5 Tips To Get Your Dog Stop Barking

Dog barking is annoying and frustrating to deal with sometimes and hence dog owners should have some idea to stop it when required. Though it is a natural behavior for dogs to bark and alert owners for any outside intruders, they should be taught to stop any unnecessary barking. This infographic points out the 5 essential tips to get your dog to stop barking.

5 Tips To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

Top Five Features Of A Modern Dog Spa

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” These beautiful lines by Josh Billings certainly reflect the selflessness showcased by dogs toward human beings. As a matter of fact, the unconditional love and loyalty on the part of pet dogs is something beyond words. Choosing a dog as a pet not only instils humility inside your soul, but it also gives you a true friendship to cherish forever.

However, at times you feel trapped so badly in worldly affairs that it becomes so hard to take care of your furry friends on your own. Modern dog spa centers are indeed great options to choose, as they employ the perfect people with whom to entrust your furry babies. The top five features discussed in this blog post help you comprehend the ways that make modern dog spas the best places to look after your dogs when you are away from them.

Professional Approach

dog boarding in Oklahoma City

Dog boarding in Oklahoma City is flooded with options to choose from, but contemporary dog spas excel over all others, owing to many factors. The first and foremost feature that distinguishes them among the others is the perfect professionalism in techniques and approaches. Modern dog spa centers have well-trained crew members who look after your beloved pet dog with much love and care in your absence. These spas are well experienced and trustworthy, as their staff have undergone appropriate training for the purpose. Thus, these staff are reliable and dependable people to care for your pet dog in boarding.

Cage-Free Environment

Modern dog spa centers are perfect destinations for your pets when you are away from them for any reason. These spas are committed to providing proper care and comfort to dogs in a cage-free environment. The idea to make your darling dog feel at home when it is away from home supports the innovation of these centers. Confining these meek creatures inside cages can never make them happy or comfortable.


Training a dog refers to teaching it some behavioral techniques that make things easy and manageable not only for you but for the pet as well. Dog boarding in Oklahoma City has evolved remarkably with time to include a lot of innovative ideas for training dogs. The modern dog boarding centers are coming up with a number of programs and activities that help your dog learn. After all, it can be more interesting to let your furry friend learn new things by the time you are back from your work.


Spas surely are devoted to grooming and relaxing the mind body and soul. Modern dog spas serve the same purpose for your pet. Dog boarding services in Oklahoma City are well aware of the fact that your dogs really love massages, grooming and special bathing sessions. Moreover, a neat and tidy body is as important for a pet as it is for you. Dog spas today undertake all possible steps to maintain the health and hygiene of your pet dog. So the stay at a modern dog spa turns into a really nice one for your furry friend.

Extra Care

A little extra love and care always tastes sweet. Dog boarding services in Oklahoma City strive hard to turn your pet’s stay at a modern dog spa sweeter. Escorting your dog on a walk, playing its favorite games or just cuddling up with it while watching television, dog spa centers do everything necessary to pamper your furry friend so that it feels cheerful and be happy.

Modernization in every aspect aims at providing comfort and peace. Modern dog spa centers thus amazingly relieve you of all your worries about looking after your furry friend in need as a friend indeed.

Five Ways to Care for Your Dog While Being Away From Them

“A dog is a friend who listens with its heart and replies with its tail” (Unknown). These fur babies need nothing but a little love and care to grow up with the strong bonds of true friendship and turn into loyal companions for life. Therefore, it is indeed essential and worthwhile to care for your beloved pets even when you are away from their eyes.

There are a lot of options available as solutions to help you out when you look for dog boarding services to take care of your pet dog in your absence. This blog post discusses five great ideas that really work when it comes to showing care for your furry friends from a distance.

Traditional Kennels

The traditional kennel is the most common and easily affordable option available for dog boarding in Oklahoma. These places do everything necessary to provide your dog with the basic amenities and even some complimentary bathing sessions. It is generally easy to find a traditional kennel, which perfectly suits the dogs that are laid-back and less likely to be anxious. If that’s your dog, then choosing this type of place may be the best option.

Luxury Dog Boarding

If your pet dog is not used to spending daytime hours alone, then it will definitely require extra care and human attention when you are away. Luxury dog boarding in Oklahoma is a suitable option that can rescue you from all worries regarding taking care of your dog. This type of place is undoubtedly an amazing option that offers kennels with plenty of space and bedding arrangements, indoor and outdoor areas to play and much of love from caretakers. Here, you’ll often find dog grooming, scheduled play time and in some places webcams so that you can keep an eye on your dog from anywhere. However, these luxury dog boarding centers are often too costly to afford, but at Puppy Paws we offer real luxury to your dog at an affordable price.

Veterinary Offices

You might want to board with your own veterinarian. The staff is sure to be well-trained to provide attentive care especially for your elderly dog or if your dog has certain health issues. Since these dog boarding services in Oklahoma offer care with absolute caution and regular monitoring, they are indeed good options for dogs with conditions that may need more experienced care and readily available treatment.

dog walkers

Dog Walkers or In-House Caretakers

Some dog lovers and pet owners may find it difficult to trust a single person as the perfect sitter and caretaker for their furry friends, but as a matter of fact, this type of dog boarding in Oklahoma is the only option that allows you to customize and schedule service at relevant times according to your pet’s needs. The visiting sitter for your pet will take your dog for a walk, feed it and offer individual playtime. Many of them even offer cleaning up poo and basic house-sitting while you’re away. This particular service is helpful for the dogs that feel homesick or have owners who work from home, and thus they will find regular visits a welcome comfort. In Oklahoma, we also have devoted caretakers who provide nice dog walks or dog sitting services, some of whom are willing to even stay at your place for a bit extra.

Friends or Family

Family members and friends are the ones who can very well understand your feelings for your dog and vice-versa. Thus, choosing them as the ones to look after your darling pet in times of need is always a better than the rest of the options. Some dogs are shy by nature and take more time to open up to unknown people at unfamiliar places. A familiar face with comforting behavior proves to be an excellent remedy for the pets who are apprehensive toward strangers. Dog boarding in Oklahoma hence includes the favor done on the part of friends and relatives to solace your pet dogs in a way that it enjoys the most, while you worry the least.

How Should You Care For Your Pet During the Holidays?

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It has been rightly remarked that money can buy a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. These lines shed light on the prominent aspect of pet care and affection toward pets. Caring for pets with warmth and tenderness always helps to turn them into loyal friends and best buddies forever.

With the coming holiday season that paves the way for merriment and exuberance, these cherished animals could certainly be wrapped up and taken along with you to distant holiday destinations. However, for those who wish to enjoy their holidays without any strings attached or worrying about their pets, dog boarding in Oklahoma presents innumerable options to choose from. This post will be very helpful for all those who are looking forward to some easy ways to provide care and comfort to their pets while they are away.

traveling with pets

Traveling With Pets

Pets are no less than children who are sensitive and delicate. Thus, traveling with them requires special preparations made well in advance. When the pet is accompanying you on a flight to some holiday venue, it is always prudent to book a ticket for the pet beforehand to avoid hassles and issues that may crop up while traveling. It should be noted as well that some airlines are reluctant to allow online booking of seats for pets and instead provide assistance over the phone. Call them up before making reservations in order to clear all doubts and queries pertaining to traveling with your pet.

Airline companies provide carriers for pets and their accessories. Checking for the perfect fit for your pet before the journey begins will be a smart and convenient move. Moreover, be economical in considering your luggage for the pet. This not only saves a good amount of time but in turn is manageable and hassle-free. Ask for the checklist of documents supplied by the airlines you are traveling with, and make sure to carry all of them with you.

Pets are fond of being pampered. So whenever you decide to travel along with your lovely ball of fur, do try and make it as comfortable as you can. Carrying its favorite toys and treats, or any special thing it loves to keep beside it while resting, would be the finest way to make the flight cozy and comfy for your pet, and you as well. Make sure to let your pet be active for a considerable span prior to checking in so that it falls asleep easily during the journey. Also, remember to ensure that your pet takes care of its business preceding the security check at the airport to avoid chances of unnecessary delays.

traveling without pets

Traveling Without Pets

There are many options for dog boarding in Oklahoma. Care and comfort are the foremost things people seek while choosing a place to look after their pets in their absence. Similar to traveling along with your pets, traveling without them calls for adequate preparations and proper solutions. A boarding facility for pets proves to be a savior when your furry friend cannot accompany you on a trip. A congenial environment that takes care to make your pet feel at home is what these boarding facilities commit to provide.

Dog boarding in Oklahoma also bestows affection and takes note of every single need related to your pet’s care and all that you feel concerned about. These centers often supply pet sitters who personally attend to your pets by either caring for your pets in their own homes or staying with your pets in the familiar environment of your home. In short, they comfort and console your pets in every way possible. They even keep a close watch over the pets and accordingly keep you informed.

Employing a pet walker is among the most economical options to choose when the pet is supposed to stay alone for a shorter duration. An experienced pet walker is a person who visits the pet at regular intervals and even escorts it on walks twice a day. Opt for hiring a pet walker who genuinely will treat your pet just the way you do as the best possible course of action while you are away from your beloved companions.

Pets can change the way you view the world. They are meek, docile and lovable indeed. Holidays with pets or even without them are apt occasions for you to shower them with love and care. Dog boarding in Oklahoma tends to lend you a helping hand in caring for you pets.