Winter Dog Care

You need to take care of your dog in winter so that they do not catch a cold. This infographic outlines some essential winter dog care tips to keep your dog warm and nice when the temperature drops outside. Sweater and booties are must for dogs if they want to play outside because it will provide the extra protection apart from their furs.

Go through this infographic to find out more about winter dog care.

Winter Dog Care

5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes Edmond Pet Owners Should Avoid

dog grooming

The well-being of your dog depends on regular grooming, an integral aspect of pet ownership. Professional dog groomers in Edmond take care to educate dog owners in the area about common grooming mistakes and how to avoid these errors. The fur of your dog is challenging to tame, and most of the common mistakes in the grooming process are to be blamed for that.

This challenge can always be overcome with faith in the growing number of professional dog groomers in Edmond. However, if you do not take your dog to a professional, it is good to be familiar with common grooming errors so as to avoid them. Grooming sessions are a crucial part of bonding between dog and owner. So, your ultimate aim should be to make the session perfect, without any glitch that could cause physical or emotional damage to your dog and cause it to lose confidence in you.

Grooming your dog by yourself at home demands patience and the correct grooming equipment. Here are the five most frequent mistakes that owners make when they groom their furry friend:

Avoid Giving Frequent Baths

Both the coat and the skin naturally secrete oils. If you bathe your dog too often, you’ll only dry out its skin, causing unnecessary irritation. Thus, the ideal frequency for bathing your dog is once every three to four weeks.

Be Cautious While Washing the Face

When you start washing your dog’s face, do so with great care. If by chance the water gets into the eyes, nose or even ears, it might lead to infection, or at least pain. It may startle you to know that even a very little trace of water inside a dog’s ear can become a home for bacteria. So, it is best to use a damp cloth instead of pouring water on your dog’s face.

Rinse Thoroughly

Dogs generally have thick, long layers of fur. Therefore, proper and thorough rinsing are essential. A quick rinse will never penetrate the layers of fur to rinse out all of the soap, thus resulting in skin problems.

Coat Shaving is a Heavy Mistake

No matter what good intentions you may have in shaving your dog’s coat, remember that the coat acts as a shield. Seasonal shaving makes your dog more prone to skin cancer as an advanced result of skin burns. Similarly, they may overheat as the body’s ability to regulate the internal temperature decreases.

Brush Your Dog’s Fur Before a Bath

It is ideal to brush your dog’s coat before you bath it. This helps to break up the dirt. You must avoid brushing wet fur, as this makes it prone to easy breakage and causes unnecessary tangles.

7 Tips for Clipping & Grooming Your Dog

dog grooming

Just like you need regular grooming to keep clean and healthy, similarly, your pet dogs also need grooming and care. They are family too, after all! So, make sure to turn regular dog grooming into a regular habit. Here in Edmond, OK, the numbers of pet grooming professionals are increasing day by day. Thus, dog grooming in Edmond is not a very big challenge. Professional services help you keep your furry friend happy, clean and healthy. Yes, their services not only focus on the physical appearance but also deal with the psychological well-being of the dog.

After health concerns, the second focus should be a clean and attractive appearance. Timely clipping and grooming can do wonders. For best results, hire a professional who is well-equipped with skill as well as experience. The service of dog grooming in Edmond is growing in demand. Once you start scheduling timely clipping for your dogs, their long coats will become a lot easier to maintain.

Don’t just take a clipper to your dog; remember the following:

  • It is best to take show dogs such as terriers to a specialist groomer. Show dogs require a considerable amount of work on their coats. A professional will help you learn the tricks of clipping and how you can make your dog look like a winner in the dog show.
  • Always be sure of what you want your dog to look like after clipping, whether you are having its coat clipped for the hot summer or for easy manageability.
  • Lastly, in order to visualize a perfect clip for your furry companion, you must study the breed to find out which look fits it the best.

Here are some tips for grooming and clipping your dog:

Dog grooming edmond

Familiarize Your Dog with Clippers

There are two essential things to do before you start clipping. First, get your dog acquainted with the smell and sight of the clippers, then turn them on to familiarize it with the noise.

Bathe Your Dog

Give your dog a good bath. A clean dog coat is much easier to clip than a dirty one.

Detangle the Coat 

To make the clipping session smoother and quicker, it is essential to prep your dog’s coat. This includes a thorough detangling to make the clipping experience more pleasant for your dog.

Choose the Right Clippers

Now, if you don’t have the right set of clippers, things will go wrong. It is advisable to pay more for better clippers, as you get what you pay for. You can either use ordinary clippers for your dog or choose between small and standard professional clippers.

Don’t go Skin Deep with Clippers

To avoid burns or cuts on the skin, do not cut below the hair.

Take Breaks

In the case of long sessions, make sure you give your dog some breaks, especially if clipping is very new to it.

Offer Rewards

Lastly, give your dog treats or other rewards as praise for being a good boy or girl.

Daily Exercise Guide By Breed

All dog breeds are not same and they require daily exercise to stay fit and active. If you want to keep your dog healthy, then these daily exercises should be ideal to start with. Find out what type of breed you have and get details regarding their exercise schedule.

Go through this infographic to learn more about the daily exercise routine for your dog.

Daily Exercise Guide By Breed