Doggie Dental Care

Is your dog suffering from dental problems? It is important to take care of your dog’s dental health and have some basic knowledge on how to prevent any dental issues. This infographic provides the top 5 dog tooth issues along with signs of periodontal disease among dogs. Also, you will learn some preventive care tips and steps to brush your dog’s teeth for a bright smile.

Go through this infographic to know more about dog dental care.

Dog Dental Care

Your Dog Deserves The Best, So Hire A Dog Sitter While You Are Away!

Dog sitter in edmond

If your job demands you to travel a lot, then consider a professional dog sitter for your furry friend. You don’t want your dog deal with separation anxiety or getting into things he shouldn’t. It is always better to trust an expert.

Dog sitting in Edmond is catching up fast, as more and more dog owners are using the service. Hiring a professional dog sitter comes with many advantages.

  1. Your dog will be comfortable: A professional pet sitter knows how to handle a dog properly. You can rest assured that in your absence, your dog will be in safe hands with lots to keep him busy.
  2. Proper treatment in case of emergency: During any sickness the dog sitter will get him the proper attention.
  3. Maintaining daily diet: If your dog has special dietary needs or is not a free feeder, leave him alone with a bowl of food is not the best idea. A dog sitter knows what, when and how much your dog should eat.
  4. No interruption in the daily routine: Dogs are very sensitive animals. An expert knows how important it is to maintain routine stimulation through play. Since you are hiring a professional dog sitter in Edmond, they will make sure your four-legged friend stays in good spirits.
  5. No travel stress for your dog: Being a dog owner you must be aware of the fact that traveling can stress out your furry friend quite easily. Dogs get agitated while covering a long route. It is better to keep them in the cozy nest and safe hands, while you finish your errands.
  6. The dog sitter guarantees the well-being of your dog: Dog sitters have been trained to handle each type of dog. They won’t take long to make friends with your dog.

Before hiring any dog sitter in Edmond, ask your friends, family and neighbors who they use and recommend. Form a relationship with your dog sitter to ensure he’s indeed being left in good hands while you’re away.

Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car

dog safety

Getting ready to go for a long drive with your furry friend? First, think about how best to keep him safe. No matter the distance, take adequate precautions when you are hitting the road with your dog.

Many dog owners like to let their dogs go wherever they like in the car. But is it safe for him? Letting him roam around in the front seat or back seat could pose risks both to the dog and the driver.

  1. Buckle up: This idea might not sound too good to your dog, but there are dog safety harnesses designed to be used with a seatbelt.
  2. Crate or kennel: Many dogs are now crate trained as puppies, which can help them feel comfortable in the crate. Before you hit the road, let your dog snuggle up inside the crate, to soothe his nerves and him off of yours.
  3. Gate the backseat: Dogs aren’t too fond of leaving their owner alone. When driving, it becomes pretty difficult to handle. Backseat barriers are available at many pet stores to keep your dog from crossing into the front of the car.
  4. Give your dog a break: Like for humans, a long journey can be tiring for dogs as well. Everyone needs to get out of the car to stretch their legs and get their bearings. Remember to offer food, water, and a place to do his business on a leash.
  5. Never leave your dog inside the car: During a summer day, the temperature inside the car can go well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes. As hard as this can be on a human, dogs can’t sweat to cool off, making heat even more dangerous. Plan ahead to ensure you won’t have to leave your dog in the car.

Your dog will shower you with unconditional love, the least you can do is take care of him in the best possible way. If your travel plans would be really hard on your dog, the best option is a reputable dog boarding center near you. When you return you will find your furry friend safe and happy.

7 Things To Pack In Your Pet’s Doggy Bag For Dog Boarding Stay

Dog Boarding

Is your puppy going for a boarding stay for the first time? Are you completely haywire about what to pack and what not to?  There are many dog day care or boarding centers that permit various items that your dog will need while they are away from home.

Being away from home and loved ones is always overbearing for your four legged companions. However, dog boarding in Edmond is as good as it gets. They care for your pet as if they were their own. This means that you can escape your hectic schedule and go for a short vacation without having to worry about this family member of yours.

Make sure your puppy is comfortable during their stay in boarding. For that here are the essentials that you must not forget to pack.

Something that reminds her of Home

dog nailsDogs are extremely attached animals and are naturally very sensitive. So, when they have to be away from you for a while, you must ensure that they don’t feel an out of the blue estrangement. Just as you would miss his warm company, so will he.

To make your buddy feel close to you make it a point to pack something that bears your scent. This will calm him amidst the pangs of temporary estrangement. A pillow, a toy, a shoe; something simple you wouldn’t mind giving to your dog.

Emergencies and Regular Medicine

For medical emergencies or regular medications do remember to pack all necessary medicines. Many a time you might feed a pill to a dog by mixing it in his food. In that case, provide instructions to the boarding staff. Be sure to leave written instructions about the timing and dosage of medicines.

Usual Food

While at the stay in a kennel or boarding, if your dog comes in contact with dietary changes then sometimes it may often time lead to stomach upsets and even appetite alterations. So many dog boarding centers in Edmond allow you to drop by the food that your buddy is used to eating.

Why not keep the important facets of his life normal when he is already feeling zoned out in the boarding environment? Pack enough food that will last the entire span of their boarding stay.

Fond Toys

Dog Toys

Dog boarding in Edmond is obviously filled with a variety of pet toys that can keep your companion busy all day. But, much like human kids even dogs have their favorites. So, go ahead and pack some of their fond toys. Ensure the fun that they generally have back at home. It will definitely make them feel comfier in an unknown environment.

Paperwork & Documents

It is crucial that pack all the important and necessary documents regarding your four legged pal. You must know why. While you are away any kind of medical emergency can happen. So, caution is always better. Make sure you hand in all the medical history documents and other forms and paperwork while dropping off your buddy at the dog care center.

At least two leashes

To be honest, it is best to pack an extra dog leash in the bag rather than just one for emergencies. What if one goes missing?

Additional familiar goods

You care about your pal more than anyone else. Going by that statement you might want to add in extras like their special dog bowl or their favorite treat.

Follow this simple checklist to make your dog’s boarding stay comfortable and safe.

Vitamin D-A Dog’s Nutritional Need

Dogs love to sun bathe. This is due to a major vitamin requirement for dogs: Vitamin D, the ‘Happy’ Vitamin.

Restricting your four legged friend indoors may keep him safe, but he was built for outside! Sunlight is necessary for dogs just like humans to make Vitamin D. They need plenty of time outside but there are times when you are unable to take your dog out. Then how do you expect your dog to get all Vitamin D he needs?

Consider dog day care. In Oklahoma City, with the wide range daycare centers for your pets, you can enjoy peace of mind that their safety and health are tended. All dogs need regular exercise in order to be happy and healthy.

You might not be getting time to pay that much attention as your buddy deserves. It is best that you enroll him or her to one of your nearest dog daycare centers in Oklahoma City. It’s better than locking him up in the house while you are away at work.

Daycares are fun for dogs as they get to socialize with their fellow mates in a cage-free environment. Your pups will also receive bundles of attention and supervision from the trained staff and counselors. They will make sure that your dog gets a good dose of Vitamin D which is vital for the betterment of their health.

It is crucial that they are exposed to the natural environment and at the dog daycare facilities they are not kept away from it. The correct proportion of Vitamin D on a daily basis can work wonders both for the future health of healthy dogs as well as those that are ailing.

Why Vitamin D?

The daycare centers in Oklahoma City do have much access to sunlight but, the professionals also encourage you to take out time to give the dogs a walk during the day.

This sunshine vitamin is produced in the outer skin layers. Now, humans have an advantage because the conversion happens automatically when absorbed by the skin. However, dogs get their Vitamin D orally – by licking the skin.

The positives of Vitamin D in a dog are a good development in skeletal structure, mineral absorption, regulation of phosphorous and calcium in the bloodstream, muscle and bone growth and much more.

Since Vitamin D synthesis and conversion do not occur automatically in a dog’s body, it may be necessary to supplement his food. There are dietary supplements for Vitamin D that are available in the market for your dogs. But, many products do not have the recommended amounts that a dog regularly needs. Deficiency symptoms bone swelling, lethargy, anorexia, and dehydration.

So, do consult the trainers in the dog daycare centers as well as a specialized dietician before adding Vitamin D to their diets. This is important for you to be certain about the deficiency and accordingly supplement it.

10 Reasons Why Dogs Lick

If you are a pet owner then you must certainly be accustomed to dogs lick. Dogs love licking their owners, other dogs, and themselves but there are several reasons associated with it. Some of the notable reasons for licking depends on their present mood, showing submission, expressing love, relieve themselves from stress, sending a message to other dogs, grooming, and so on.

Find out in this infographic the complete explanation of the 10 best reasons why dogs lick.

10 Reasons Dogs Lick

Do You Have A Dog With Separation Anxiety? Here Are Some Tips

dog anxiety

Going on vacation can be a tough task for people with dogs that suffer from anxiety disorder. This is the reason many people residing in Oklahoma City feel anxious when they are about to go on a vacation as most of them are pet parents.

When you are out for a vacation then you have to keep your dog in a nearby boarding in Oklahoma City. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety then the dog might suffer from a panic attack when left in an unknown place. Sometimes this even causes injuries to the dogs as well. It is not evident why dogs go into separation anxiety, yet, it is a reality which occurs frequently. Due to this, going on a vacation can become a thing to worry about.

Sometimes the anxiety occurs to dogs because they are anxious from the birth. This nature makes the dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Boredom can cause separation anxiety as well. So, it is advised to take the dog out for a walk or make exercise a habit.

You can detect separation anxiety from few symptoms including whining, barking, and salivation. They sometimes end up destroying home appliances as well. Scratching is another symptom which you need to keep an eye on. Dogs when gets lonely try to escape as well.

Consider Pet Sitting

See, people of Oklahoma would gladly pay for a boarding house for their pets. However, that’s not the only option which you can explore. There are people who would gladly pet sit your dog. A lot of pet parents of Oklahoma are opting for this option.

Help Your Dog Cope

It is important for your dog to learn to cope with separation. You can help your pet do it. To begin with, try to leave the dog alone for a couple of hours. See, how the dog is reacting. This would give you an idea about how to deal with the reaction of the dog. Once you know the behavior, you would be able to talk to a dog behaviorist.

Pack with Care

If you are leaving your dog with a sitter or in a boarding house, you must pack some of the reminders of home in the bag. This would help the pet calm down when the panic attack strikes.

Talk to the Caregiver Freely

It is important that you talk to your dog’s caregiver freely. Talking about your concern would help the person take proper care of the dog and keep it away from the anxiety attack.

Build a Social Networking

Dogs would react less violently when they are into the habit of socializing. Keeping this mind the dog parents of Oklahoma arrange for pet socializing which helps the dogs to become friends with other dogs and get some exercise.

There are many other ways to make your dog accustomed with the separation. The best way to begin is by talking to an expert who knows the behavioral streak of animals.

The Top 4 Reasons Why To Use Doggie Day Care

Who said that dogs do not need proper care? As much we human beings take care of ourselves, dogs are totally dependent on us to be taken care. These cute, innocent, faithful and obedient creatures are man’s best friend. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us, as dog owners to take care of our furry friends.

It is frequent that dog owners get so busy that the proper care of their pets becomes next to impossible. To solve this problem dog day care is rising in popularity. The owners of the dog day care in Oklahoma City make sure that your dog will be loved and cared for just like they are home.

Like the childcare centers that are running successfully across various countries, the dog day care centers are also a big hit among the busy families that own dog but could not manage to spend or give the quality time that a dog needs while they are at work.
These dog day care centers are undoubtedly doing and performing their best to ensure that the dogs get the environment and the surroundings that are necessary for the dogs. Below is the list of advantages that a dog receives from these centers.

Exercising and Being Social

dog nails

Dogs are social animals. However, if they are isolated, they may become anxious and even aggressive. Therefore, dog day care ensures that the dogs grow in an environment that is social, friendly and as per the dogs’ requirement. Giving the dogs this environment helps them to interact with the various other breeds of dogs and befriend them.

Dogs need regular exercise. It helps to flex their muscles and make their bones strong. These day care centers provide a playful environment to every dog. Here at these centers dogs get the access to numerous things to play. Some of the dog day care centers have fix play times and organize the dogs in small playgroups. The owner of one of these centers says that it is much needed to keep the dogs’ schedule maintained. It helps them to grow properly.

Enhances Human Interaction

Dog grooming in edmond

When the owners are busy earning their livelihood, the dogs at the


 day centers are busy getting introduced to staffs and trainers. It helps them to enrich their communication skills that would assist them to interact with the human beings to point out the needs and troubles that can arise.

Dogs Can’t Stand Boredom

Dog Obesity

Vets are of the opinion that since the dogs are social animals, they may have a short attention span. Boredom in their life negatively impacts their biological cycle. They either leave eating or become stubborn. Activeness disappears in the dogs. But at the dog day care centers, the dogs are made to live a lively life with full of interesting things to do.

Experts’ Training

A well-trained and disciplined dog is a worthy dog. At the dog day care centers, trainers train these dogs to lead a disciplined life. The training session is believed to help dogs grow efficiently.

Giving the dogs their place by admitting them in the dog daycare centers is the best thing that a working dog owner can do. It exposes the dog to multiple opportunities giving them the essence of overall development. It helps them to stay fit, healthy and keep their minds sharp.

Apartment Living For Dog Lovers

We all like to have dogs as pets. They have become an important part of most of the families nowadays. While staying in your own home with your dog might not raise any problems, but there are certain things to consider while bringing your dog into an apartment. You need to take into account some basic rules along with the appropriate size and breed of your dog for living in an apartment.

Go through the infographic to know the rules of apartment living with your dog and some essential tips for good living.

Apartment Living For Dog Lovers

How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are the cutest and the most faithful creatures for us humans. A puppy dog face will melt any heart. Once you return home after work, it is the doggie that welcomes you with everything he’s got. As their owner, it is your duty to ensure that the dog remains happy and healthy.

dog happy

Keeping Dogs Engaged

We must remember that the dogs love to keep themselves busy. Therefore, provide them with toys and chewing bones to hone their innate skills of hunting, grabbing and catching. Experts say that when the natural instincts of the dogs are suppressed, they tend to become more aggressive.

dog training in edmond

Keeping them Social

  • Dogs too love to be in a social environment; they are man’s best friend after all. Isolating them even for a day can make them depressed and anxious.
  • Experts suggest that dogs too need walking and jogging once or twice a day to freshen up their mind and burn some energy. Hence, it becomes a duty of the owner to arrange a regular dog walk hopefully where there will be other friendly dogs and people.
  • Let your dog be introduced to other dogs, one at a time, and on common ground – not in their own home.

Training up Your Dog

  • A well-trained dog does more than party tricks. It can take stress off the owner and others as well knowing the dog will respond to commands.
  • An experienced and expert trainer is needed to be hired who can train the dog efficiently and without the confusion that a trial and error process entails.
  • Research has shown that a trained dog has better developed social skills, able to make a bond with people and other dogs more easily.

Fix Dog’s Schedule and Your Role

  • Dogs easily understand love and affection. However, sometimes its animal instinct comes into play, calling for a timeout.
  • Fix a playtime for the dog only for the time when the dog remains calm and composed.
  • Cuddle the dog when it has successfully followed the instructions. Like humans, they also get a boost in their morale.

Structure Your Behavior

  • To keep the dog happy, it is necessary that the environment around it needs to have a certain order. Therefore, it is advised not to overreact in front of dogs. Excitement can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Experts say that as long as the dogs are kept calm and composed, it is a good sign. Making them nervous could actually become dangerous.

Keeping Physical Health

  • A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Same is applicable for all living organisms.
  • Exercising will keep your dog active and happy.
  • It is also advised to involve the dogs in some sort of active game format.
  • Dog grooming is an essential practice as far as the physical well-being of the dog is concerned. Regular grooming keeps away pests, matting, and infections.

Dog owners certainly have a lot on their plate to take good care of their pet. But a healthy and happy dog is definitely tough to beat for keeping us healthy and happy in return!