Gaming Activities That Are Followed In Dog Boarding


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Puppies are playful and this habit lasts well into their adulthood also. If your pet is running all over the house, roaming around, this is a sign you have a healthy puppy. In case, you are not in the city and you have to leave your dog in dog boarding in Oklahoma, do not be afraid it’s playfulness will go unchanneled. Dog boarding uses a number of games and activities for the dogs. These activities are also important for obese dogs, reducing problematic behaviors etc. Here are some they use:

Bobbing for Apples

You can use apples or something of the sort. If you have never tried this, try it today. Fill a bathtub for dogs with water and place food items or toys there. To collect them, the dogs will jump in. This is a great game to follow on a hot summer days.

Squirt Gun Shenanigans

This is another game for the summer season. Buy simple water guns and get engaged in a water fight with the dogs. Allow the dogs to chase the water from the gun and let them get wet and muddy. After all making mud is another fun game.

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Jolly Balls

Jolly balls are large inflatable rubber balls that were initially used for horses. These are perfect for community games and can occupy the dogs effectively. Staff should be involved with the dogs while playing this. They can kick or toss the ball in different parts of the yard and engage the dogs.

Keep Away

Dogs generally love chasing balls and human interaction in the game is very important. The team members should always interact with the pets. It will help create a long lasting relationship and strong bond.

Scout out the Scents

Dogs love to search for scents; sniffing and finding things is in their nature. You can hide treats around the place and encourage the dogs to find them. Use items of interesting/strong smells.

Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, the well known dog boarding in Oklahoma, engages dogs using these games to get the best out of them and to keep them fit and sound.

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Think About Dog Boarding Centers

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Your dog always needs care and attention. Without proper attention and physical activities, your dog may get bored and fall sick as well. But, you have to attend your office as well. How will you pay attention to your dog all the time? Are you fed up to balance your work-life and personal life with your dog? Here is the solution for you. The dog boarding in Oklahoma will put an end to your worries, in addition to making your dog happy.

Here are some beneficial areas of dog boarding in Oklahoma which you should know before availing their service. You may inquire the service provider to be sure if they provide these services and make your decision easier.

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Development of the Social Skills

The dog daycares are there to keep your dog for the time you have to spend at your workplace. The package includes proper diet, exercise, training and many other things. Most dog-owners keep their dogs in the boarding and so your dog will definitely get several friends over there. If you have only one dog, it may not develop the socializing skill at your home, but here. It is helpful to make your dog friendly and well-behaved. Despite having power and size differences, they will learn to adjust with them in the dog boarding in Oklahoma.

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Exercise and Training

If you can’t get enough time to involve your dog in physical activities, you should think about it now. Less physical activities may make the dog obese, ruin its digestive health and even make it immobile. In the dog boarding centers in Oklahoma, the dogs are involved in enough physical activities. According to the age group, the activities are segregated.

In addition to exercise, the training session is also taken care of in the centers. The professionals over there provide obedience training in a positive but without harming anyone.

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A Comfortable Environment

Dog boarding in Oklahoma promises to give your dog a friendly and comfortable environment. You will notice the mental advancement of your dog each day just from them staying in a healthy and happy environment in your absence. Besides physical health, maintenance of their mental health is also very important. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to provide this for your dog.

If you are trying to find the best place for dog boarding in Oklahoma, seek help from Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, Inc. They are the experts you can rely on while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Top 4 Tips to Get the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pet

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When you get a puppy, it becomes your family member. Like your child, you don’t want to compromise its comfort and care. But with most people working outside the home nowadays, it becomes impossible for us to stay with our pets all the time. Leaving it at home alone, even with food, water and toys can cause a dog distress, especially if left for long periods of time. They are very sensitive creatures, and may fall ill from the constant isolation of missing you. To stop this from happening, look for a dog daycare for your pup to allow them to have good time in your absence. There are several companies offering the service of dog daycare in Edmond, OK, but before leaving your furry child with them, you need to research the best one. This blog contains the top tips to find the most suitable dog daycare for your pet.

#1. Visit It Yourself

It is best not to rely on others and see the daycare for youself. Once onsite, look at the other dogs staying there, the entire environment, the area, the training programs, the security system and the staff. These will all be helpful indicators to show if this is the perfect place for your pet. Get to know how many caregivers there are attending to the dogs. Normally the ratio is 20:1 for seeing to all the dogs needs. Know the amount of time your dog would spend in a crate. Look at the surrounding area. At least a 1500 sq. ft. area is needed for 20 dogs. As you know your dog, including all its quirks, no one can be a better judge of what is needed then you. If required, visit the facility more than once to help make your decision.

If you find everything is too perfect or you have a hunch that your puppy may not be comfortable with the environment, trust your gut feeling and try somewhere else.

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#2. The Activity Sessions

Training programs might be an option for your dog at a dog daycare in Edmond, OK. Most of the time they come with an additional fee, however the daycare arranges the training sessions and ensures your dog receives them during the day with no hassle for you. Besides training sessions for puppy obedience, there is also educational playtime for dogs of all ages.  This is a time when dogs can play and socialize with other dogs. It helps to stimulate the dog’s mind and also involves physical activities that can help tire them out.

#3. Disciplinary Training

Checking the type of discipline used in the facility may help you decide if it is suitable for your dog. As per the proper dog training process, the dog should be disciplined with positive reinforcement. Punishment should not be an option. Ensure that the caregivers treat your dog the way he is used to being treated. Dogs at day care should not be harmed at any point during their stay, but especially not during the disciplinary training process.

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#4. Get References

Discuss with your friends and family about the dog daycare you are thinking of selecting and get their opinions. You can also try to get feedback online and from people who have choosen their services previously. The reviews will help guide you in the right direction.

Puppy Paws is a reliable source of dog daycare in Edmond, OK. You can trust them with the responsibility to take care of your dog and know your furry friend is in expert loving hands.