Make Regular Dog Grooming A Habit In 2017

Dog grooming in edmondYour dog is family, and naturally we take care of our family members. Grooming your dog and taking care of him is essential. With the help of professionals, you can ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy. Professional dog grooming in Edmond, Oklahoma is growing in demand. This is the perfect service to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy as well as promote psychological wellbeing. Here are some key benefits of keeping your dog well-groomed.

Promote Healthy Habits

Cleaning your pet’s coat regularly keeps his fur and skin healthy and also reduces allergens. Dirt, debris, dead skin cells and shedding hair can accumulate in a dog’s coat, causing matting and tension. It can also inhibit air circulation within the fur coat leading to overheating especially during Oklahoma’s hot summers. Brushing, scrubbing and blow drying the coat of the pet removes the dead skin cells and loose hair. Dog grooming experts in Edmond are experienced in providing this service for a variety of breeds and fur types.

Control Shedding

Seasonal shedding is a healthy, normal process for many dog breeds. However, with improper brushing and grooming, the shed hair can end up all over your house and increase airborne allergens. During the shedding season, grooming is essential to remove excess hair and assist the shedding process and keep the skin healthy. Moreover, some shedding is not normal and may be a sign of skin inflammation or clogged pores. Regularly grooming keeps the roots free of debris.

Make Playtime Better

When your pet is nice and clean, cuddling and playing are all the more enjoyable. For the humans in the house, a clean coat on your dog reduces allergens and the smells of dirty dog fur. For your dog, a clean coat is more comfortable and breathable, freeing him to think of other things like having fun!

Make your dog look good

While your dog may not be too concerned about appearance, we take pride in having clean, healthy-looking dogs. It shows other dog owners how much you care. Choose a day care for pets which provide grooming services too, and you can save yourself the extra work of cleaning your pet every time you come back from a trip. The fresh look of the pet from a proper grooming session ensure that your pet is perfectly fine in terms of health and also is rejuvenated by their grooming.

The Healing Power of Having a Pet Dog

We all love to have dogs. Scientific research has shown that the healing power of dogs can produce several benefits for humans. When it comes to maintaining a physically active body and mind or protecting ourselves from intruders, dogs can help us in many ways. Also learn why it is beneficial for aged individuals over the age of 54 years, of having a dog in their family.

Go through this infographic and adopt a doggie soon if you haven’t!

The Healing Power of Dogs infographic

What Outdoor Dangers Must I Protect My Pet From?

protect your dog

Our yards are the domain of our dogs. While they may loyally protect their owners from danger, there are many dangers we can help our four-legged friends avoid.

Learn how to keep your pets safe from this kind of garden threats. Dog grooming in Edmond is a popular service. There are expert officials at such centers who can give you a thorough idea about how to keep your pet safe from any such threats.

Mice and rat bait

Rats and mice around homes, yards, and old sheds can be a common nuisance. Using bait and traps to control these pests is equally common. Your pet may not be aware of them and can step on the trap or eat the bait. Spring-loaded traps are a mild sting and make it easy to show pets how scary they are; however, pest poisons can be life threatening to dogs and represent a leading cause of vet visits for food poisoning in pets. It’s best to try other methods of pest control entirely.

Slug baits

Another trouble that may concern you is the snail and slug baits that lie around the garden. Similar to the mouse bait, they too are poisonous. Hence consuming them can upset your pet’s stomach and lead to food poisoning. The snail baits are even more poisonous.

Hide the bait where the pet cannot reach. Since the snail bait has extracts of soybeans, oats, and molasses mixed into it, it can also lure the unsuspecting dogs as well. The major symptoms of ingesting snail baits are anxiety and lack of coordination along with increased heartbeat and breathing rates. If left untreated then it can lead to major seizures and death of the pet.

Poisonous plants

Shrubs and bushes that grow on their own accord are at times rather poisonous for the pets. Maintain the garden well and get rid of any poisonous plants in it. Even some of the decorative plants can be poisonous to the pet and if they consume the plants, then it can be fatal. Such plants include Easter lily, Tiger lily, Daylily, and Rubrum lily. There are many such flowering plants which are growing during the season suitable for them in Edmond.

If you are from Edmond, opting for a proper dog grooming in Edmond is important to ensure your pet gets the right treatment when needed. The castor beans and the castor oil plant which many grows as a garden plant is also poisonous to the pets.

Fruit seeds and pits

The seeds or the fruit pits in like berries and apricots can cause digestive distress in dogs. They cause a severe internal blockage which, if not immediately treated can be fatal. Sugar substitutes such as chewing gums and even toothpaste lying around in the garbage or the backyard can also cause health trouble for the pets.

Make sure your pet does not have the habit of rummaging through the garbage area. Garden mulch or the cocoa bean mulch is often found in many gardens. These can cause gastrointestinal trouble among the pets.


The fertilizers used on plants in your garden are usually harmful to pets. Your pet may tend to chew the leaves of garden plants and if you are using the fertilizer in heavy dosage then it can prove to be fatal for the pet as well. The pets also have a tendency of licking at anything that is left around. Hence ensure that you do not leave the sack of fertilizer lying around within the reach of your pet. Try and go organic about tending your garden as it would ensure the health safety of your pet too.

In case the pet has consumed fertilizer and you are in Edmond, do not worry and consult the dog grooming in Edmond that would be able to help you out or connect you with a reputed vet in case the trouble is serious. Professional help is all you require at that point.

How To Bathe A Dog?

dog bathing

When you imagine a cute puppy taking a bath, you might see a lovely scene with a happy vibe. The dog and the owner might be laughing and having a great time. However, the reality might differ.

Bathing your pet in real life is far from pleasing. Dogs don’t seem to mind being stinky and dirty, but they really don’t like being made to bathe. Resistance may even turn to aggression, creating a tiring and messy experience, turning bath time into a headache. A dog spa in Edmond has a number of professionals who know the exact techniques for getting dogs comfortable with bathing. So check for some help regarding the process.

Positive association

Dogs can put up a fight when they don’t want to do something. So it’s important to teach your dog to follow you into the bathtub. This is the hardest part. You can lure your pet with something it enjoys. It can be toys, or treats or simply affectionate coaxing and pet the dog. Do not show your impatience and frustration in case it takes time. Bathing a pet can be a time-consuming affair. So ensure you have enough time and you are not in a hurry. Make them practice getting into an empty tub first before you add lukewarm water to it.

Ensure ear protection

Make sure water does not enter your dog’s ears. Unlike humans, the pets cannot really make out what happened to their ears and shake out the water. If the water goes within the ear it can disturb their equilibrium, hearing and even cause infections. Never attempt to submerge a dog’s head in water or dump a large quantity of water over the head. Use cups or a gentle shower nozzle.

Bathe them often and from a young age

If you have had your pet from a very young age, simply habituate it to bath time over the years. A puppy would be less likely to put up a fight about being bathed and that would help you make them accept the entire bathing session. Even when they grow up, they will be comfortable with the bathing experience.

The right products

Use proper dog shampoo and also pick the right product suited for your pet. If the shampoo makes your pet’s skin dry and scratchy they may become reluctant to enter the bath next time. A mild soap is required. Simply consult any vet with a good reputation in the region of Edmond and they would be able to advise you about the right pet shampoo that would suit your pet. A dog spa in Edmond can also give you great tips.

Wash from the neck and down

Like the ears, protecting the eyes and mouth of your pet is equally important. Make lather with shampoo from the neck down and later use a damp washcloth to clean slowly without hurting them. Ensure that you dry them rightly. Air drying is the best way to dry your pet though many people swear by blow dryers. The noise and the feel of the warm air can be irritating to the pet if they are unfamiliar to that. It can also cause burns if the dryer is not handled rightly. Any dog spa in Edmond would recommend against using a dryer with high speed or heat flow.

Your pet has their own mechanism of shaking off the water and drying themselves. Most importantly, stay calm and playful to ensure your pet get used to the bathing session and is comfortable about it.