How to Protect Your Dog from Shampoo Tears?

How to Protect Your Dog from Shampoo Tears

We all love to keep our pets clean and tidy. Dog need hygiene a lot like we do, including the use of soaps, wash and shampoo. Shampoo is useful to keep their fur clean of oils and dead skin, keeping them germ free and smelling nice.

However, dyes, fragrances, and detergents in many shampoos can cause allergic reactions or burning eyes in dogs, just like for humans. Thankfully, we have a number of options when it comes to shampoo. “Free and clear” varieties or those formulated to be “tearless” for babies are designed not to cause eye irritation or allergies. Always be sure to look at the ingredients, though, because whether a shampoo is truly “tearless” is subjective. Continue reading

Home Care & Dog Grooming Both Are Equally Important. Know Why?

Dog Care & Grooming

Grooming is not all about maintaining cleanliness or hygiene of your dog, but also improving her appearance. Dog grooming in OKC is a critical thing, and the process of pet parenting is time consuming. So, you have to take out enough time for your pet from your daily busy schedule in order to keep you dog healthy as well as beautiful. The process of grooming should start right from the puppy stage. This makes her comfortable with scheduled grooming sessions. She may resist ear cleaning or nail clipping later, if she does not get accustomed with these things right from puppyhood. Continue reading

What Does Pet Sitting Involve?

What Does Pet Sitting Involve

Many people have come up with innovative ways of providing personal services even with a struggling economy. Pet sitting is a great way to earn some extra income by helping take care of pets while enjoying their company, charm, and playfulness.

Pet sitting

These services come in handy when people or their families have to travel for significant periods of time and cannot bring their dogs. By having a pet sitter, pet owners are assured that their pets will get good care and be fed while they are away. Pet sitters will walk pets, feed them, bathe them, take them to a vet if needed, and just give the pets much needed companionship. Continue reading