress can be as harmful for pet dogs as it is for humans. Pet lovers around the world today are focused on providing their pets with greater care and boarding in a stress-free environment. For this, not only do specially designed houses and private kennels prove helpful, but in addition, a lot of fun-filled activities also help keep your dog hale and hearty.

How Busy Dog Owners Can Still Care For Their Dogs

dog boarding

Since a dog is a man’s best friend, the idea of owning a dog is always fun and exciting. With the world getting busier day by day, we all feel stuck to our routines. It is really hard to take time out from your super busy schedule and spend it with your furry friend. However, dog boarding services in Edmond, OK, have come up with the tips listed below so that you can still care for your dog in spite of being too busy.

Take Care of the Basic Needs

Food, shelter and hygiene are some of the basic requirements of all pets, including dogs. So to take good care of your dog, you need to provide it with the basic amenities like bathing, feeding and grooming in the first place. Being preoccupied with your life and work doesn’t mean you can’t be a dog owner. All you need to do is accept the help of professionals who provide dog boarding in Edmond, OK, so that you and your pet stay happy and organized.

Develop a Routine and Stick to It

Planning is the key, especially when it comes to taking care of your dog in spite of being busy. Developing a perfect routine will not only make things easier for you but will make your dog disciplined and active too. When you feed it or take it out for a walk every day on a fixed schedule, then within a few days the dog recognizes the time for different activities by itself. This surely helps you in the long run.

Exercise Daily

pet care

Exercising is as important for your dog as it is for you. The best idea is to combine both of your timings for physical activities together. For instance, you can take your dog with you for either a walk or a jog every day. This will develop a very healthy habit for you and your dog as well.

Spend Time Together

dog love

Pets can work wonders in relieving stress and tension. Playing with your pet or just pampering it a bit can relieve all your fatigue and weariness in minutes. Hence even the busiest people should take out time to spend some quality time with their dogs so that the bond gets stronger.

Proper Training

dog training

Dogs are the best of all pets, but still they need some basic training so that they do not make a mess of your home all the time. Dog boarding in Edmond, OK, offers excellent opportunities to get your dog trained by caring experts. This kind of training is greatly helpful if you want your dog to be smart and mannered both indoors and outdoors.

Opt for Dog Care

Dog care centers are apt places to leave your furry friends when you are away from them. Dog boarding facilities in Edmond, OK, have experienced teams of professionals who take care of your dog in all possible ways. They even have adequate medical facilities and updated monitoring devices that prove really helpful.

Find a Playmate for Your Dog

Finding a partner to play and spend fun time with is something your dog would love to do. However, that doesn’t mean you need to get another dog; rather, the best idea is to let your pet enjoy some time with fellow dogs at a common playground or dog park. Leaving your dog with a friend who also owns a dog but is comparatively less busy can be a great option to go for when you need to rush to work.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Utilizing dog boarding in Edmond, OK, is also fruitful for those busy bees who have very pampered pet dogs. If your dog is not comfortable leaving home, then you can use pet sitting services too. This involves hiring an experienced person who can take care of your furry friend when you are at work or traveling. A pet sitter can feed your dog on schedule, take it out for a walk or just cuddle with it to make your pet feel better.

Take Your Dog to Work

dog walk

If you have a pet-friendly work place, then the perfect way to care for your dog is to let it accompany you to work. Employers around the globe believe that taking pets to work surely contributes to enhancing employee productivity. Also, it is quite important that your dog should learn basic etiquette before its visit to the office.

Choose the Right Dog

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, the last, but not the least, is that you should take care when choosing the type of dog you want as a pet, especially if you are already too busy. Raising a delicate puppy and training it well is definitely not so easy, and with your packed schedule, it might invite more stress. Thus experts in dog boarding in Edmond, OK, suggest that adopting an adult dog that is quite laid back might be the right choice for you. This particular type of dog with limited lifestyle needs will serve as the best companion to you without causing you more stress.

Tips For Enjoying Spring With Your Pet

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Spring is the season that marks a new beginning for both nature and our lives. After the cold, harsh winter, the advent of spring is welcomed with arms wide open by all living beings on earth. This pleasant phase of the year brings with it blooming flowers, longer warmer days and a bagful of joy and comfort. Moreover, a lot of festivals are scheduled in the season of spring to add to the joyful spirit.

The festivities of spring call for adequate care for your pets at home. The departing winter season can be even more harmful for your pet’s health, as chances for you to manage minute yet really unhealthy signs and symptoms cannot be neglected. Thus professionals in pet care in Oklahoma City advise the following tips for fully enjoying the upcoming spring along with your furry friends.

Ensure Pet Safety Both Inside and Outside the Home

dog safety

Pets are surely our true friends for life. They bestow on us their unconditional love and ask for nothing else in return. Moreover, pets are no less than innocent kids who are undeniably delicate and sensitive. Thus it becomes very important to pay utmost attention to their safety and well-being.

The awesome weather outside during the spring season can tempt your pet to jump out of any opening to get outside. It is thus advised to make sure your doors and windows are well covered with appropriate barriers, as jumping from a height can be dangerous for your pet. While taking your pets for an outing, you should secure them with suitable leashes or in a well-fenced yard to avoid risks.

Mind the Rising Temperature

With spring comes a remarkable rise in temperatures in all temperate regions around the globe. The sudden hike in temperature can make your furry friends restless and tired. In order to enjoy the spring season with your pets in the pink of health, you should keep an eye on their subtle signs and signals. Certain breeds show sensitivity to temperature changes with symptoms like fever, vomiting and lethargy. In order to tackle these problems, all you need to do is to maintain a comfortable temperature inside according to their needs.

Keep Them Away From Harmful Stuff

pet care

Blooming flowers in the garden and people partying out on their patios are quite common views during spring. However, some flowers, like lilies—as well as chocolates and many other things—can be very dangerous for pets when ingested. Proper care should be taken to prevent any accidental swallowing of these seemingly tempting treats by your pets. In addition, some people use antifreeze and other chemicals in pools, fountains and ponds in their yards. Keeping pets away from these toxic areas is therefore extremely important.

Make Sure Heated Floors and Pavement Don’t Hurt Your Pets

Cats and dogs perspire through their paws, which are comparatively soft and sensitive. Due to this, stepping on hot surfaces like floors or pavement can seriously hurt them. During the spring season when the temperature rises gradually, stone landscapes and even flooring get hot and uncomfortable to walk upon. Thus professionals in pet care in Oklahoma City recommend maintaining a comfortable temperature at least inside the house.

Get Pets Vaccinated on Time

Having and maintaining a good vaccination timetable for pets always paves the way for their good health. The change of season during spring often brings a lot of diseases, owing to the growth of microorganisms everywhere. This also gives rise to the appearance of ticks and fleas thriving on your pet’s body. During the spring season, pets are more likely to come in contact with each other. This can further increase the chances of getting an infection or harmful bacteria. A regular and well-timed vaccination program especially during the spring can surely help your pets stay hale and hearty.

Help Them Stay Well Hydrated

dog dehydration

Water is life. This saying holds true even for your furry friends, who are susceptible to considerable loss of water from their bodies during spring. Thus it is advised by experts in pet care in Oklahoma City to ensure an optimum supply of water during the spring so that your pet can also bloom in health with ample intake of water.

Love Them Whole-Heartedly

dog love

Last but not least, to make sure you treat your furry friend with the best pet care in Oklahoma City, you should love them whole-heartedly. Although these furry companions cannot talk back, they are blessed with an excellent talent for reciprocating emotions. Love and laughter are the best medicines in the world, and spring is the season that puts a new life into everything. The above tips present rewarding ways to enjoy this time of the year with your pets and ensure that you both feel healthy and happy.

5 Tips To Get Your Dog Stop Barking

Dog barking is annoying and frustrating to deal with sometimes and hence dog owners should have some idea to stop it when required. Though it is a natural behavior for dogs to bark and alert owners for any outside intruders, they should be taught to stop any unnecessary barking. This infographic points out the 5 essential tips to get your dog to stop barking.

5 Tips To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

Top Five Features Of A Modern Dog Spa

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” These beautiful lines by Josh Billings certainly reflect the selflessness showcased by dogs toward human beings. As a matter of fact, the unconditional love and loyalty on the part of pet dogs is something beyond words. Choosing a dog as a pet not only instils humility inside your soul, but it also gives you a true friendship to cherish forever.

However, at times you feel trapped so badly in worldly affairs that it becomes so hard to take care of your furry friends on your own. Modern dog spa centers are indeed great options to choose, as they employ the perfect people with whom to entrust your furry babies. The top five features discussed in this blog post help you comprehend the ways that make modern dog spas the best places to look after your dogs when you are away from them.

Professional Approach

Dog boarding in Oklahoma City is flooded with options to choose from, but contemporary dog spas excel over all others, owing to many factors. The first and foremost feature that distinguishes them among the others is the perfect professionalism in techniques and approaches. Modern dog spa centers have well-trained crew members who look after your beloved pet dog with much love and care in your absence. These spas are well experienced and trustworthy, as their staff have undergone appropriate training for the purpose. Thus, these staff are reliable and dependable people to care for your pet dog in boarding.

Cage-Free Environment

Modern dog spa centers are perfect destinations for your pets when you are away from them for any reason. These spas are committed to providing proper care and comfort to dogs in a cage-free environment. The idea to make your darling dog feel at home when it is away from home supports the innovation of these centers. Confining these meek creatures inside cages can never make them happy or comfortable.


Training a dog refers to teaching it some behavioral techniques that make things easy and manageable not only for you but for the pet as well. Dog boarding in Oklahoma City has evolved remarkably with time to include a lot of innovative ideas for training dogs. The modern dog boarding centers are coming up with a number of programs and activities that help your dog learn. After all, it can be more interesting to let your furry friend learn new things by the time you are back from your work.


Spas surely are devoted to grooming and relaxing the mind body and soul. Modern dog spas serve the same purpose for your pet. Dog boarding services in Oklahoma City are well aware of the fact that your dogs really love massages, grooming and special bathing sessions. Moreover, a neat and tidy body is as important for a pet as it is for you. Dog spas today undertake all possible steps to maintain the health and hygiene of your pet dog. So the stay at a modern dog spa turns into a really nice one for your furry friend.

Extra Care

A little extra love and care always tastes sweet. Dog boarding services in Oklahoma City strive hard to turn your pet’s stay at a modern dog spa sweeter. Escorting your dog on a walk, playing its favorite games or just cuddling up with it while watching television, dog spa centers do everything necessary to pamper your furry friend so that it feels cheerful and be happy.

Modernization in every aspect aims at providing comfort and peace. Modern dog spa centers thus amazingly relieve you of all your worries about looking after your furry friend in need as a friend indeed.

Five Ways to Care for Your Dog While Being Away From Them

“A dog is a friend who listens with its heart and replies with its tail” (Unknown). These fur babies need nothing but a little love and care to grow up with the strong bonds of true friendship and turn into loyal companions for life. Therefore, it is indeed essential and worthwhile to care for your beloved pets even when you are away from their eyes.

There are a lot of options available as solutions to help you out when you look for dog boarding services to take care of your pet dog in your absence. This blog post discusses five great ideas that really work when it comes to showing care for your furry friends from a distance.

Traditional Kennels

The traditional kennel is the most common and easily affordable option available for dog boarding in Oklahoma. These places do everything necessary to provide your dog with the basic amenities and even some complimentary bathing sessions. It is generally easy to find a traditional kennel, which perfectly suits the dogs that are happy-go-lucky pooches. In short, if your pet is not prone to any sort of anxiety, then choosing this type of place will be the best option to go with.

Luxury Dog Boarding

If your pet dog is not used to spending daytime hours alone, then it will definitely require extra care and human attention when you are away. Luxury dog boarding in Oklahoma is a suitable option that can rescue you from all worries regarding taking care of your dog. This type of place is undoubtedly an amazing option that offers huge kennels with extra bedding arrangements, stimuli-packed play areas and lots of personalized attention from the staff. These centers often have grooming services, extra cage-free play times and even webcams so that you can keep an eye on your dog from anywhere. However, these luxury dog boarding centers are often too costly to afford, but at Puppy Paws we offer real luxury to your dog at an affordable price.

Veterinary Offices

Opting for a trusted veterinarian and his well-trained staff can provide both fruitful and peaceful care choice for your elderly dog with certain issues pertaining to either bone health or metabolism. Since these dog boarding services in Oklahoma offer care with absolute caution and regular monitoring, they are indeed good options for dogs with medical conditions that require readily available treatment to prevent contingent situations under the trained and trusted vet.

Dog Walkers or In-House Caretakers

Some dog lovers and pet owners may find it difficult to trust a single person as the perfect sitter and caretaker for their furry friends, but as a matter of fact, this type of dog boarding in Oklahoma is the only option that allows you to customize and schedule service at relevant times according to your pet’s needs. The visiting sitter for your pet will take your dog for a walk, feed it and play with it. Many of them even offer poop-scooping and simple house-sitting services like rotating the lights and taking in the mail at your home. This particular service is helpful for the dogs that feel homesick and are used to being home alone while you work, and thus they will find regular visits very similar to their daily routine. In Oklahoma, we also have devoted caretakers who provide nice dog walking and sitting services, some of whom are willing to even stay at your place for an additional charge.

Friends or Family

Family members and friends are the ones who can very well understand your feelings for your pet and vice-versa. Thus, choosing them as the ones to look after your darling pet in times of need is always a better than the rest of the options. Some dogs are shy by nature and take more time to open up to unknown people at unfamiliar places. A familiar face with comforting behavior proves to be an excellent remedy for the pets who are apprehensive toward strangers. Dog boarding in Oklahoma hence includes the favor done on the part of friends and relatives to solace your pet dogs in a way that it enjoys the most, while you worry the least.

How Should You Care For Your Pet During the Holidays?

dog boarding

It has been rightly remarked that money can buy a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. These lines shed light on the prominent aspect of pet care and affection toward pets. Caring for pets with warmth and tenderness always helps to turn them into loyal friends and best buddies forever.

With the coming holiday season that paves the way for merriment and exuberance, these cherished animals could certainly be wrapped up and taken along with you to distant holiday destinations. However, for those who wish to enjoy their holidays without any strings attached or worrying about their pets, dog boarding in Oklahoma presents innumerable options to choose from. This post will be very helpful for all those who are looking forward to some easy ways to provide care and comfort to their pets while they are away.

Travelling With Pets

Pets are no less than children who are sensitive and delicate. Thus, traveling with them requires special preparations made well in advance. When the pet is accompanying you on a flight to some holiday venue, it is always prudent to book a ticket for the pet beforehand to avoid hassles and issues that may crop up while traveling. It should be noted as well that some airlines are reluctant to allow online booking of seats for pets and instead provide assistance over the phone. Call them up before making reservations in order to clear all doubts and queries pertaining to traveling with your pet.

Airline companies provide carriers for pets and their accessories. Checking for the perfect fit for your pet before the journey begins will be a smart and convenient move. Moreover, be economical in considering your luggage for the pet. This not only saves a good amount of time but in turn is manageable and hassle-free. Ask for the checklist of documents supplied by the airlines you are traveling with, and make sure to carry all of them with you.

Pets are fond of being pampered. So whenever you decide to travel along with your lovely ball of fur, do try and make it as comfortable as you can. Carrying its favorite toys and treats, or any special thing it loves to keep beside it while resting, would be the finest way to make the flight cozy and comfy for your pet, and you as well. Make sure to let your pet be active for a considerable span prior to checking in so that it falls asleep easily during the journey. Also, remember to ensure that your pet takes care of its business preceding the security check at the airport to avoid chances of unnecessary delays.

Travelling Without Pets

There are many options for dog boarding in Oklahoma. Care and comfort are the foremost things people seek while choosing a place to look after their pets in their absence. Similar to traveling along with your pets, traveling without them calls for adequate preparations and proper solutions. A boarding facility for pets proves to be a savior when your furry friend cannot accompany you on a trip. A congenial environment that takes care to make your pet feel at home is what these boarding facilities commit to provide.

Dog boarding in Oklahoma City also bestows affection and takes note of every single need related to your pet’s care and all that you feel concerned about. These centers often supply pet sitters who personally attend to your pets by either caring for your pets in their own homes or staying with your pets in the familiar environment of your home. In short, they comfort and console your pets in every way possible. They even keep a close watch over the pets and accordingly keep you informed.

Employing a pet walker is among the most economical options to choose when the pet is supposed to stay alone for a shorter duration. An experienced pet walker is a person who visits the pet at regular intervals and even escorts it on walks twice a day. Opt for hiring a pet walker who genuinely will treat your pet just the way you do as the best possible course of action while you are away from your beloved companions.

Pets can change the way you view the world. They are meek, docile and lovable indeed. Holidays with pets or even without them are apt occasions for you to shower them with love and care. Dog boarding in Oklahoma tends to lend you a helping hand in caring for you pets.

11 Christmas Dog Treat Recipes

Christmas dog treatChristmas is just around the corner, and that calls for baked goodies. Sweets are really the king of Christmas, and even your furry friend might be dreaming about cookies. Dogs absolutely love treats, and if the treat is sweet, it is all the more cherished. Santa brings gifts for you. It’s time for you to become Santa for your beloved dog.

In addition to your dog, you can also treat the dogs of your co-workers and friends this holiday season. Homemade dog treats are actually a great Christmas gift idea. Why should humans have all the fun?

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are 11 super yummy yet very easy-to-make dog-friendly treats that you can prepare this Christmas:

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Homemade Dog Treats

Can you finish a Christmas dinner without having pumpkin pie? If that is a mandate for a human, why not make your dog peanut butter pumpkin biscuits with a touch of cinnamon? To make this treat, you need six ingredients: canned pumpkin, eggs, salt, peanut butter, whole wheat flour and cinnamon. You can cut the dough into Christmassy shapes to give them a festive touch.

Apple Mint Dog Treats for the Holiday

These treats are easy to make, and though they may not be similar to any Christmas cookies that humans eat, they do have a festive green color. In addition, apple mint dog treats are low in calories.

Christmas Special Cookie

Christmas Dog cookies

Stuff these cookies with whole and healthy ingredients like olive oil, unsweetened applesauce, organic honey, green pumpkin seeds and organic dried cranberries. These cookies even look good enough for you to eat, but remember, they are made special for your dog. So, make your dog a delicious and hearty cookie this Christmas.

The Irresistible Cookie

You can make irresistible Christmas treats for your dog by mixing non-fat Greek yogurt, baking powder and peanut butter into the cookie dough. Increase the festive mood by using Christmas tree cookie cutters.

Gingerbread Dog Treats

Spread festive joy to the dogs at the local shelter as well. Why don’t you make them one of their favorites, gingerbread dog cookies? The recipe is super easy. Use dog-friendly ingredients and make this an unforgettable festive season for them.

Carob Mint Christmas Dog Cookies

These dog cookies are dipped in melted carob, giving them a rich chocolaty flavor. Enjoy this Christmas with your four-legged companion and their neighborhood friends with this carob mint goodie packed in a Christmas décor bag.

Mutt Mints

These dog treats are packed with chopped mint leaves, making them perfect for dogs’ digestive systems. Plus, your dog’s breath will smell fresh.

Something Nutty

Looking for a nutty Christmas treat for your furry friend? Make some nutty bacon treats for them. They won’t be able to turn their face from these treats filled with some of their favorite ingredients like bacon, maple syrup and sun butter or natural peanut butter. Your dog will go head over heels for this one.

Candy Canes

Making dog candy canes can be a great way to get your kids to help with the Christmas baking. These tasty candies can be stored in the freezer for as long as six months.

Carob Molasses Treat

Carob is a safe chocolate alternative for your four-legged friends. These cookies also have a minimal amount of purine in them, which helps prevent kidney stones.

Peppermint Chews

Make your dog, as well as your kitchen, smell like Christmas by making peppermint chew treats for your dog to savor.