How Dog Boarding In Oklahoma Can Nurture a Dog’s Behavior

dog boarding oklahoma

You are committed to your pet to provide the best life for it. But are you tired of your pet’s aggressive behavior? Is it exhibiting poor greeting skills, destructive chewing, biting, anxiety, less playfulness, unnecessary barking or mouthing? To solve all of these and other behavioral issues, you should send your pet to dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Dog boarding is considered a safe place for your pet where it can learn skills and the trainer can bring about notable changes to its behavior. The centers schedule a routine according to the pets’ requirements; often it is separated into meals, play, naps and even quiet time. The goal is to make positive changes to the pet’s behavior and make it more social.

How Dog Boarding In Oklahoma Can Help Your Pet

  1. Under-socialized or fearful dogs are not people-friendly. Bringing them to the dog care center helps make them more social and less aggressive.
  2. Sometimes, dogs do not get enough chances to use up all of their energy at home. By nature, they are mischievous, and to release their energy they can start destroying your property. At a care center, they will get to play with new friends and be engaged in lots of activities.
  3. Dogs can also suffer from anxiety, stress or fears. Even if you have arranged a comfortable crate in your home, that alone might not be working. In this regard, a dog boarding facility can help your pet learn to live a stress-free life.

dog boarding Oklahoma

Benefits for Domesticated Dogs

  1. Special care at a dog boarding facility helps to relieve anxiety that comes from loneliness or boredom and makes the dog more lively.
  2. The dogs start to socialize, and of course, this is a sign of good mental health.
  3. The dog learns to play or eat or exercise in a pack.
  4. As a pet parent, you can worry less, as you are not leaving your pet alone at home.
  5. The dog gets a chance to acclimatize to different environments and conditions.
  6. The dog becomes calm and composed and gets better sleep.

The highly trained people offering dog boarding in Oklahoma are diligent and provide the best care to the dogs at their facilities. To foster the dogs’ well-being, there are so many arrangements that help the dogs learn to be themselves there.

How to Make Sure Pets Stay Healthy When Being Boarded

Good health is a lot more important for you than wealth. This holds true for your pets too. Pets are the most loyal companions, and they bring out the best in us. They may be speechless creatures, but they have nurtured lifelong relationships with humans for ages. Loving your pet alone is not enough, but taking good care of them is also pretty important.

Your responsibility toward your pets increases manifold when you are away from them for vacations or business trips. Places that offer dog boarding in Oklahoma are the best options for your pets so that they are taken good care of even in your absence. This blog post helps you with some tips to ensure that your furry friends stay safe and happy when you are away.

  • Choosing the right kennel is the first and foremost step that you need to take if you are planning to leave your pet at a dog boarding facility in Oklahoma. The right kennel is a perfect place to leave your dog, but it should have proper space to accommodate your pet along with its accessories. Moreover, the kennel should offer adequate space for animals to move around comfortably and provide appropriate safety measures. The facility providing such a service should be staffed with caring and attentive crew members who can keep the pets confined within congenial yet secure boundaries.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene is the second-most important factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a facility for dog boarding in Oklahoma. The cages and kennels offered for your furry friends should be neat and tidy. They should be well ventilated and comfortable too. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t catch any illness while staying in a boarding facility.
  • Boarding kennels should offer proper facilities for socializing and interacting with fellow pets. This will make your pet feel happy and keep it engaged. In addition, facilities offering dog boarding in Oklahoma should provide several means of fun and enjoyment for your pets as well as grooming and training activities.
  • When you look for a place that offers pet boarding, you should choose one with better medical amenities and friendly crew members to make your furry friend feel at home. There should also be emergency arrangements in place to cover any crisis that may occur in your absence.
  • Lastly, you should look for options in dog boarding in Oklahoma that are equipped with modern audio-visual aids so that you can keep an eye on your pet from anywhere and at anytime.

Five Ways to Care for Your Dog While Being Away From Them

“A dog is a friend who listens with its heart and replies with its tail” (Unknown). These fur babies need nothing but a little love and care to grow up with the strong bonds of true friendship and turn into loyal companions for life. Therefore, it is indeed essential and worthwhile to care for your beloved pets even when you are away from their eyes.

There are a lot of options available as solutions to help you out when you look for dog boarding services to take care of your pet dog in your absence. This blog post discusses five great ideas that really work when it comes to showing care for your furry friends from a distance.

Traditional Kennels

The traditional kennel is the most common and easily affordable option available for dog boarding in Oklahoma. These places do everything necessary to provide your dog with the basic amenities and even some complimentary bathing sessions. It is generally easy to find a traditional kennel, which perfectly suits the dogs that are laid-back and less likely to be anxious. If that’s your dog, then choosing this type of place may be the best option.

Luxury Dog Boarding

If your pet dog is not used to spending daytime hours alone, then it will definitely require extra care and human attention when you are away. Luxury dog boarding in Oklahoma is a suitable option that can rescue you from all worries regarding taking care of your dog. This type of place is undoubtedly an amazing option that offers kennels with plenty of space and bedding arrangements, indoor and outdoor areas to play and much of love from caretakers. Here, you’ll often find dog grooming, scheduled play time and in some places webcams so that you can keep an eye on your dog from anywhere. However, these luxury dog boarding centers are often too costly to afford, but at Puppy Paws we offer real luxury to your dog at an affordable price.

Veterinary Offices

You might want to board with your own veterinarian. The staff is sure to be well-trained to provide attentive care especially for your elderly dog or if your dog has certain health issues. Since these dog boarding services in Oklahoma offer care with absolute caution and regular monitoring, they are indeed good options for dogs with conditions that may need more experienced care and readily available treatment.

dog walkers

Dog Walkers or In-House Caretakers

Some dog lovers and pet owners may find it difficult to trust a single person as the perfect sitter and caretaker for their furry friends, but as a matter of fact, this type of dog boarding in Oklahoma is the only option that allows you to customize and schedule service at relevant times according to your pet’s needs. The visiting sitter for your pet will take your dog for a walk, feed it and offer individual playtime. Many of them even offer cleaning up poo and basic house-sitting while you’re away. This particular service is helpful for the dogs that feel homesick or have owners who work from home, and thus they will find regular visits a welcome comfort. In Oklahoma, we also have devoted caretakers who provide nice dog walks or dog sitting services, some of whom are willing to even stay at your place for a bit extra.

Friends or Family

Family members and friends are the ones who can very well understand your feelings for your dog and vice-versa. Thus, choosing them as the ones to look after your darling pet in times of need is always a better than the rest of the options. Some dogs are shy by nature and take more time to open up to unknown people at unfamiliar places. A familiar face with comforting behavior proves to be an excellent remedy for the pets who are apprehensive toward strangers. Dog boarding in Oklahoma hence includes the favor done on the part of friends and relatives to solace your pet dogs in a way that it enjoys the most, while you worry the least.

Pros and Cons of Dog Boarding in Oklahoma

dog boarding in OKC

In Oklahoma City, we love our pets, especially dogs. Dogs are the most common species of animals kept as pets for their loyalty and their warm and loving nature, while also serving as great watch keepers. Owing to this, there are many options for dog boarding in Oklahoma City. But naturally, like all things have trade-off’s, dog boarding facilities have their pros and cons.

The Pros:

The boarding staff has basically observed it all or heard it all. Boarding offices have conventions set up to deal with pretty much every conceivable circumstance including your pet. For example, if your dog chooses not to eat, they have approaches to lure them to eat. If your dog gets an upset stomach, there are approaches to fix that.

When you board your pet, it isn’t very different than sending your child to a sitter. Boarding offices don’t contract just anyone. Boarding facility centres and schools hire people and trainers who are extremely fond of animals and who will treat your pet like their own. Workers are professionally prepared to take the best care of your pet as could be allowed.

Not only this you can leave your pet at these centres and go for a holiday or emergency work, and these centres take care of your pet. Nonetheless, if you want to keep updated about your pet, these centres can be contacted through email, phones, SMS too. Also, the trainers are appointed according to their knowledge of the breed. If a person has knowledge about Labradors, he will not be handed over a Chihuahua.

The Cons:

Just like any kid would have issues going to a sitter, a dog too will be antsy to get out and see you again. A good dog boarding center will have a large fenced in area, which may even be divided for different sizes of dogs.

There is always a fear of dogs being boarded together not getting along. To address such problems, staff will offer separate playtimes. Also be sure that your dog will be able to sleep in its own area, without being bothered by other dogs, friendly or not.

There can be more than 150 dogs at each center at a time, so the chance of spreading illness is also something to consider. Many reputable dog boarding in Oklahoma ensure that every dog they take is current on all vaccinations and flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

dog boarding in Oklahoma


For many dog owners, the prospect of leaving your dog with people you may not personally know very well can be challenging. Nevertheless, dog boarding professionals are a trustworthy option for taking care of your dog when you are out of town for an extended period of time; and are likely to be even better than simply leaving your dog in the care of a neighbor. In any case, it’s important to do your due diligence before trusting your dog’s health and safety to just anyone.

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How To Prepare Your Dog’s First Day Of Boarding

dog day care center in Oklahoma CityNow that you have decided to send your day to dog boarding in Oklahoma you have already crossed the hurdle of being mentally prepared for being away from your pet. You are ready to spend hours before the computer and watch your dog carry out silly antics so that you can go “ooh” and “aah” over its little escapades. However, there is one thing that you can do. Prepare your dog for his first day at the boarding center. Following are the ways that you need to follow:

Dog Day Care Service

  • Hydration is the key

    When your dog is being sent to the boarding you need to rest assured of one fact – his physical and mental exercise will be much more than what was at your home. He will spend the day sniffing out new places, check out passersby through the window, jumping up and down a new couch, play with a ball and so on. All these will leave him tired and exhausted. Hence, it becomes important that your dog remains well hydrated at all the times. Make sure that your dog have access to a bowl of fresh water when you leave him. In fact, ask the boarding staffs to refill his bowl at frequent intervals.

  • Give your dog time to make new friends 

    Dogs like humans are extremely sensitive about those with whom they mix. Even if your dog is friendly and gels with people easily yet you need to give time to your dog to mix with the boarding staffs. For your dog, it is a new place and he is meeting new people when you are not there. As such, your dog will take time to open up and make new friends. You need to be extremely patient during this time. Don’t force anything on him.

  • Take your dog for a walk before you leave him at the boarding 

    Before you leave your dog to the boarding center, take him for a walk so that in case your dog feels like peeing, he can release himself before he is dropped at the boarding. Otherwise, there are high chances that he will pee the moment he is left alone at the daycare center. This will also ensure that your dog develops proper toilet training.

  • Begin the day on a calm note 

    Dogs have an uncanny habit of picking up moods and sentiments. If you are nervous about leaving behind your dog at the boarding center or you are emotional of being away from your dog for long, your dog will pick up the emotion and will react in a similar fashion. This is neither good for you nor your dog. Hence, begin the day on a calm note. Cuddle your dog, pet him, and give him a warm hug before you leave him at the boarding center. Make your dog feel loved and cherished so that he loves spending his time at the boarding center and looks forward to meeting you in the evening.

Once you keep in mind all the areas discussed above both you and your pet will be prepared for Dog boarding in Oklahoma.

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe during Summer

dog boarding oklahoma

We love summer, soaking up the sun by a pool; and our pets love the season too. It is the best time of the year to be out and enjoying the warm weather, day and night. From picnics to hikes, to swimming and running or just enjoying a nap, your dog can take part along with you.

However, summers in Oklahoma can also be hard on dogs. They struggle to keep themselves cool in hot, sunny weather because they don’t sweat like humans do. Though they can sweat through their paws, dogs rely on panting to keep cool in the summer. Naturally, the warmer the air, the more difficult it is for your dog to cool off.

So how are you going to keep your dog safe and yet let him enjoy the summer? Here are some cool tips.

Protect your dog from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and parasites

It is important to make sure that your dog is protected from pests year round and especially in the summers. They are more than a great nuisance to the dogs and cats as they may carry tapeworms, Lyme disease and other viruses. Keeping your dog parasite-free is important in the summer with the use of preventive medications and regular grooming. Dog grooming services in Oklahoma are especially well suited to look out for any local pests on your dog.

Help your dog keep cool

In hot summer weather, dogs can easily succumb to heatstroke. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, make sure he has shade and plenty of drinking water. For Oklahoma’s hot summers, consider a cooling vest for your dog, which works like a substitute for sweating. Finally, take your dog for his daily walk in the cool of the morning or evening.

Protect your dog from sunburn

Yes, dogs can sunburn too! Oklahoma is known for its bright sunshine much of the year, so a local dog groomer will be able to tell you all the trouble spots for your dog. Even on long-haired breeds, places like the top of the snout are susceptible to sunburn. Applying children’s sunscreen with a high SPF to vulnerable skin – which will appear white or pink through the fur – will help your dog avoid the discomfort and dangers of sun damage.

Minimize stress by avoiding crowds

Humans may be used to crowds, but dogs are natively packed hunters; they prefer the company of their alphas but not lots of unknown faces. If you are partaking in local parties or activities, it is better to leave your canine friends at home. The loud noise of the crowd coupled with heat can be stressful for your dog, especially when he feels he has no place to retreat.

Pick a dog-friendly beach or natural park

If you are planning for a beach or nature park trip this summer, first check out which sites do and don’t allow dogs. Once you’ve found the right place to visit with your dog, make sure your dog always has access to shade and fresh drinking water. If you’re hitting the beach, try not to let your dog drink the seawater and don’t push him too hard to run in the sand as it can be strenuous. Whether lake or ocean, the water can be hard on your dog’s fur. Rinse him with fresh water when you get home.

Get a haircut

It is important to give your dog a lightweight summer cut so he won’t overheat, but don’t get closer than 1” length of hair. The skin must have enough fur to be protected from the sun. Extra fur can make it easier for dogs to overheat. It also allows fur to mat, turning it into a habitat for bugs. If you are not able to trim your own pet’s fur and nails or keep other dog hygiene habits, check out the quality options for dog grooming in Oklahoma.

Watch for those critters

Hiking with your dog can be great fun, but there are plenty of dangers out on the trails. Some of the wildlife that can attack your dog badly includes porcupines, skunks, rattlesnakes, and scorpions. Even some frogs and toads can be toxic.

Even if you can trust your dog, use a leash

Summertime means all sorts of exciting sights and critters running around, but distractions can always lead a dog into danger. In new or busy places, always use a leash. Even very trustworthy dogs can lose themselves in a moment. By understanding your dog’s tendencies and by regular training, your dog’s behavior will become more predictable over time.

Keep grooming

Experts from the Dogs grooming in Oklahoma says that it is important to keep your dog’s fur and nails trimmed properly and especially during summer months. So keep your dogs trimmed. Groom its nails with the help of proper tools from the experts.
To know more about some of the productive tips about dog grooming, seek advice from experts who understand dogs better than anyone else. Celebrate your life this summer with some more healthy tips and stunning ways to keep your dog happy. Let us know if you have any suggestion or tips that you want to share.