7 Things To Pack In Your Pet’s Doggy Bag For Dog Boarding Stay

Dog Boarding

Is your puppy going for a boarding stay for the first time? Are you completely haywire about what to pack and what not to?  There are many dog day care or boarding centers that permit various items that your dog will need while they are away from home.

Being away from home and loved ones is always overbearing for your four legged companions. However, dog boarding in Edmond is as good as it gets. They care for your pet as if they were their own. This means that you can escape your hectic schedule and go for a short vacation without having to worry about this family member of yours.

Make sure your puppy is comfortable during their stay in boarding. For that here are the essentials that you must not forget to pack.

Something that reminds her of Home

dog nailsDogs are extremely attached animals and are naturally very sensitive. So, when they have to be away from you for a while, you must ensure that they don’t feel an out of the blue estrangement. Just as you would miss his warm company, so will he.

To make your buddy feel close to you make it a point to pack something that bears your scent. This will calm him amidst the pangs of temporary estrangement. A pillow, a toy, a shoe; something simple you wouldn’t mind giving to your dog.

Emergencies and Regular Medicine

For medical emergencies or regular medications do remember to pack all necessary medicines. Many a time you might feed a pill to a dog by mixing it in his food. In that case, provide instructions to the boarding staff. Be sure to leave written instructions about the timing and dosage of medicines.

Usual Food

While at the stay in a kennel or boarding, if your dog comes in contact with dietary changes then sometimes it may often time lead to stomach upsets and even appetite alterations. So many dog boarding centers in Edmond allow you to drop by the food that your buddy is used to eating.

Why not keep the important facets of his life normal when he is already feeling zoned out in the boarding environment? Pack enough food that will last the entire span of their boarding stay.

Fond Toys

Dog Toys

Dog boarding in Edmond is obviously filled with a variety of pet toys that can keep your companion busy all day. But, much like human kids even dogs have their favorites. So, go ahead and pack some of their fond toys. Ensure the fun that they generally have back at home. It will definitely make them feel comfier in an unknown environment.

Paperwork & Documents

It is crucial that pack all the important and necessary documents regarding your four legged pal. You must know why. While you are away any kind of medical emergency can happen. So, caution is always better. Make sure you hand in all the medical history documents and other forms and paperwork while dropping off your buddy at the dog care center.

At least two leashes

To be honest, it is best to pack an extra dog leash in the bag rather than just one for emergencies. What if one goes missing?

Additional familiar goods

You care about your pal more than anyone else. Going by that statement you might want to add in extras like their special dog bowl or their favorite treat.

Follow this simple checklist to make your dog’s boarding stay comfortable and safe.

Vitamin D-A Dog’s Nutritional Need

Dogs love to sun bathe. This is due to a major vitamin requirement for dogs: Vitamin D, the ‘Happy’ Vitamin.

Restricting your four legged friend indoors may keep him safe, but he was built for outside! Sunlight is necessary for dogs just like humans to make Vitamin D. They need plenty of time outside but there are times when you are unable to take your dog out. Then how do you expect your dog to get all Vitamin D he needs?

Consider dog day care. In Oklahoma City, with the wide range daycare centers for your pets, you can enjoy peace of mind that their safety and health are tended. All dogs need regular exercise in order to be happy and healthy.

You might not be getting time to pay that much attention as your buddy deserves. It is best that you enroll him or her to one of your nearest dog daycare centers in Oklahoma City. It’s better than locking him up in the house while you are away at work.

Daycares are fun for dogs as they get to socialize with their fellow mates in a cage-free environment. Your pups will also receive bundles of attention and supervision from the trained staff and counselors. They will make sure that your dog gets a good dose of Vitamin D which is vital for the betterment of their health.

It is crucial that they are exposed to the natural environment and at the dog daycare facilities they are not kept away from it. The correct proportion of Vitamin D on a daily basis can work wonders both for the future health of healthy dogs as well as those that are ailing.

Why Vitamin D?

The daycare centers in Oklahoma City do have much access to sunlight but, the professionals also encourage you to take out time to give the dogs a walk during the day.

This sunshine vitamin is produced in the outer skin layers. Now, humans have an advantage because the conversion happens automatically when absorbed by the skin. However, dogs get their Vitamin D orally – by licking the skin.

The positives of Vitamin D in a dog are a good development in skeletal structure, mineral absorption, regulation of phosphorous and calcium in the bloodstream, muscle and bone growth and much more.

Since Vitamin D synthesis and conversion do not occur automatically in a dog’s body, it may be necessary to supplement his food. There are dietary supplements for Vitamin D that are available in the market for your dogs. But, many products do not have the recommended amounts that a dog regularly needs. Deficiency symptoms bone swelling, lethargy, anorexia, and dehydration.

So, do consult the trainers in the dog daycare centers as well as a specialized dietician before adding Vitamin D to their diets. This is important for you to be certain about the deficiency and accordingly supplement it.

10 Reasons Why Dogs Lick

If you are a pet owner then you must certainly be accustomed to dogs lick. Dogs love licking their owners, other dogs, and themselves but there are several reasons associated with it. Some of the notable reasons for licking depends on their present mood, showing submission, expressing love, relieve themselves from stress, sending a message to other dogs, grooming, and so on.

Find out in this infographic the complete explanation of the 10 best reasons why dogs lick.

10 Reasons Dogs Lick