How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are the cutest and the most faithful creatures for us humans. A puppy dog face will melt any heart. Once you return home after work, it is the doggie that welcomes you with everything he’s got. As their owner, it is your duty to ensure that the dog remains happy and healthy.

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Keeping Dogs Engaged

We must remember that the dogs love to keep themselves busy. Therefore, provide them with toys and chewing bones to hone their innate skills of hunting, grabbing and catching. Experts say that when the natural instincts of the dogs are suppressed, they tend to become more aggressive.

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Keeping them Social

  • Dogs too love to be in a social environment; they are man’s best friend after all. Isolating them even for a day can make them depressed and anxious.
  • Experts suggest that dogs too need walking and jogging once or twice a day to freshen up their mind and burn some energy. Hence, it becomes a duty of the owner to arrange a regular dog walk hopefully where there will be other friendly dogs and people.
  • Let your dog be introduced to other dogs, one at a time, and on common ground – not in their own home.

Training up Your Dog

  • A well-trained dog does more than party tricks. It can take stress off the owner and others as well knowing the dog will respond to commands.
  • An experienced and expert trainer is needed to be hired who can train the dog efficiently and without the confusion that a trial and error process entails.
  • Research has shown that a trained dog has better developed social skills, able to make a bond with people and other dogs more easily.

Fix Dog’s Schedule and Your Role

  • Dogs easily understand love and affection. However, sometimes its animal instinct comes into play, calling for a timeout.
  • Fix a playtime for the dog only for the time when the dog remains calm and composed.
  • Cuddle the dog when it has successfully followed the instructions. Like humans, they also get a boost in their morale.

Structure Your Behavior

  • To keep the dog happy, it is necessary that the environment around it needs to have a certain order. Therefore, it is advised not to overreact in front of dogs. Excitement can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Experts say that as long as the dogs are kept calm and composed, it is a good sign. Making them nervous could actually become dangerous.

Keeping Physical Health

  • A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Same is applicable for all living organisms.
  • Exercising will keep your dog active and happy.
  • It is also advised to involve the dogs in some sort of active game format.
  • Dog grooming is an essential practice as far as the physical well-being of the dog is concerned. Regular grooming keeps away pests, matting, and infections.

Dog owners certainly have a lot on their plate to take good care of their pet. But a healthy and happy dog is definitely tough to beat for keeping us healthy and happy in return!

Pets Can Really Make Our Life Healthy


In the USA, having a cat or dog is very common. Nowadays, more than 90% of homes are adopting pets from pet stores and shelters around the United States. While this gives dogs and cats loving homes, being a pet owner has advantages of its own. Not only can an animal companion help a person overcome emotional turmoil, but it can also offer health benefits as well.

Here are a few ways pets can improve the lives of their owners.

  1. Stress buster

    Having a pet means having a companion who loves you unconditionally. Research reveals that a person owning a pet stays much happier than a person with no pet. The licking and cuddling causes oxytocin to be released, similar to when we get hugs from people we love. All the cuddling and affection makes the pet owner feel relaxed. This is how having a pet reduces stress. In case you are not aware how to get in touch with a pet store near you, try out a pet store finder in USA and gather information from there.

  2. Changes personality

    It has been observed that a pet owner is more extrovert. The task of owning a pet seems easy from far off, but it is actually a hectic job. The constant training takes a lot. Research work says that a pet owner is less afraid than the person who is having no pet.

  3. No question of loneliness

    From the very moment you enter your front porch, you have your pets attention. Having a pet is a great way to overcome any sort of trauma. Since you pet is ever ready to lick you and sniff you and shower you with love.

  4. A pet makes you stay fit and active

    Having a pet means going out for a walk on daily basis. Running around after the pet becomes a normal routine. Playing with him, toying around or going for jogging, everything is beneficial for your own health. A pet owner stays healthy and fit. In USA there are many stores which has healthy pets for you to adopt.

  5. A helping hand

    In case of any emergencies, you can really trust your pet to drag help towards you. By nature animals are friendly and are always willing to help.

The pet store finder in USA will help you to locate a pet store properly. Adopting a pet is always a good idea. It will not only keep you happy but healthy too but remember nothing comes for free. Maintaining the well-being of your pet will cost you money. Just don’t bring him home and place him in a corner. Play with your pet, look after him, you will feel relaxed. If you still don’t have a pet, think of all the benefits and bring home a cute little kitten or a furry puppy right now.

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

To some people trimming the nails of their dog might not look to be so important. They might think that the dogs might have made their nails aligned by scratching against any rough objects like the soil or trunk of any tree. But it is not actually like that. Trimming will not only make the pet look nice but also helps from security point of view. The chances of any scratches due to the nails are minimized when the nails are well trimmed. Also, the chances of breaking are minimized. The breakage of nails of the dogs can be a painful one and can lead to infection.

dog nails

Apart from all these, nail hygiene also affects the way your dog walks. A proper walking posture for the dogs ensures a healthy future as it reduces the chances of bone and joint issues. Therefore, it is suggested to have the nails of your pets trimmed regularly. What needs to be taken in consideration is that the person must have the right information and knowledge regarding the trimming. With that, a proper trimming procedure is completed in no time.

Tools Needed to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

  • Nail clippers

    nail clipperNail clippers are available in various styles in the market that includes the guillotine-style nail clippers which are easier to use and plier-type nail clippers that are used for trimming nails of the larger breeds. Another type of the clippers in the category is the scissor–type clippers. Electric buffer-type trimmers can help avoid trimming too much or causing pain.


  • Treats

    After every cut or trim is made, give your dog the treats kept in hand. Experts are of the opinion that treating the dog after every trimming would help to make the experience more positive for the dogs as well as the one who is doing the nail trimming.

  • Styptic Powder

    This is kept for the emergency purpose as in the case when the cut is made too large and there is bleeding. Vets use styptic powder to help wounds clot.

  • Using the Clippers

    For those who are using the trimmers for the first time, it must be sometimes a shaking experience. But, think about your sweet little velvet paws. Injuring them is never going to be your aim. Hence, before proceeding with the clippers, make sure that the blade of the clippers are sharp and in a good working position. Every trim has to be made as fast and accurate by keeping the pet relaxed. Also, to separate the dog’s toe, the fingers should be used by keeping a firm grip on the clippers.

    According to an expert who has years of experience in dog grooming in Oklahoma City, it would be a better option to get the dog acquainted with the all sorts of equipment before actually proceeding with the work. Try one nail per session to start out.

  • Clipping Dogs Nails Safely

    Make sure you know how much of the nail needs to be cut. In case of any doubts, get the correct information for the nail anatomy of your dog’s breed and size.


    • Keep the trimmer firmly gripped in the hand with the movable part gripped with your fingers. During this stage you must be able to see that a small cutting blade is sliding when the handle is squeezed.
    • The nails need to be cut from the underneath not from the top downwards. Concentrate on the whitish part of the nail because it is the part that is to be cut.
    • Make a smooth squeeze of the handle or the grip to make the trimming effective. Remember, the cut should be smooth and the trimmer should be held firmly without any shake.
    • The cut portion of the nail is to be removed. If needed, filing of the edges of the nails is to be done to avoid scratches, or even places for the nail to start cracking.
    • Keep trimmers clear of the pinkish tissue inside the hard nail. The nail itself is keratin, like our hair and nails, but the living tissue underneath is very sensitive.

Pros and Cons of Dog Boarding in Oklahoma

dog boarding in OKC

In Oklahoma City, we love our pets, especially dogs. Dogs are the most common species of animals kept as pets for their loyalty and their warm and loving nature, while also serving as great watch keepers. Owing to this, there are many options for dog boarding in Oklahoma City. But naturally, like all things have trade-off’s, dog boarding facilities have their pros and cons.

The Pros:

The boarding staff has basically observed it all or heard it all. Boarding offices have conventions set up to deal with pretty much every conceivable circumstance including your pet. For example, if your dog chooses not to eat, they have approaches to lure them to eat. If your dog gets an upset stomach, there are approaches to fix that.

When you board your pet, it isn’t very different than sending your child to a sitter. Boarding offices don’t contract just anyone. Boarding facility centres and schools hire people and trainers who are extremely fond of animals and who will treat your pet like their own. Workers are professionally prepared to take the best care of your pet as could be allowed.

Not only this you can leave your pet at these centres and go for a holiday or emergency work, and these centres take care of your pet. Nonetheless, if you want to keep updated about your pet, these centres can be contacted through email, phones, SMS too. Also, the trainers are appointed according to their knowledge of the breed. If a person has knowledge about Labradors, he will not be handed over a Chihuahua.

The Cons:

Just like any kid would have issues going to a sitter, a dog too will be antsy to get out and see you again. A good dog boarding center will have a large fenced in area, which may even be divided for different sizes of dogs.

There is always a fear of dogs being boarded together not getting along. To address such problems, staff will offer separate playtimes. Also be sure that your dog will be able to sleep in its own area, without being bothered by other dogs, friendly or not.

There can be more than 150 dogs at each center at a time, so the chance of spreading illness is also something to consider. Many reputable dog boarding in Oklahoma ensure that every dog they take is current on all vaccinations and flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

dog boarding in Oklahoma


For many dog owners, the prospect of leaving your dog with people you may not personally know very well can be challenging. Nevertheless, dog boarding professionals are a trustworthy option for taking care of your dog when you are out of town for an extended period of time; and are likely to be even better than simply leaving your dog in the care of a neighbor. In any case, it’s important to do your due diligence before trusting your dog’s health and safety to just anyone.

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How To Pick The Perfect Pet Sitter For Your Pooch

pet sitter in oklahoma city

Whether you are planning a long trip or just running some errands, leaving your dog alone at home can be tough. Dogs can suffer separation anxiety, get into things that could be harmful, or ruin your house to pass the time. To avoid this trouble, a professional dog sitter can be a lifesaver while you are not around.

Here are few important points to note when choosing the right sitter for your dog.

  • Get references!

    Don’t just pick anyone who responds to a free web classified ad; hire a pro pet sitter. There may be plenty of college students around Oklahoma City willing to look after your dog for a few bucks; but can you really trust them? When it comes to entrusting the health and safety of your four-legged friend to a stranger, find someone trusted by someone you trust.

  • Use agency screening!

    You will find many brick and mortar and web-based agencies who can recommend top-quality dog sitters in Oklahoma City. To save time, contact these agencies. They can recommend a professional sitter complete with reviews and feedback from previous clients.

  • Meet the sitter before hiring!

    Don’t just go by the reputation of the dog sitting agency. Before hiring the sitter, meet him or her personally and provide an opportunity for them to meet your dog while you are around.

  • Ask questions!

    Does this dog sitter have dogs of their own? Do they love dogs, or just the pay? How have they handled issues with other dogs they have cared for?

  • Don’t wait until the last minute!

    It goes without saying, but sometimes we get so caught up in planning for a trip we forget about something as important as finding a qualified, trustworthy person to visit our homes every day! You’re giving a key to this person, remember!

  • Have a budget in mind!

    Discuss your budget with the sitter, and don’t be afraid to negotiate the rate down. Many dog sitters will charge by the day, including one or two visits to your home.

Dogs don’t like to stay away from their owner for a long time. But if your job requires extensive travelling, hiring a someone friendly to watch over your dog is a good idea. At first, your furry friend might not like the idea, but slowly things will fall into place. The dog sitting in Oklahoma City will help you to make the right choice.