How To Stop Two Dogs From Fighting?

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It is said that love accompanies possessiveness and as for the most unconditional lover it is definitely true. Yes, we are talking about the dog. It is psychologically proven that a dog is a very possessive animal and it hates to compete with other dogs or even humans to get attention from their loved ones. Therefore, no wonder that if someone gets very close to you, no matter if it is a dog or human, your dog would not take it casually. If it was a dog, it can result in dogfight.

Other than at your home, it is also a common thing in a dog park. In fact, the scenario can take place in dog boarding as well. But fortunately, dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, take care of these situations well. The boarding centers have well-trained workers who have been trained for several hours professionals. So that there won’t be any fighting between two dogs, they take full precautions.

dog boarding edmond okWhat They Do to Prevent Dog-Fighting

Food and toys are the two most risky things that can ignite dog-fighting. Dogs can also become extra possessive about their loved ones and protecting them, they can show aggression.

  1. The best way suggested by experts is to feed the dogs away from each other, otherwise they are prone to getting involved in fights.
  2. Washing the food bowls immediately will prevent growth of their possessiveness and there will be less chance of a fight.
  3. It is dangerous to remove toys or bones from your dog. It is better to distract its attention to something else before taking it away.

There are several warning signs of dogfight. The professional dog trainers from dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, recognize these signs and take precautionary steps to prevent the consequences.

  • Growling
  • Raised hackles
  • Stiffness
  • Flattened ears
  • Staring
  • Bared teeth
  • Downward tail

If you see two dogs are giving any of these signs, you have to be on alert. As these are the prior sign of an attack. The professional caregivers handle such situations carefully, so the dogs won’t get hurt and the other staff remain safe. Here are some of the methods they us.

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  1. Distraction is a good way to change their focus. You can make a loud noise, or a metallic sound so that the dogs get shocked and change focus. You can also try putting a blanket on them so that they can’t see each other to fight.
  2. The ‘wheelbarrow’ method is also effective here. Two professionals can raise the fighting dogs’ hind legs from the back so that they have to stand on their front legs. Thus, they can to be away from each other. The sudden awkwardness will divert the dogs’ mind.
  3. When there is nothing to apply these methods, putting a barrier between the two will stop the fighting.

You can trust Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a reliable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, for boarding your dogs for the hours you are out of the house. They have a proper setting to keep the dogs safe and healthy.

Tips To Reduce Noise In Dog Boarding And Daycare Centers

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Until you walk into a dog boarding facility in Oklahoma, you will have no idea how noisy such a place can be. Dogs will bark, and this is their identity. You cannot stop them from barking. But the noise can be stressful, leading to serious health issues for the dogs as well as their owners and people living in the neighborhood.

Most kennels are made of cement and cinder blocks. The sound in a dog boarding facility can reach almost 110 decibels, and this extreme noise can cause serious health issues. This environment is not beneficial for the pets or for the people who work there.

Certainly, we cannot ask the dogs to simply be quiet, but we can arrange soundproof kennels for them. We do not want the pets to fall under stress, leading to negative behavioral responses. In this blog post, we will discuss how to reduce noise at a boarding center or dog daycare in Edmond, OK, without compromising the facility. The only way to reduce noise at a dog kennel is with acoustic product installation on the walls or ceiling. Continue reading to learn what to install and where to install it.

  1. Wall installation: Owners can mount acoustic panels on the wall. This soundproof installation reduces noise and is known for exceptional sound absorption. Acoustic panels are easy to clean and odor free. Using only a vacuum cleaner, you can clean the panels effectively, and they are often made of polyester material that does not harm dog health.
  2. Ceiling installation: Tiles installed on the ceiling can also be beneficial. First, you need to put up a grid or channel and then install the sound panels. A soundproof system fitted on the ceiling suppresses noise and stops sound waves from reverberating. Look for tiles that are washable, mold resistant and non-odor retentive.
  3. Baffle treatment: The best treatment for reducing sound in facilities for dog boarding in Oklahoma is baffle treatment. Generally, these acoustic baffles or panels hang from the ceiling. They cut down the noise enormously, and they do not affect lights, sprinklers or air circulation. These highly efficient panels can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and they are odor-free, durable, easy to wash and not harmful for dogs.

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Technology used in our soundproofing system:

Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, uses the latest technology for reducing noise. In respect to the source and receptor, sound proofing means to drastically cut down on the sound pressure. This methodology follows “a room in a room” technique, and the absorption between the two helps with sound reduction. To achieve full benefits of such soundproofing for dog daycare, search for the best service provider in Edmond.

How to Make Sure Pets Stay Healthy When Being Boarded

Good health is a lot more important for you than wealth. This holds true for your pets too. Pets are the most loyal companions, and they bring out the best in us. They may be speechless creatures, but they have nurtured lifelong relationships with humans for ages. Loving your pet alone is not enough, but taking good care of them is also pretty important.

Your responsibility toward your pets increases manifold when you are away from them for vacations or business trips. Places that offer dog boarding in Oklahoma are the best options for your pets so that they are taken good care of even in your absence. This blog post helps you with some tips to ensure that your furry friends stay safe and happy when you are away.

  • Choosing the right kennel is the first and foremost step that you need to take if you are planning to leave your pet at a dog boarding facility in Oklahoma. The right kennel is a perfect place to leave your dog, but it should have proper space to accommodate your pet along with its accessories. Moreover, the kennel should offer adequate space for animals to move around comfortably and provide appropriate safety measures. The facility providing such a service should be staffed with caring and attentive crew members who can keep the pets confined within congenial yet secure boundaries.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene is the second-most important factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a facility for dog boarding in Oklahoma. The cages and kennels offered for your furry friends should be neat and tidy. They should be well ventilated and comfortable too. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t catch any illness while staying in a boarding facility.
  • Boarding kennels should offer proper facilities for socializing and interacting with fellow pets. This will make your pet feel happy and keep it engaged. In addition, facilities offering dog boarding in Oklahoma should provide several means of fun and enjoyment for your pets as well as grooming and training activities.
  • When you look for a place that offers pet boarding, you should choose one with better medical amenities and friendly crew members to make your furry friend feel at home. There should also be emergency arrangements in place to cover any crisis that may occur in your absence.
  • Lastly, you should look for options in dog boarding in Oklahoma that are equipped with modern audio-visual aids so that you can keep an eye on your pet from anywhere and at anytime.

How Busy Dog Owners Can Still Care For Their Dogs

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Since a dog is a man’s best friend, the idea of owning a dog is always fun and exciting. With the world getting busier day by day, we all feel stuck to our routines. It is really hard to take time out from your super busy schedule and spend it with your furry friend. However, dog boarding services in Edmond, OK, have come up with the tips listed below so that you can still care for your dog in spite of being too busy.

Take Care of the Basic Needs

Food, shelter and hygiene are some of the basic requirements of all pets, including dogs. So to take good care of your dog, you need to provide it with the basic amenities like bathing, feeding and grooming in the first place. Being preoccupied with your life and work doesn’t mean you can’t be a dog owner. All you need to do is accept the help of professionals who provide dog boarding in Edmond, OK, so that you and your pet stay happy and organized.

Develop a Routine and Stick to It

Planning is the key, especially when it comes to taking care of your dog in spite of being busy. Developing a perfect routine will not only make things easier for you but will make your dog disciplined and active too. When you feed it or take it out for a walk every day on a fixed schedule, then within a few days the dog recognizes the time for different activities by itself. This surely helps you in the long run.

Exercise Daily

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Exercising is as important for your dog as it is for you. The best idea is to combine both of your timings for physical activities together. For instance, you can take your dog with you for either a walk or a jog every day. This will develop a very healthy habit for you and your dog as well.

Spend Time Together

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Pets can work wonders in relieving stress and tension. Playing with your pet or just pampering it a bit can relieve all your fatigue and weariness in minutes. Hence even the busiest people should take out time to spend some quality time with their dogs so that the bond gets stronger.

Proper Training

dog training

Dogs are the best of all pets, but still they need some basic training so that they do not make a mess of your home all the time. Dog boarding in Edmond, OK, offers excellent opportunities to get your dog trained by caring experts. This kind of training is greatly helpful if you want your dog to be smart and mannered both indoors and outdoors.

Opt for Dog Care

Dog care centers are apt places to leave your furry friends when you are away from them. Dog boarding facilities in Edmond, OK, have experienced teams of professionals who take care of your dog in all possible ways. They even have adequate medical facilities and updated monitoring devices that prove really helpful.

Find a Playmate for Your Dog

Finding a partner to play and spend fun time with is something your dog would love to do. However, that doesn’t mean you need to get another dog; rather, the best idea is to let your pet enjoy some time with fellow dogs at a common playground or dog park. Leaving your dog with a friend who also owns a dog but is comparatively less busy can be a great option to go for when you need to rush to work.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Utilizing dog boarding in Edmond, OK, is also fruitful for those busy bees who have very pampered pet dogs. If your dog is not comfortable leaving home, then you can use pet sitting services too. This involves hiring an experienced person who can take care of your furry friend when you are at work or traveling. A pet sitter can feed your dog on schedule, take it out for a walk or just cuddle with it to make your pet feel better.

Take Your Dog to Work

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If you have a pet-friendly work place, then the perfect way to care for your dog is to let it accompany you to work. Employers around the globe believe that taking pets to work surely contributes to enhancing employee productivity. Also, it is quite important that your dog should learn basic etiquette before its visit to the office.

Choose the Right Dog

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, the last, but not the least, is that you should take care when choosing the type of dog you want as a pet, especially if you are already too busy. Raising a delicate puppy and training it well is definitely not so easy, and with your packed schedule, it might invite more stress. Thus experts in dog boarding in Edmond, OK, suggest that adopting an adult dog that is quite laid back might be the right choice for you. This particular type of dog with limited lifestyle needs will serve as the best companion to you without causing you more stress.

7 Things To Pack In Your Pet’s Doggy Bag For Dog Boarding Stay

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Is your puppy going for a boarding stay for the first time? Are you completely haywire about what to pack and what not to?  There are many dog day care or boarding centers that permit various items that your dog will need while they are away from home.

Being away from home and loved ones is always overbearing for your four legged companions. However, dog boarding in Edmond is as good as it gets. They care for your pet as if they were their own. This means that you can escape your hectic schedule and go for a short vacation without having to worry about this family member of yours.

Make sure your puppy is comfortable during their stay in boarding. For that here are the essentials that you must not forget to pack.

Something that reminds her of Home

dog nailsDogs are extremely attached animals and are naturally very sensitive. So, when they have to be away from you for a while, you must ensure that they don’t feel an out of the blue estrangement. Just as you would miss his warm company, so will he.

To make your buddy feel close to you make it a point to pack something that bears your scent. This will calm him amidst the pangs of temporary estrangement. A pillow, a toy, a shoe; something simple you wouldn’t mind giving to your dog.

Emergencies and Regular Medicine

For medical emergencies or regular medications do remember to pack all necessary medicines. Many a time you might feed a pill to a dog by mixing it in his food. In that case, provide instructions to the boarding staff. Be sure to leave written instructions about the timing and dosage of medicines.

Usual Food

While at the stay in a kennel or boarding, if your dog comes in contact with dietary changes then sometimes it may often time lead to stomach upsets and even appetite alterations. So many dog boarding centers in Edmond allow you to drop by the food that your buddy is used to eating.

Why not keep the important facets of his life normal when he is already feeling zoned out in the boarding environment? Pack enough food that will last the entire span of their boarding stay.

Fond Toys

Dog Toys

Dog boarding in Edmond is obviously filled with a variety of pet toys that can keep your companion busy all day. But, much like human kids even dogs have their favorites. So, go ahead and pack some of their fond toys. Ensure the fun that they generally have back at home. It will definitely make them feel comfier in an unknown environment.

Paperwork & Documents

It is crucial that pack all the important and necessary documents regarding your four legged pal. You must know why. While you are away any kind of medical emergency can happen. So, caution is always better. Make sure you hand in all the medical history documents and other forms and paperwork while dropping off your buddy at the dog care center.

At least two leashes

To be honest, it is best to pack an extra dog leash in the bag rather than just one for emergencies. What if one goes missing?

Additional familiar goods

You care about your pal more than anyone else. Going by that statement you might want to add in extras like their special dog bowl or their favorite treat.

Follow this simple checklist to make your dog’s boarding stay comfortable and safe.