3 Key Reasons Why You Should Think About Dog Boarding Centers

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Your dog always needs care and attention. Without proper attention and physical activities, your dog may get bored and fall sick as well. But, you have to attend your office as well. How will you pay attention to your dog all the time? Are you fed up to balance your work-life and personal life with your dog? Here is the solution for you. The dog boarding in Oklahoma will put an end to your worries, in addition to making your dog happy.

Here are some beneficial areas of dog boarding in Oklahoma which you should know before availing their service. You may inquire the service provider to be sure if they provide these services and make your decision easier.

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Development of the Social Skills

The dog daycares are there to keep your dog for the time you have to spend at your workplace. The package includes proper diet, exercise, training and many other things. Most dog-owners keep their dogs in the boarding and so your dog will definitely get several friends over there. If you have only one dog, it may not develop the socializing skill at your home, but here. It is helpful to make your dog friendly and well-behaved. Despite having power and size differences, they will learn to adjust with them in the dog boarding in Oklahoma.

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Exercise and Training

If you can’t get enough time to involve your dog in physical activities, you should think about it now. Less physical activities may make the dog obese, ruin its digestive health and even make it immobile. In the dog boarding centers in Oklahoma, the dogs are involved in enough physical activities. According to the age group, the activities are segregated.

In addition to exercise, the training session is also taken care of in the centers. The professionals over there provide obedience training in a positive but without harming anyone.

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A Comfortable Environment

The dog boarding in Oklahoma promises you to give you’re dog a friendly and comfortable environment. You can notice the mental development of the dog day by day which is an outcome of staying in a healthy environment. Besides physical health, maintenance of the mental health is also very important for a dog. It is your liability to provide your pet with this.

If you are confused to get an appropriate dog boarding in Oklahoma, you can seek help from Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, Inc, to whom you can rely upon. And don’t worry, the package wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Top 4 Tips to Get the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pet

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When you get a puppy, it becomes your family member. Like your child, you don’t want to compromise with any of its comfort and care. It is quite natural. But as most of us are working nowadays, it becomes impossible for us to stay with our beloved pet all the time. Leaving it home with food, water and toys is certainly not an option. Dogs are very sensitive, and they may fall sick for missing you for a long time. As you don’t want this to happen, you look for dog daycare for your pup to enjoy a good time in your absence. But how to get the best daycare? There are several companies offering the service of dog daycare in Edmond, OK, but before leaving your furry child with them, you need to research a bit. This blog contains top tips to find the best daycare for your dog. Continue reading for more important information.

Visit It by Yourself

It is better not to rely on others and visit the daycare on your own. Once you visit it, look at the other dogs staying there, the entire environment, the area, the training programs, the security system and the staffs. These will be helpful to know if the place is perfect for your pet. Know how many caregivers are there to attend to the dogs. Normally the ratio is 20:1 for attending the dog with all required things. Know the crate time of the dog. Look around the area. At least 1500 sq. feet area is needed for 20 dogs. As you know your dog, including its characteristic traits, none can be better to judge the place than you. If required, visit the place more than one time and make your decision.

If you find everything is too perfect and you have a hunch that your pup may not get comfortable with the environment, trust your gut feeling and skip the place.

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The Activity Sessions

The training programs might be optional for the dog daycare in Edmond, OK. Mostly, with an additional fee, the daycare arranges a training session for your pup. Besides that, the educational playtime is needed rather it is imperative. Whereas the training session is for the pups, the educational engagements are for all age groups. It helps to stimulate the dog’s mind and also involves it in physical activities.

Disciplinary Training

Checking the discipline over the place, you may come to know if the place is suitable for your dog. As per the proper dog training process, the dog should be disciplined with positive reinforcement. The punishments cannot be an option. Ensure that the caregivers treat your dog the way he is used to. Dogs at day care should not be harmed during the disciplinary training process.

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The References

Discuss with your friends and family about the dog daycare you are selecting for your dog. You can try to get feedback online and from people who have taken their service. The reviews will help you make the right decision.

Puppy Paws can be a reliable source to get a suitable dog daycare in Edmond, OK. You can trust them with the responsibility to take care of your dog so that you can get your dearie in a happy mood when you take it back with you.

5 Important Tips to Deal With a Fearful Dog

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A dog with a haunting past can become fearful. A rescued dog who fails to forget what happened to it may take a much longer time to adjust to its new family. The situation can be extremely difficult, and you may feel that you have brought in a danger to your home and should return it to the shelter. But here is where you may give a second thought. When you adopt a pet, you are responsible to help it gain its lost confidence and trust. You can take the help of our services for dog boarding in Oklahoma to train your dog empathetically and help it overcome its fear.

Here are some useful tips to deal with a fearful dog in the right way.

  • No direct medication can change the behavior of your dog. It had a very different life before, and it needs your patience to overcome the trauma. This is the first thing you should keep in mind before starting. Next, be determined not to give up on it. It’s a difficult, but not impossible, goal to achieve.
  • Understanding the perspective of your dog may be difficult, but you should do this to help your beloved pet. It may seem stressful to understand what makes it afraid. But a tortured dog abandoned in a shelter sees everything from its past viewpoint. This causes it to distrust everyone around it. You can seek therapy through dog boarding in Oklahoma if your pet is going through this situation.

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  • Anything that is new and different from its past may scare your dog. You should wait patiently to let it settle in and get comfortable. Once it becomes accustomed to the new and changed environment, its body will release tension and it will stop getting afraid.
  • Handling a fearful dog may take time. It may seem that there is no progress at all, but after a few weeks or months, you will notice a difference. Patience is the main key in dealing with your new pet. If you take help from dog boarding in Oklahoma, you can visit your dog and see the progress in its behavior.
  • Know that the feeling of fear is painful for your dog. Once the therapy is over and your dog has recovered from its fear, your dog will return to a normal life. And this will be the reward for you, as a dog parent.
  • Giving up on the dog is obviously not a solution, and neither is doing nothing. You need to understand the reason behind its fear and that the proper therapy will help it relax and become comfortable. The staff at our facility for dog boarding in Oklahoma can suggest the best solutions for your dog to gift it with the normal life it deserves.

6 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happy!

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The bonding between you and your dog is an example of unconditional love. Your dog will never stop loving you, and you should also not leave any reason for it to complain. To add some more charm in this pure relationship, you can surprise your dog with several fun activities. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can choose these fun activities for your dog to cheer it up. Many of these activities are offered by our dog daycare in Edmond, OK.

Here is a list of popular fun activities that are beneficial for your dog’s health and mind:

Obedience Training

Your beloved pet is your good boy or girl, but obedience training is needed to strengthen the connection between you two. Through these training sessions, you and your dog will get accustomed to a common language comprehensible for both of you. This language involves some basic commands. With the course of the training at a dog daycare in Edmond, OK, your dog will learn more complicated commands and will become even more perfect in your eyes.

agility training

Agility Training

Running is one of the best exercises for both humans and dogs. It involves all the body muscles and makes the body more flexible. It improves the metabolism, appetite, health of bones and muscles, digestive system, and many other functions and parts of the body. Agility training at dog daycare in Edmond, OK, trains dogs to move flexibly and obediently. This is a full-body exercise that your dog will love. Your dog’s movement skills will be enriched with hurdles like ladders, tubes, pools and ramps, and your dog will learn when to jump, turn, tip and duck.

Training for Tracking

This training helps your dog develop and utilize its extremely powerful sense of smell. Generally, dogs have a strong sense of smell, and with these sessions, your dog will reach a high level of tracking with this sense and can accompany you in hunting, law enforcement and similar activities. Though the skill set is a little difficult to adapt, dogs are good learners and always find it fun to learn new things.

dog on beach


When your dog is part of your family, you should find dog-friendly accommodations when you travel. Many dogs thrive on vacations. They enjoy nothing less than humans do. Traveling isn’t very difficult today for a dog owner. One great option is the beach, as dogs are fond of beaches. You should research a bit on the dog-friendly hotels at whatever destination you choose. Needless to say, when your loving pet is around, you will also enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Dog Parks

A dog park is a place for dogs to socialize. It is a wide-open place with a soft surface and sometimes various play props for the dogs. Your dog can meet other friends there, and together they can enjoy themselves while you enjoy watching them playing, running and having a good time. Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, offers this provision for the dogs to enjoy even when you are not present.

dog playing frisbee

Frisbee and Hiking

Your dog doesn’t always need to go for a vacation or training. It can be happy with simple, fun activities like playing with a Frisbee. Many dogs love chasing Frisbees, balls and other toys. While playing, your dog will also get some exercise. Another simple activity you can involve your dog in is hiking. You can even just take it on a simple walk with you through the neighborhood. Walking with you and meeting new people and other dogs will make it happy.

Whatever you do to make your dog happy, whether you choose simply walking or enrolling it in training, you will remain its hero. Your company and love are the most that your dog wants. Puppy Paws knows the connecting link between you two: It is love. Keeping this in mind, we offer dog daycare in Edmond, OK, where you can take advantage of multiple services and facilities to keep your dog happy and healthy. Dog daycare is a much better option than keeping your dog alone until you return home at the end of the day.

Special Care for Your Aggressive Dog: Dog Boarding

Many dog owners feel that their furry friend with paws and a wagging tail is much better company than other humans. The friendship of a dog has become a proverb used as the best example of unconditional love. It’s a treat to watch a pet grow like your child. Cuddling, petting, playing and sharing every feeling with them is much more relaxing than anything else.

However, exceptions happen. Some dogs show signs of aggression rather than affection, whether due to a shy personality or an abusive past. Connecting with an aggressive dog can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst. One solution you can try is dog boarding in Oklahoma.

First, you should know the various reasons to opt for dog boarding. These facilities will take care of your dog when you’re out of town, you are unavailable to take care of your dog, or even when you need your dog to learn basic good behaviors. The first two points are understandable, but the last one needs a bit more explanation.

Handling an Aggressive Dog

If you are reading this article, you likely have an aggressive dog. Before making any drastic decisions like abandoning the dog at a shelter, remember that it has no one in the world right now other than you. Handling an aggressive dog can be difficult, but it is not impossible. With the right tools and know-how, you can overcome the hurdles to connect with your beloved pet.


First, understand the reason behind your dog’s aggression. Is it a specific person? Is it another animal? Or is it about its food and sleeping area? The sooner you find out the reason, the faster you can solve the aggression problem. There are several types of aggression. Before proceeding further with details about dog boarding in Oklahoma, you need to know about these types, which will help you understand the reasons behind the aggression.

  • When a dog is afraid of something or someone, it can become aggressive.
  • A dog that feels trapped may act aggressively.
  • If your dog is frustrated, it can vent through anger and aggression.
  • Take a close look. Is your dog in pain? This can make it aggressive.
  • If your dog is confused, it make express this bewilderment through aggression.
  • Your dog may aggressively try to protect its possessions if it things someone is trying to take them away.
  • If your dog is protective of you or your family, it may act violently toward strangers.
  • A dog may consider itself the pack leader and show its dominance over you or your family through aggression.
  • If someone interferes when a dog is acting aggressively, the dog may attack the interfering person.
  • A dog may act violently toward anyone they view as an intruder in their territory, such as their kennel.
  • A female dog in heat may act aggressively toward other females, and an un-neutered male may act aggressively if near a female in heat.

Whatever the reason, aggression may lead your dog to attack a person, other dogs or other animals by growling, standing rigidly, showing teeth and biting. Taking your dog to a facility that offers training and dog boarding in Oklahoma may help your furry friend become less aggressive and more friendly.

No dog breed is bad; it all depends on the training. If your child is disobedient and stubborn, would you take him or her to a boarding school or abandon your child forever? Dogs are also your family. They need attention, proper understanding and love to overcome the difficulties they have.

How Dog Boarding In Oklahoma Can Nurture a Dog’s Behavior

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You are committed to your pet to provide the best life for it. But are you tired of your pet’s aggressive behavior? Is it exhibiting poor greeting skills, destructive chewing, biting, anxiety, less playfulness, unnecessary barking or mouthing? To solve all of these and other behavioral issues, you should send your pet to dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Dog boarding is considered a safe place for your pet where it can learn skills and the trainer can bring about notable changes to its behavior. The centers schedule a routine according to the pets’ requirements; often it is separated into meals, play, naps and even quiet time. The goal is to make positive changes to the pet’s behavior and make it more social.

How Dog Boarding In Oklahoma Can Help Your Pet

  1. Under-socialized or fearful dogs are not people-friendly. Bringing them to the dog care center helps make them more social and less aggressive.
  2. Sometimes, dogs do not get enough chances to use up all of their energy at home. By nature, they are mischievous, and to release their energy they can start destroying your property. At a care center, they will get to play with new friends and be engaged in lots of activities.
  3. Dogs can also suffer from anxiety, stress or fears. Even if you have arranged a comfortable crate in your home, that alone might not be working. In this regard, a dog boarding facility can help your pet learn to live a stress-free life.

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Benefits for Domesticated Dogs

  1. Special care at a dog boarding facility helps to relieve anxiety that comes from loneliness or boredom and makes the dog more lively.
  2. The dogs start to socialize, and of course, this is a sign of good mental health.
  3. The dog learns to play or eat or exercise in a pack.
  4. As a pet parent, you can worry less, as you are not leaving your pet alone at home.
  5. The dog gets a chance to acclimatize to different environments and conditions.
  6. The dog becomes calm and composed and gets better sleep.

The highly trained people offering dog boarding in Oklahoma are diligent and provide the best care to the dogs at their facilities. To foster the dogs’ well-being, there are so many arrangements that help the dogs learn to be themselves there.

First-Aid Kits at Dog Daycare and Boarding Centers

First-Aid Kits at Dog Daycare

When you go on a camping trip or vacation, do you carry a first-aid box? Most likely, the answer is yes. When you take your pet on the trip along with you, do you consider carrying a first-aid box for it? If no, then it is the high time you should think about it. Our center for dog daycare in Edmond, OK, has already considered it. At Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, we suggest arranging a pet first-aid kit with a few essentials.

Why Does Your Pet Need a First-Aid Kit?

We cannot say enough about the importance of a first-aid kit. Whether you are keeping your pet in your home or leaving them at dog daycare in Edmond, OK, a first-aid kit is essential. Your dog may need special care sometimes, or it may experience an accident. In any case, it is your responsibility to nurture your pet with the necessary medicines and care. With on-time and proper aid, you can reduce your dog’s pain, lessen the severity of an injury, ensure fast healing and possibly even save your dog’s life.

With the right products on hand, when your pet gets in an accident, you can quickly start nursing it. Simply put together a kit with the proper materials.

Top Essentials to Put In a First-Aid Kit:

  1. Wound spray and ointment: You should keep a spray to clean wounds and ointment to promote healing and prevent infection.
  2. Self-cling bandage: This type of bandage will cover the wound but will not stick to your dog’s fur, making the process less painful.
  3. Scissors: Yes, you need a pair of scissors. It is required for cutting a bandage according to the size of a wound or such needs.
  4. Eyewash and ear wash: Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, suggests keeping ear wash and eyewash handy. Any kind of pollutants or foreign particles can get into your pet’s ears or eyes, and your pet can feel sensations like itching and burning. If your pet is allergic, the reaction can be severe. An eye or ear solution will help to give your pet comfort.
  5. Dog cone: This is used for covering the head and neck area. If your pet has any injury, wound or stitches, use the dog cone. With this on, your dog will not be able to chew stitches or lick wounds.
  6. Muzzle: Even if your dog is calm and composed, if it has any wounds, it might start to bite that area. So, keep a muzzle in your kit.
  7. Leash: This is important for keeping control over your dog. Sometimes, in stressful situations, your pet might get nervous and try to run away. The leash will help hold your pet.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide: If your dog eats something poisonous, you need to make them vomit as soon as possible. Always keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy, and make your pet drink it if it eats something poisonous. Your dog will start vomiting, thus ridding itself of the poisonous substance.


Other Things That Should Be In the Box:

  • Absorbent gauze pads
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Cotton balls
  • Ice pack
  • Disposable, latex-free gloves
  • Lubricator
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Corn syrup
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Antihistamine
  • Skin and paw balm

Tips To Reduce Noise In Dog Boarding And Daycare Centers

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Until you walk into a dog boarding facility in Oklahoma, you will have no idea how noisy such a place can be. Dogs will bark, and this is their identity. You cannot stop them from barking. But the noise can be stressful, leading to serious health issues for the dogs as well as their owners and people living in the neighborhood.

Most kennels are made of cement and cinder blocks. The sound in a dog boarding facility can reach almost 110 decibels, and this extreme noise can cause serious health issues. This environment is not beneficial for the pets or for the people who work there.

Certainly, we cannot ask the dogs to simply be quiet, but we can arrange soundproof kennels for them. We do not want the pets to fall under stress, leading to negative behavioral responses. In this blog post, we will discuss how to reduce noise at a boarding center or dog daycare in Edmond, OK, without compromising the facility. The only way to reduce noise at a dog kennel is with acoustic product installation on the walls or ceiling. Continue reading to learn what to install and where to install it.

  1. Wall installation: Owners can mount acoustic panels on the wall. This soundproof installation reduces noise and is known for exceptional sound absorption. Acoustic panels are easy to clean and odor free. Using only a vacuum cleaner, you can clean the panels effectively, and they are often made of polyester material that does not harm dog health.
  2. Ceiling installation: Tiles installed on the ceiling can also be beneficial. First, you need to put up a grid or channel and then install the sound panels. A soundproof system fitted on the ceiling suppresses noise and stops sound waves from reverberating. Look for tiles that are washable, mold resistant and non-odor retentive.
  3. Baffle treatment: The best treatment for reducing sound in facilities for dog boarding in Oklahoma is baffle treatment. Generally, these acoustic baffles or panels hang from the ceiling. They cut down the noise enormously, and they do not affect lights, sprinklers or air circulation. These highly efficient panels can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and they are odor-free, durable, easy to wash and not harmful for dogs.

dog boarding

Technology used in our soundproofing system:

Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, uses the latest technology for reducing noise. In respect to the source and receptor, sound proofing means to drastically cut down on the sound pressure. This methodology follows “a room in a room” technique, and the absorption between the two helps with sound reduction. To achieve full benefits of such soundproofing for dog daycare, search for the best service provider in Edmond.

Dog Boarding and Exercise Are an Excellent Combination

dog exercise

It is quite evident that playful dogs are always healthier. Regular exercise and healthy exercise sessions are as important for pets as they are for human beings. Therefore, it is essential to plan a regular exercise schedule for your pet even when you are leaving it in dog boarding. To ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy, you must ask a few questions of the pet care staff about exercise and training:

  • Do you take the pets for a walk? If yes, then how many times a day?
  • Do you offer outside space to pets? How long do you let them be there?
  • Will my pet play with other dogs or alone?
  • Do you have adequate staff to take care of the pets?

The answers to the above questions will ensure that your pet gets proper care and exercise during its stay in dog boarding in Oklahoma.

dog boarding in Oklahoma

You can chalk out an exercise schedule for your furry friend in advance when you are going out and planning to leave your pet in a dog boarding facility. For this, you should choose a place that has ample space, well-trained staff and adequate arrangements to take care of your dog’s exercise routine. A good dog boarding facility provides both bathing and training facilities and helps your dog get familiar with the environment beforehand.

A dog needs a lot of love and patience. If you are looking for suitable dog boarding in Oklahoma to take care of your furry friend in your absence, then you should choose the best one that provides both care and regular exercise. Physical activities will keep your dog hale and hearty. The care centers that offer a perfect blend of lodging and exercise are the best places to for your dog to enjoy a vacation.

Tips for Handling Obesity In a Dog Day-Care Facility

dog obesity

Obesity refers to the state of being extremely overweight, and it is one of the most common physical problems in the world. Not just human beings but pets also suffer from issues related to excess body weight. This blog post helps you with certain tips to handle obesity in your furry friend.

Pets with excessive body weight often fall prey to certain diseases. Improper diet and lack of physical activities lead pets to gain weight beyond healthy limits, and consequently, they suffer from breathing ailments, back pain, ACL injury and a shorter lifespan.

To avoid these problems, pet owners should be careful about the nutrition and daily activities of their pets. Food, as you know, can be the best form of medicine when consumed as a balanced diet. While feeding your pet, you must keep in mind its needs and preferences for a diet that is both nutritious and palatable. There are several pet nutrition experts and veterinary doctors whom you can consult for planning a good diet for your furry friend.

The secret to keeping your pet in the pink of health is to provide it with adequate nutrition. When you feed your pet on your own, you can easily monitor their diet. However, if you wish to leave your pet at dog day-care in Edmond, OK, then it is wise to bring your dog’s regular food along.

dog nutrition

This method of providing food will ensure your pet gets proper nutrition according to its needs and food habits. This will also sort out issues related to an upset digestive system or illness during their stay at the boarding facility. Changes in environment and routine often can make your pet feel distressed both physically and mentally. Food brought from home will certainly make it feel better.

Pet care professionals and experts in dog day-care in Edmond, OK, suggest several measures to keep obesity in pets at bay. They recommend pet owners to provide a balanced diet for their pets along with ample daily exercise.

dog training

It is obvious that nobody likes their pets to be obese and lazy. Unfortunately, pet owners often do not even realize that their furry friend is obese. Therefore, pet care experts at dog day-care facilities should point out obesity or issues related to pet weight during a pet’s stay at their facility. Furthermore, professionals should refer the pets to their respective veterinarians from time to time so that their health issues can be detected and treated properly.

Pet care is all about loving pets and keeping them happy. This calls for providing proper nutrition and medical help so that your furry friends are taken good care of, especially when you are away from them. If you are looking for a place to care for your pet during the day, Puppy Paws provides the best dog day-care in Edmond, OK, and is committed to bringing out the best in your furry friend.