No Longer Your Dog Would Be Aggressive

DogScolding your pet is not anything heroic, rather being a dog parent you should always be sympathetic to it. However, these days, dog professionals have new techniques for dog parenting and training methods, if you follow it well, you do not have to scold the poor soul. If you are worried for some of the habits of your dog, it is the time you should try to train them to come out all of those. The habit most of the pet owners are worried about is the aggressive nature. The puppy state is the best time to control this aggressiveness.

The dog boarding in Oklahoma advises to keep the puppies in a social environment, thus, they will learn to socialize. Therefore, you should see a change in the frame of mind and less aggressiveness and it would abate over time.

You can take adult dogs and puppies for a walk. Make them follow some commands like sit or run or find a hidden treat etc. You can teach them not to react if some other dog comes from the opposite direction.

Train the dogs to be desensitized. You can keep your pup and neighbor’s pup at the same place but in a safe distance, you can keep a fence between the two. The dog boarding in Oklahoma suggests giving the pet a treat that stops barking first. Every subsequent day, keep a pet closer to another one and they will learn to desensitize.

Feeding A DogWhile feeding your pet, make sure it is comfortable. The dog always becomes aggressive when it is not comfortable or there are changes in its feeding time.

Take it to a dog park or where other dog walkers come. Dogs generally stay calm when they are around other dogs with similar kinds of scents being exchanged. A pet with aggressive nature can be a pet owner’s concern. Therefore, keeping it for a few days at a dog boarding is the right decision.

You should also take it for a thorough medical checkup. If it has any medical conditions, it may bark and become violent. Hypothyroidism, neurological conditions or chronic pain, if the dog suffers from any of it; aggressiveness is not at all surprising.

Dog Daycare, the Best Care for Your Dog in Your Absence

Dog DaycareYou love your dog and we know it. And that is why we always try to come up with the best for them. If they are happy, healthy and comfortable, it is our satisfaction. We are Puppy Paws Salon and Spa to provide your pet all possible facilities available in a dog daycare in Edmond, OK. We have professional dog groomers and caregivers who will not let your dog be bored or stay uncomfortable.

It is very possible for you to be busy at the workplace and dogs will miss you at home. They will have to sit idle and in boredom, they can start messing up things. They need attention and company all the time. If they stay alone for a long day, it will affect their physical and mental health badly. Moreover, you may have senior dogs or puppies. They need special care. Here is why the dog daycare in Edmond, OK, has become so popular.

If you have not applied for the service of dog daycare yet, it is high time to make your decision. Here are some reasons for you to make your choice.

Exercise For Dogs

  • Proper exercise is very significant for your dog, especially if it is very active or a young one. The exercise is needed for keeping them healthy and fit. Moreover, exercise makes a dog-friendly, comfortable and keeps away the territorial and dominant attitude. In the dog daycare of Edmond, OK, you need to drop your dog in the morning. There are several other dogs where they can socialize, play and take nap. All these make them physically active and mentally healthy. After your work, you will take them back to your home. Isn’t it interesting?
  • Not only exercise and socialization, but the dog daycare will also offer your pet individual attention so that they wouldn’t get deprived of anything.
  • Moreover, your dog will get grooming facilities, vaccination and medications if required. You can have everything done in one place. There is always a doctor in the dog daycare to tackle an emergency.

As it is found out that most of the problems arise for the dogs because of two extreme conditions. Either people involve them in excessive exercise or they are too busy to take them even in a walk. Boredom and extreme exercise both are harmful to your dog and we efficiently balance these two. We provide them exactly what they need.

What are you waiting for? We, Puppy Paws Salon & Spa are here with our dog daycare service in Edmond, OK to help you manage your work without worrying for your dog at that time.

Required Information for Maintaining Dog’s Dental Health

Maintaining Dog’s Dental HealthYour dog is your child and being a dog parent, you give enough love and care to it, but sometimes, you may skip a part that is actually vital for the furry child. You clip its nail, wash it, take it to the vet, give proper meal and vaccines, play with it; what might be left then? It is often its oral health. You may brush your pets’ teeth, but the gum needs more attention to maintain its upkeep.

If the gums are not taken care of, the bacteria may accumulate under the gum and may cause gingivitis and end up with tooth loss. The bacteria may infiltrate the bloodstream and through it, the infection can be spread to other body parts, including the heart, liver and kidney. This is a reason why professional washing, inspection and proper medical help are needed that is not possible without the dog boarding in Oklahoma or wherever the facility is available.

Dog Dental CareWhen the Problem Arises

There are signs which will indicate that there are problems in your pets’ gum are mentioned here below:

  • Oral bleeding.
  • Bad breath.
  • Sneezing.
  • Change in eating habit.
  • Drooling etc.

Generally, to avoid problems, the diagnosis and treatment are done under anesthesia. And an ideal professional hand is required for it that is available in a dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Once you see any of these symptoms in your pet, fix an appointment to the vet immediately for a checkup. Generally, the vet recommends prophylaxis for the diagnosis and determination of further treatment.

Dental ProphylaxisDental Prophylaxis

It is basically an oral medical process that is performed under anesthesia. This process helps in a detailed checkup for the oral hygiene.

The process includes tooth root surface examination, tooth mobility checkup, sub-gingival calculus and periodontal pockets. Extensive water flushing follows the same to remove all the food particles and plaques.

  • A Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler with specialized KLAW tips is used for the tartar removal. The calculus build up is removed with the ultrasonic action.
  • For cleaning the oral cavity, 0.2% chlorhexidine rinse is needed.
  • After that, a fluoride paste is used for polishing teeth.

Your pet may face a discomfort after the cleaning process, but that will be removed gradually. Soft food is recommended here along with prescribed antibiotics.

To take care of the dog in this stage, you need the dog boarding in Oklahoma. Being a working person, it would be difficult for you to take care of your pet. And, you wouldn’t take any negligence for the pet as well. You can come to Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, who offer these services with compassion, proper care and expertise.

Top 6 Items to Pack in the Dog Bag for Dog Boarding

Doggy with dog bagThe dog boarding is a good option for the dog parents to enjoy an escape without leaving the dog at the neighbors’ or relatives’ house. In Oklahoma, people get this service often. The dog boarding is something where you will pay for your dog’s stay for your work time, a weekend or an entire week. If you are going on a trip where you can’t take your pet, or you are going out of town for some work purpose, you can be tension-free for its overall well-being. The dog boarding professionals will take care of your loving pet.

It is discussed how you should take your dog to the dog boarding in Oklahoma or how to find the right boarding. Now, it is time to learn what should be in the dog’s bag when you are taking it to the boarding for some days stay.

  • Food is a crucial part and you have to bear this in mind while taking your dog to the dog boarding. The professionals of dog boarding in Oklahoma learn the food habit, like and dislikes and other habits of your pet. Still, you should pack two types of food your dog loves to have for the stay. Labeling that food like breakfast, lunch and dinner you can keep in the dog bag. It will help your dog stay safe from stomach upset and eating other types of food it may not like. It will help your dog to have a homely feeling in that new environment.
  • If your dog is under any treatment or needs to take medicines or supplements on daily basis, you should pack that also. It is better to keep it in the bag for an emergency. Keep the medicines along with proper written instruction on its intake. It will help the dog not falling in trouble without your daycare
  • The dog daycare or the dog boarding in Oklahoma are compassionate about the dogs and are well equipped with the dog toys. But you should give the favorite toy of your dog along with the other items in its bag. Initially, in the new environment, it will help it to be comfortable.
  • Your dog will enjoy those days with the new friends at the boarding and you too in your own vacation, but you two will miss each other. To make it easy for your pet, you can keep anything with your scent. It can be your blanket, hanky or even socks.Bring back from boarding
  • Keep one leash with the dog to take it and bring it back from the boarding.
  • The documents regarding its vaccines, medicines, treatment, age, breed and everything else should be packed in the bag as well. It will help them to keep your dog healthy.

If you are planning for a trip, you should find a well-facilitated dog boarding for keeping your pet for those days. Puppy Paws Salon and Spa is one of the most reputed dog boarding homes in Oklahoma where you can rely on for taking care of your dog in your absence.

Check if Your Pet Comes in the Top Ten List

top 10 listWe all love pets, but we do not bring the same type of breed in our home. Some like a larger one or some like a fur ball when it comes to choosing a breed. Dogs are immensely popular as a pet. The 60 million Americans have 90 millions of pet dogs. As an honor to the National Dog Day, the 24/7 Wall Street has identified the top-ranked breeds according to the popularity. The American Kennel Club has provided data for this list.

No matter what your choice is, house size, you can bring home a pet dog in Oklahoma City or even can put it in a dog boarding in Oklahoma City when you are out of station. Here is a list of the top ten most popular pet dogs in reverse order.

German shorthaired pointersGerman shorthaired pointers – It is a great gundog and a wonderful pet. It likes to exercise a lot. It is one of the finest swimmers amongst other dogs and a natural retriever in land and water.

Yorkshire Terrier – It is a species of great courage and confidence and fits in the urban culture well. These qualities have earned him the title of ‘the tomboy toy’. It seeks the attention of its guardian and known for its silky coat that has a similar texture with human hair.

Rottweiler – This breed is a combination of intelligence, strength and endurance. This is sometimes portrayed as aggressive but in reality this quite calm.

Poodle – This toy like breed is cute and it is eager to please its guardian. They are very energetic and good runners. They need a trim and regular grooming because of the hypoallergenic coat.

Beagle – It loves to be in a social environment and very friendly. It loves human companionship. It is a scent dog which sometimes put it in trouble.

BulldogBulldog – It has always a special space in a dog boarding in Oklahoma City or other places in the United States. This is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. It is quite friendly and gentle in nature.

French bulldog – Contrary to the name, this breed actually comes from England. It is friendly, playful, and good with kids. It has bat-like ears and prone to snore.

Golden Retriever – It is hardworking and quite intelligent. These qualities make it the perfect choice for search and rescue and hunting. It is friendly and a great pet.

German Shepherd – Though it is the second most popular dog in the United States, it is the first and the best choice for its intelligence, obedience and ability for training. Because of these qualities for police, it is the first choice besides search and rescue team.

labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever – It is the first choice for the U.S. citizens. There are several reasons that it has topped the list. It is friendly, obedient and the most sought-after breeds for any kind of challenging work.

The dog boarding in Oklahoma City always welcomes pets warmly. You can expect the boarding Puppy Paws Salon & Spa to be sensitive to your pet and conscious. When you are not in the town, they will step back to give the best care like you do. All breeds irrespective of its popularity have a place there, you only need to inform about your pet and details like medications, allergies, likes and dislikes, food habits etc.

Puppies Are Not Alone – Keep It at Weekend Doggie Daycare during NFL

National Football league kick-started and your football fanatic soul cannot wait for more. You cannot make it to the stadium for different reasons, for commoners like us; it is quite expensive, besides we have a lot of burdens. What you can do is, invite your friends at your home, install a big screen and watch your favorite team playing over chips and cola! A group of friends is never silent, most importantly when they are watching a match. There will be shouting, noise and what not. It can really make your pup uncomfy. Both are important for you. For that time-being other than keeping it in its crate lonely, ignored and afraid, send it to a dog boarding. Puppy Paws Salon & Spa just announced their special offer that will obviously bring joy for the dog parents like you.

Of course, there is a solution. For people like you, Puppy Paws has a special offer till December 2018 until the game ends. You can avail a 20% flat discount on weekend doggie daycare. Keep your pet protected and safe there. While booking mention #FootballPromo to avail that discount.

What to do when your puppy is late? You can spend the night on the game day and will receive a ‘Free half-day Gift Certificate. Isn’t that quite interesting?

What your pet will get?  The 7000 square feet facility is open for your pets when you will be enjoying the game. When you are enjoying at the ground, you can gift it a full grooming package and massage. If you want your pet will get vaccination and temperament test here. It will get upscale pet grooming and other services at the dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Before we run out of space, book your slot ASAP!

The NFL is a league of professional American football teams. Attending an NFL game in person is very expensive, so most people host a party at home for fans of a certain team to watch a game on a television. This is a good reason to use dog daycare or boarding because of the guests and noise.

football promo 2018

How to Stop Two Dogs from Fighting?

dog boarding edmond okIt is said that love accompanies possessiveness and as for the most unconditional lover it goes well. Yes, we are talking about the dog. It is psychologically proved that the dog is a very possessive animal and it hates to compete with the other dogs or even humans to get attention from their loved ones. Therefore, no wonder, if someone gets very close to you, no matter if it is a dog or human, your dog would not take it casually. In case of the dog, it can result in dogfight.

Other than your place, it is also a common thing in the dog park. In fact, the scenario can take place in the dog boarding as well. But fortunately, the dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, take care of these situations well. The boarding has well-trained dogs who have been kept for some hours by their parents. So that there wouldn’t be any fight between two dogs, they take full precautions.

dog boarding edmond okWhat They Do to Prevent Dog-Fighting

Food and toys are the two most risky things that can ignite dog-fighting. Dogs become extra possessive about their loved ones and for protecting those, they can show aggression.

  1. The best way suggested by the expert is to feed the dogs away from each other, or the two they know are prone to get involved in a fight.
  2. Washing the food bowls immediately will prevent growing their possessiveness and there will be less chance of a fight.
  3. It is dangerous to remove toys or bones from your dog. It is better to distract its attention to something else to take it away in between.

There are several warning signs of dogfight. The professional dog trainers of dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, recognize these signs and take precautionary steps to prevent the consequences.

  • Growling
  • Raised hackles
  • Stiffness
  • Flattened ears
  • Staring
  • Bared teeth
  • Downward tail

If you see two dogs are giving any of these signs, you have to be alert. As these are the prior sign of attack. The professional caregivers handle such cases carefully, the dogs wouldn’t be hurt and the other staffs remain safe. Here are some of the methods they follow.

dog boarding edmond ok

  1. Distraction is a good way to change their focus. You can make a loud noise, or a metallic sound so that the dogs get shocked and change focus. You can also try putting a blanket on them so that they can’t see each other to fight.
  2. The ‘wheelbarrow’ method is also effective here. Two professionals can raise the fighting dogs’ hind legs from back so that they have to stand in front legs. Thus, they have to be taken apart from each other. The sudden awkwardness will divert the dogs’ mind.
  3. When there is nothing to apply these methods, putting a barrier between the two will stop the fighting.

You can trust Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a reliable dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, for boarding your dogs for some hours when you are out. They have a proper setting to keep the dogs safe and healthy.

Doggie Play Styles: The Favorites of Dogs

Keeping your dog active is one of the crucial things you can do for them. Its physical and mental well-being depends on the activities chosen. Regardless of age or breed, dogs love to be involved in activities. Dogs are cheerful animals and they love to play rather than sitting and sleeping. If you don’t get adequate time to play with them, you can take them to a dog boarding home in Oklahoma to spend a few hours of the day being active and enjoyment.

There are several types of activities you can choose for your dog. They can vary for puppies and full-grown dogs. People say that different breeds of dog, especially large and small breeds should not be left together to play. But, this is a myth. Small dogs that spend time with larger ones often become friends with each other and enjoy playing together.

There are some common styles of play that dogs love. You may find it strange, but the dogs will enjoy it. Here are some examples.


They are not directly involved in this game, but they just want to be involved. If you are playing a game with your family, they will run around and bark and jump and in this lies their enjoyment. The dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes this in their dog play. They let the dogs run around and just enjoy being out. It nourishes their mind and body.


Sometimes they just like to slam themselves into others. The other dog may be into something else, but they like to rotate their body in a circle and slam into others playfully. This self-explanatory activity makes them happy and helps them to get a healthy body and mind.

dog wrestle


It is a common style of play for dogs to get on top of one another. Generally, the people or other dogs chosen to be the partner in this style of play is someone whom they are close to. They just roll over, hit and get on top of each other. This game requires a lot of bodily contact and the friendly wrestling is essential for exercise and making them feel happy.

Tug of War

Holding something by teeth and pulling it while the other end is in a human’s hand or other playmate’s teeth is one of most dogs favorite games. They enjoy this one a lot. They can grab anything for it, so the dog boarding home in Oklahoma keeps a stash of tug toys for this purpose.

dog fetch play

The ‘Go and Fetch’

It is the most common trick dogs are trained to do and it makes them happy in the process. Any toy or ball can be thrown and then they are asked to go collect it. It improves the dog’s investigational skills. Along with this, the dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes chasing, where they chase each other.

With Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, you will get all of these activities for your dog to make those hours without you more pleasant and helpful to them.

Why Leave Your Dog Alone at Home?

dog home alone

Most people unfortunately have a daily work schedule. It is imperative to maintain this for the sake of healthy and prosperous living. If you and your spouse both go to work and your children spend their time at daycare or school, there is no one at home and your pet should not have to be the one to stay there alone. If you are stepping out for three hours or so, you can keep him at home. But if you have to spend most of the day or more out, you should think of some alternatives to handle this situation. It is very obvious that you keep toys, food, water and everything needed near for your pet, but he will miss you. Pets especially dogs are social animals and the feeling of loneliness can make them bored and depressed. This can be really dangerous for their physical and mental health. This is where the need of dog boarding in Edmond, OK lies.

The situation can be as bad as the below-mentioned, if you leave your pet for most of the day or more than:

  • After spilling water, your pet wouldn’t have anyone to refill the water bowl and it may be without water.
  • For lack of interaction, it may bark continuously or fall sick.
  • Separation anxiety may get into his brain.
  • For boredom, it can do something very unusual such as destroy your belongings and forget his domestic training.
  • Your pet can try running away, hurt itself to find its owner, or try make itself safe from thunderstorm or fireworks.

dog boarding edmond OK

What you can expect in the dog boarding:

  1. Spacious and private indoor and outdoor kennels.
  2. Areas are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Availability of fresh water.
  4. Quality food.
  5. Climate-control features along with fresh air circulation.
  6. Regular exercise and play time.
  7. Social interaction with other dogs to make it a cheerful and active environment.
  8. Grooming facilities including bathing.

Therefore, if you want your dog to be happy and healthy on a whole, you should call Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, a reputable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, where the dogs are given all the needed facilities so they won’t feel lonely or depressed.

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