Why Leave Your Dog Alone at Home?

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Most people unfortunately have a daily work schedule. It is imperative to maintain this for the sake of healthy and prosperous living. If you and your spouse both go to work and your children spend their time at daycare or school, there is no one at home and your pet should not have to be the one to stay there alone. If you are stepping out for three hours or so, you can keep him at home. But if you have to spend most of the day or more out, you should think of some alternatives to handle this situation. It is very obvious that you keep toys, food, water and everything needed near for your pet, but he will miss you. Pets especially dogs are social animals and the feeling of loneliness can make them bored and depressed. This can be really dangerous for their physical and mental health. This is where the need of dog boarding in Edmond, OK lies.

The situation can be as bad as the below-mentioned, if you leave your pet for most of the day or more than:

  • After spilling water, your pet wouldn’t have anyone to refill the water bowl and it may be without water.
  • For lack of interaction, it may bark continuously or fall sick.
  • Separation anxiety may get into his brain.
  • For boredom, it can do something very unusual such as destroy your belongings and forget his domestic training.
  • Your pet can try running away, hurt itself to find its owner, or try make itself safe from thunderstorm or fireworks.

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What you can expect in the dog boarding:

  1. Spacious and private indoor and outdoor kennels.
  2. Areas are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Availability of fresh water.
  4. Quality food.
  5. Climate-control features along with fresh air circulation.
  6. Regular exercise and play time.
  7. Social interaction with other dogs to make it a cheerful and active environment.
  8. Grooming facilities including bathing.

Therefore, if you want your dog to be happy and healthy on a whole, you should call Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, a reputable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, where the dogs are given all the needed facilities so they won’t feel lonely or depressed.

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3 Key Reasons You Should Choose Dog Daycare

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We know you love your dog and that is why you want the best for it. Like your own children, dogs can be messy and they can unintentionally interrupt you when you are solely engrossed in doing professional work, cleaning or getting prepared for the day, among other things. However, you can’t stop them from doing this with rules like children. Instead, if you board them in dog daycare for that few hours, they can at least enjoy the time and you can do your work peacefully. Dog daycare in Edmond, OK, provides many facilities that will entice you to send your dogs for some crucial hours of the day.

Here are the three most important reasons you should think of this option for your dog, to prevent him from getting bored and get you some personal space.

Less Scope of Distraction

When you are dealing with a very complicated project or stuck in the middle of something important and you need to brainstorm peacefully to get it out of the way, you will obviously not appreciate any distraction. It can be anything from household chores as well as cleaning, washing, or making something. Your beloved pet wouldn’t understand the importance of these tasks and they want you to spend time with them, play with them. In order to seek your attention, they may end up distracting you from what you are doing. Don’t be angry with them. Opt for dog daycare in Edmond, OK, and keep them occupied for hours until you have finished your work.

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If you are going somewhere and you can’t take your dog, like a corporate event or something else, you can board the dog for a couple of hours in dog daycare in Edmond, OK. It is better than leaving him at home. You may feel guilty to leave them alone to suffer the boredom. If you send them to dog daycare, they will not be lonely and bored. Therefore, you will have the satisfaction that your dog is not going to suffer in your absence.

Health Care

The caregivers will take note from you any lessons about your dog. Its allergies, food habits, general nature and many others things so that they can provide him with adequate care and support. There are many other dogs in the daycare, so your dog will always have company. If required, they will vaccinate your dog after consulting you so that they are completely safe.

If you are thinking of finding a reliable dog daycare in Edmond, OK, you can call up Puppy Paws. They are a reputable carer for your pet in your absence.

What Your Pet Will Receive from Dog Boarding

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If you have ever owned a dog, you might know how difficult to it is to leave them back at home during a trip. Not only emotionally for you but also because of your pets well-being. Your relatives or neighbors might not be comfortable to keep it during those days or the environment might not be suitable for it. In this case, the dog might become fearful and violent in a new environment. Now, you have an extremely helpful idea to keep your pet in a safe place and that is dog boarding.

Dogs do not become violent in boarding because the professionals on staff know how to handle them. Having other dogs staying with them to play with also helps create a friendly environment. The entire setup of boarding is designed to keep pets in the most suitable surroundings. What are the benefits you can get from dog boarding in Oklahoma and other places in the United States? Here they are…

  • Dog boarding always provides the best security to a pet in absence of its master. If you so choose, you can get private and luxury accommodation for your dog. Staying in a pet home assures that pets are away from any threats and its owner can travel without any worry.
  • The caregivers from pet boarding are always concerned about your pet’s meals. You need to inform them if they are on any medication, has allergies, likes or dislikes and any other health concerns. According to the dietary needs, they will feed dogs maintaining a schedule.
  • In dog boarding, your pet will live with other dogs. During the day they get playtime which will help to build up social skills.


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  • In a home, a dog might not get space for physical activities. In boarding, they will get an organized environment to stay physically fit and mentally active.
  • Most of dog boarding in Oklahoma provides vaccinations to dogs. It lessens the chance of infections and boosts their immunity as well.
  • Your pet will receive adequate love and attention and will not feel lonely and homesick. It stops them from being anxious and violent during the stay.

You can contact Puppy Paws Salon & Spa for the most sort after dog boarding in Oklahoma. Here you will get the desired environment for your four-legged family member and peace of mind during your trip.