Step-by-Step Method for De-Shredding Your Dog at Home

de-shredding your dog

De-shredding your dog is a huge task, especially, when you are planning to do it at home. We have got simple, easy yet extremely effective tips that will help you become a pro at de-shredding your dog at home.

Read on to know more:

  • If you have a short haired pooch at home, opt for a rubber brush to get the hair out. You can also use the furminator.
  • Use a natural shampoo like dog fashion spa so that the hair fall is reduced to a great extent. Opt for shampoo’s that has essential oils like lavender that helps to calm both the atmosphere and the bathing process.
  • To get rid of paw stains use an eco friendly paw cleaner. Don’t forget to use the wipes on a daily basis to clean all the stains.

Try out these steps for dog grooming in OKC today and let us know your feedback.

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Are You The First Time Dog Owner? Here Are The Answers To Your Queries

Dog grooming in edmond

Having a dog as a pet is a huge responsibility. You are not only bringing your furry friend home, but, you have to ensure that he is well looked after and cared for. If you are living the city of Oklahoma you must be aware how difficult it is to have big dogs like retriever or Labrador as your pet. The space constraint prevents you from having big sized dogs as your pets. In order to provide a cozy comfort to your furry friend, more and more people are opting for small sized breeds like morkies, poodles and shih tzus. If you are a first timer dog owner the following answers to your queries will make your journey of owning a pet quite a memorable one:

  • Yes, it is important to take your dog out for a walk. He needs to meet people, socialize and get fresh air as part of his life. Moreover, exposure to the sun will ensure that your dog gets its daily dose of Vitamin D. Moreover, your dog will be fit and active too. Don’t make your dog a home hamster.
  • Make sure that your dog gets its daily dose of exercise. Just like big breeds of dogs, small sized dogs too enjoy playing games. Hence, make sure that you engage them in throw the ball and fetch it games.
  • And finally, you need to train your small dog too. Make sure that you hire the right trainer for your small sized dogs. The sooner it is exposed to training the well behaved it will be.

There are many dog boarding in OKC where you can keep your dog in case you are going out of station. Make a list of the well known ones in the Oklahoma City. Before you leave for some work, call up these boarding centres and find out about the facilities offered. Select the one that best fits your dog and his requirements.

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6 Ways to Find Out If Your Dog Has Fleas

get rid of dog fleasFrom Lake Arcadia to its many parks, Edmond, Oklahoma offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! The journey turns merrier if your dog accompanies you. Camping under the stars with your dog or just going for a hike through scenic woods make for cherished memories. It’s all fun until you realize you brought home some uninvited guests: fleas. There are means to detect them early. We have jotted down the top 6 ways to detect fleas, taking expert help from dog boarding professionals in Oklahoma.

Let us get into the details of the means to read the signs that your dog has been infested with fleas:


  1. Perform a thorough inspection of your dog’s fur. The fleas will run in the opposite direction from where you divide the fur. You can easily detect them from their brown color.
  2. Give a thorough bath. Keep the drain clogged for a certain period and closely watch for the signs of black spots in the water. If you see any, take a closer look.
  3. Comb the coat using a flea comb. The small, brown critters of flat and oval shape that run quickly could be fleas.
  4. ‘Flea dirt’ or flea droppings are left behind by these bugs that look like flecks of dirt or black pepper. When you put some flea dirt upon a white facial tissue, after some time yellowish spots will appear confirming it’s not actually dirt! Gross!
  5. If you get hold of a bug from your dog’s coat, try to squish it in a tissue. Gnats and fruit flies are commonly mistaken for fleas, but if it is a flea, you will not be able to squish it easily.

If you want to get your dog and your home free from fleas, get in touch with expert dog boarding in Oklahoma who know how best to deal with a flea infestation.

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends!

Dogs are no doubt one of our favorite pets. They have become a part of our daily life. But how did dogs become our best friends? Well, it is believed that dogs have descended from wolves almost 15,000 years ago. Humans and wolves formed a strong bond between them and eventually, the modern dog came into existence.

Find out in this infographic, how dogs became our best friends.

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends