How Kids Should Interact With Dogs

Dogs play an important part in our daily life. They help us to cheer up and make us happy when we are down. However, proper interaction with our dogs is necessary. For this, we should teach our kids the basic interaction techniques and train our dogs properly. Scroll through the below infographic to know more about how your kids should interact with dogs.

How kids should interact with Dogs Infographic

Why Positive Reinforcement in Dogs works?

dog training in edmondDo you shut down if someone yells at you? Well dogs react the same way to negative communication. They don’t respond well to abusive treatment or any act that involves striking the animal or yelling – in short, this can lead to a sense of fear and in the long run can lead to depression. To avoid this, positive reinforcement is recommended to Edmond dog owners as an essential part of dog training.

What is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement works on the principle of praising or appreciating your dog for the different activities carried out by him. In the positive reinforcement style of dog training, you never strike, yell or punish your dog for any mistake committed by it. On the other hand, it promotes calm redirection, appreciation or praise. It involves rewarding the dog for the different activities that it does throughout the day. Don’t forget that your dog is a reflection of your behaviour. If you treat your dog well, it will love you unconditionally but if you treat your dog in a poor fashion, it will end up biting you.

Is there any science behind it?

Yes, there is, It works on the simple psychology that when dogs are exposed to a positive atmosphere they respond well whereas if they are ill treated they end up sad and depressed and lose self confidence and the ability to perform. There are many dog training centres in Edmond that offers positive reinforcement as part off their training curriculum. Choosing these quality training services will expose your dog to a positive environment for overall growth and development.


How Should You Care Your Dog During Holidays?

dog boarding

Holiday travel is stressful, whether you are traveling by car, bus or plane; the roads are busier, buses are packed and the airports crowded. While it might be nice to take your dog with you as a co-passenger, this actually adds to the headache and can be very stressful on your dog too. However, leaving your pet at home also requires careful consideration on your part.

So here are some guidelines for ensuring you a stress-free trip and a merrier season for your pet:

  1. Leaving your dog at home

    If you have decided that your pet will feel uncomfortable in the hustle and bustle of long hours of travelling then there are many options to give both of you a peace of mind.

    • Dog boarding
      Dog boarding in Oklahoma may cost more than other options but it offers top quality service, dependability, and it is sure to take great care of your dog. While you’re away, your pet wants more attention and comfort to help keep his mind off of your absence. However, before selecting a boarding service, you should look into the track record of the company. Are there any reviews? Has anyone you know used them? Most importantly, what does your dog think of the facilities and the staff? Some dogs are choosy about their boarding place. Before booking a stay, give your dog the chance to get to know the place and the people.
    • Hiring a pet sitter
      Another great alternative to dog boarding is to hire a pet sitter. This is usually a cheaper alternative to dog boarding, especially if you can pay a friend or family member to watch your dog. Before hiring a professional pet sitter, check out their background. Many pet sitters will be happy to visit your home a couple times a day to care for your dog; others might prefer to take him to their own home. What matters most is how comfortable your dog will be with the arrangement.
  2. Travelling by car

    Small breeds of dogs are most convenient to travel, clearly. Larger dogs may cause a ruckus in the car, making your drive less safe. For high energy dogs, the best option for a road trip is a kennel in the back seat or rear compartment if you drive a van or SUV. Be sure to bring a leash so you can let your dog out for some fresh air and to relieve himself at least every hour of travel or so. Also remember that warm, sunny weather can be very dangerous for anyone left in a car, dogs included.

  3. Travelling by air
    Service animals such as guide dogs get flying permits so long as they meet all legal and airline policy requirements. Most airlines will permit dogs in the plane cabin if they are kept in a kennel. When travelling internationally, you may have to check your dog as live cargo, which isn’t as awful as it sounds. In fact, many pet travel agencies can work with the airline and governments to help you ensure your dog arrives safe and sound with you.