Why Vaccination Is Obligatory for Your Pets

A Doctor Vaccinate A dog

For your pet’s wellness and safety, Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a top-rated dog boarding business in Edmond, OK has strict health standards. People don’t run out of excuses to avoid vaccinations, but the truth is that vaccination is imperative for boarding and there are valid reasons to do so. The question is always asked, “Why are vaccinations required?”

The main reason for vaccination is the health of your pet. Vaccines have a well-established record of preventing major pet diseases. With the development of technology, vaccinations are improved to ensure your animal can be safer, better tolerated and even for longer lasting immunity.

A Doctor Vaccinate A dog and holding by the owner

Vaccinations protect both your dog and any unvaccinated dog that you and your dog come in contact with. You become less likely to unknowingly serve as a carrier of some nasty diseases and to spread it among other animals by thinking that your pet has no illness.

Because some people do not make decisions for their pets wisely when money is needed, vaccinations should become obligatory. In our dog boarding center in Edmond, OK the vaccination of every dog we admit is imperative. You can’t skip this part for maintaining a healthy environment for all the puppies! Puppy Paws Salon and Spa is able to provide exceptional dog boarding to Edmond because we keep high standards which you can rely on for the wellbeing of your pet during boarding or play time.

Spread Awareness on Pet Obesity

Extra pounds on a dog can put his health at risk, just like humans. According to veterinary surveys, 56% of dogs are clinically overweight in the United States. To lower the health risk of a pet, ask your vet for a guideline on food habits and exercise. Exercise is a must for a dog to stay fit, especially with age, and the owner must monitor his food habits also. According to a survey, 25% of American pet owners are too busy to look after their dogs’ fitness. If you find yourself among them, you can reach out to Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa in Edmond. We can take care of your dog whenever you are busy to make sure he gets lots of love and playtime!

pet obesity - spread awareness

Let Your Pup Join Puppy Bowl 2019

When you think of the Super Bowl, exciting parties flash in your mind. Well, you’re not the only one to think this way! Don’t forget about your dog when you cheer for your favorite team! We have arranged a special event for all puppies over Super Bowl weekend at Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa!

Here we host the Puppy Bowl! All puppies one-year old or under, stay for half price. Any pups who wear a jersey will be entered in a drawing to win a weekend of boarding. Our Puppy Bowl celebration includes football, friends and food, of course!

Puppy Bowl XV

Tips to Make Your Dog Comfortable with the Dog Boarding Idea

Dog Boarding

When you are busy the entire day, it can be problematic for your dog to stay at home alone. This is the reason why people in Oklahoma prefer dog boarding facilities, they can send their dog there the entire day to play with other dogs, and enjoy their time until you come home from vacation or the office.

However, some people in OKC shared that sometimes their dogs do not take to the boarding facility very easily. They get anxious to cope with a new environment all of a sudden. As dogs have a dependency on their parents, it is natural that they feel tense when staying for a long day in new places. Well, there are ways to make your dog more comfortable with the idea.

  • Introduce your dog to the kennel system. Staying in the kennel needs to be habituated as it is a new thing for the dog too. Don’t force the dog to stay in the kennel. Try to reward them with treats and compliments if they spend time in the kennels. Keep the kennel door opened at first to keep your dog tension-free. Keep their favorite toys in there and schedule a time every day for staying in the kennel.
  • Do not take your dog to the boarding facilities on the first day and leave them there for the entire day. Take them to often and let them stay there for a few moments, minutes and then hours. Give them the required time to get habituated to it. Once they realize how fun the boarding facility is and you don’t have to put in any effort.

Puppy Paws Dog Boarding

  • Be choosy while deciding on the boarding facility. It has to be of fun. The boarding house should have fun activities for the dogs, while they are under supervision, so that they can enjoy their time and don’t despise it.
  • If you have more than one dog, it is great. It is a bad idea to split them up. Therefore, find a boarding facility where you can keep your dogs together. Their bond will help them become accustomed easily.
  • Often, dogs do not want to eat other food provided to them in boarding. Bring their own so that they can get that homely feel. It is also good as the food you have for your dog is nutritionally perfect according to their diet.
  • Their toys should go with them. This will help them adapt to the transition.
  • If a boarding service worked well for you before, don’t change it next time. The same environment is easier for the dog to become accustomed with.

For a reliable dog boarding facility in OKC with all the fun activities and proper supervision, you can come to us at Puppy Paws Salon and Spa and get the best facilities for your furry friend.

Don’t Be Confused About The Different Types of Dog Food

Dog Food

We know your dog is your family and you don’t want to compromise when it comes to their safety, comfort, nutrition and overall well-being. This is the reason why you are here. We are Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a reputable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, and we understand what your dog means to you. This is why we give the utmost importance to everything our dogs need. Many of our clients consult us when it comes time to choose their dog’s food. Your lovable dog may want to share everything you eat, but you have to ensure they get all the nutrition they need so that their immune system doesn’t get affected.

Here, in this blog, you will find useful information about dog food so that you don’t have difficulty picking the right food from the wide array of options.

Dry Food

This is an economic option and is immensely popular. It does not need to be stored in the refrigerator and can last for a long time. It helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy as the crunchy dry food reduces tartar buildup. Always read the ingredient label before purchasing. The first ingredient should be some sort of meat, followed by a meat by-product. This means it should contain enough water and protein for your dog.

Canned Dog FoodCanned Food

Dogs like the taste of canned food and it also contains a high amount of digestible protein. It is made up of 75% water and it is very nutritious. You have to keep in mind when purchasing canned food, that it is a 100% nutritionally complete meal. It is also a little high in calories, so consult your vet before including it into your dog’s diet. If there are any restrictions for your dog with canned food, do let the dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, know you come to visit.

Semi-moist Food

This is basically a cross between dry and canned food. The nutrition level is low in it as it contains preservatives and artificial colors. This can be given as an occasional treat rather than a staple in their diet.

Home-Cooked Food

This is a great option for your dog if you have time and you know the specific nutritional needs of your pet. It is however, an expensive option, but as you are making it on your own, it gives you peace of mind that you are helping your dog’s well-being. Just consult your vet and follow their instructions on how to prepare food for your furry friend.

Raw Meat For DogRaw Food

The raw food is mainly raw meat with bones. It contains phosphorus and calcium. For many dogs, this diet works well, as dogs have a short intestinal tract and strong stomach acid. This helps them consume and digest raw food easily. Talk to your vet about the suitability of raw meat for your dog.

While deciding a diet for your dog, make sure it is well-balanced with water, protein, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. A well-balanced meal can help them to maintain a good digestive system, bone structure, muscles, urinary system, uninterrupted blood-flow, soft fur, problem-free skin, healthy teeth and gum and proper growth.

Come see us at Puppy Paws Salon and Spa and get the best dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, for your dog. They can spend the day with us when you are out, without hampering their nutritionally balanced diet.