Winter Will Be Interesting This Time for Your Dog

A dog with a capAll of us are taking preparation for the winter, by making everything ready to face the decreasing temperature, but not our beloved dogs. Especially, the larger breeds with thick coats enjoy winter. They are meant for the chilling weather where they can dig the snow, play with it and roll over on it. They love being active more this time and enjoy the snowflakes falling on them. When your pet loves being outside and active so much, why do you keep it at home? It is time to explore nature.

The dog boarding homes in Oklahoma often arrange hiking with the dogs. Hiking is also a good way to train a dog. Here are some tips for the same.

Enough Supplies

It is significant to keep enough supplies with you. Hiking is a process where human beings need sufficient water and food and the dogs are no exception. And in winter, the need for energy is more. It is required to stay warm and the body produces heat by burning calories. Hence, there should be enough treats and food for the dog.

Insulated Jacket

It is important to add a jacket for your dog despite their thick coats; they would require jackets while hiking. The jacket should be insulated and should cover most of the fur. Leash and jacket are the basic gear to keep it safe from the weather and wildlife. You can ask for more suggestions to a dog boarding in Oklahoma who is knowledgeable about it.


Like the human, the dogs also need something to protect their paws from chilling snow. You should purchase booties those are perfect for the frigid weather. They may feel awkward if you just make them wear it at the time of hiking. It is better to let them get accustomed to the same before hiking.

Visual Contact

It is legal in many hiking places to leash off the dog, but for that, you need to have a good rapport with it. Obedience, responding to your commands quickly etc. is very important in this case. The professionals of dog boarding homes in Oklahoma suggest keeping a leash to avoid an accident.

Tired DogStop When Needed

Your dog can be tired and in need of some rest. You need to understand that while hiking and stop at that time. Dogs are extremely energetic, but you should not allow them to drain the energy. Before that, understand the requirement from their behavior and stop for rest. You can also cut the trip short for the sake of your furry friend.

Take Close Look

Whenever you are stopping you should check for the dog whether it is having any problem or not. Check the paws. The snow and ice can latch between the fur and the paw can cause irritation. Also, there can be injury as well. Check those and decide your further steps depending on the severity of the problem.

Warm Treats

The closer you keep the treats to your body, the warmer it would stay. It is indeed awful to have cold treats for the humans and the dogs as well. Make the treat attractive to the dog so that they can enjoy it.


You need to have plenty of research before going with your dog for hiking. The professionals of dog boarding homes in Oklahoma make the dog active in the winter through hiking but they make adequate research on the dogs and the place. The distance is always feasible to hike for a dog. A not so active day at the boarding can become adventurous for the dog if hiking is included.

For the right dog boarding homes in Oklahoma where your dog will stay active in addition to be safe and secured, you can connect with Puppy Paws and Salon Spa. Your dog will enjoy the day most and you will remain tension-free for its safety.

No Longer Your Dog Would Be Aggressive

DogScolding your pet is not anything heroic, rather being a dog parent you should always be sympathetic to it. However, these days, dog professionals have new techniques for dog parenting and training methods, if you follow it well, you do not have to scold the poor soul. If you are worried for some of the habits of your dog, it is the time you should try to train them to come out all of those. The habit most of the pet owners are worried about is the aggressive nature. The puppy state is the best time to control this aggressiveness.

The dog boarding in Oklahoma advises to keep the puppies in a social environment, thus, they will learn to socialize. Therefore, you should see a change in the frame of mind and less aggressiveness and it would abate over time.

You can take adult dogs and puppies for a walk. Make them follow some commands like sit or run or find a hidden treat etc. You can teach them not to react if some other dog comes from the opposite direction.

Train the dogs to be desensitized. You can keep your pup and neighbor’s pup at the same place but in a safe distance, you can keep a fence between the two. The dog boarding in Oklahoma suggests giving the pet a treat that stops barking first. Every subsequent day, keep a pet closer to another one and they will learn to desensitize.

dog trainingWhile feeding your pet, make sure it is comfortable. The dog always becomes aggressive when it is not comfortable or there are changes in its feeding time.

Take it to a dog park or where other dog walkers come. Dogs generally stay calm when they are around other dogs with similar kinds of scents being exchanged. A pet with aggressive nature can be a pet owner’s concern. Therefore, keeping it for a few days at a dog boarding is the right decision.

You should also take it for a thorough medical checkup. If it has any medical conditions, it may bark and become violent. Hypothyroidism, neurological conditions or chronic pain, if the dog suffers from any of it; aggressiveness is not at all surprising.

Top 6 Items To Pack In A Dog’s Bag For Dog Boarding

Doggy with dog bag

Dog boarding is a good option for dog parents to enjoy an escape without leaving their dog at a neighbors’ or relatives’ house. In Oklahoma, people get this service often. Dog boarding is something where you will pay for your dog’s stay during your work time, a weekend or an entire week. If you are going on a trip where you can’t take your pet, or you are going out of town for work purposes, you can be tension-free for its overall well-being. The dog boarding professionals will take care of your beloved pet.

It has been discussed how you should take your dog to dog boarding in Oklahoma and how to find the right boarding for them. Now, it is time to learn what should be in your dog’s bag when you are taking it to board for longer than a day.

  • Food is crucial and you have to bear this in mind while taking your dog to dog boarding. The professionals of dog boarding in Oklahoma learn the dogs food habits, like and dislikes and other habits of your pet. Still, you should pack two portions of food your dog loves to have for the stay.Labeling that food like breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can keep it in the dog bag. It will help your dog stay safe from an upset stomach and eating other types of food it may not like. It will help your dog also to have a homely feeling in the new environment.
  • If your dog is under any treatment or needs to take medicines or supplements on a daily basis, you should pack that also. It is better to keep it in the bag for emergencies. Keep the medicines along with proper written instruction on its intake. It will help the dog not to fall in trouble without your presence.

dog daycare

  • Dog daycare or dog boarding in Oklahoma is compassionate about dogs and are well equipped with dog toys. But you should give them the dogs favorite toy along with some other items in its bag. Initially, in the new environment, it will help them to be comfortable.
  • Your dog will enjoy these days with new friends at the board house and you will be able to as well in your own vacation, but you two will miss each other. To make it easy for your pet, you should pack something with your scent. It can be your blanket, hanky or even socks.

Bring back from boarding

  • Pack a leash to take your dog to and from the facility.
  • The documents regarding its vaccines, medicines, treatment, age, breed and everything else should be packed in the bag as well. It will help them to keep your dog healthy.

If you are planning a trip, you should find a well-facilitated dog boarding to keep your pet for those days. Puppy Paws Salon and Spa is one of the most reputable dog boarding homes in Oklahoma where you can rely on them to take care of your dog in your absence.

Puppies Are Not Alone – Keep It at Weekend Doggie Daycare during NFL

National Football league kick-started and your football fanatic soul cannot wait for more. You cannot make it to the stadium for different reasons, for commoners like us; it is quite expensive, besides we have a lot of burdens. What you can do is, invite your friends at your home, install a big screen and watch your favorite team playing over chips and cola! A group of friends is never silent, most importantly when they are watching a match. There will be shouting, noise and what not. It can really make your pup uncomfy. Both are important for you. For that time-being other than keeping it in its crate lonely, ignored and afraid, send it to a dog boarding. Puppy Paws Salon & Spa just announced their special offer that will obviously bring joy for the dog parents like you.

Of course, there is a solution. For people like you, Puppy Paws has a special offer till December 2018 until the game ends. You can avail a 20% flat discount on weekend doggie daycare. Keep your pet protected and safe there. While booking mention #FootballPromo to avail that discount.

What to do when your puppy is late? You can spend the night on the game day and will receive a ‘Free half-day Gift Certificate. Isn’t that quite interesting?

What your pet will get?  The 7000 square feet facility is open for your pets when you will be enjoying the game. When you are enjoying at the ground, you can gift it a full grooming package and massage. If you want your pet will get vaccination and temperament test here. It will get upscale pet grooming and other services at the dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Before we run out of space, book your slot ASAP!

The NFL is a league of professional American football teams. Attending an NFL game in person is very expensive, so most people host a party at home for fans of a certain team to watch a game on a television. This is a good reason to use dog daycare or boarding because of the guests and noise.

football promo 2018

Doggie Play Styles: The Favorites of Dogs

Keeping your dog active is one of the crucial things you can do for them. Its physical and mental well-being depends on the activities chosen. Regardless of age or breed, dogs love to be involved in activities. Dogs are cheerful animals and they love to play rather than sitting and sleeping. If you don’t get adequate time to play with them, you can take them to a dog boarding home in Oklahoma to spend a few hours of the day being active and enjoyment.

There are several types of activities you can choose for your dog. They can vary for puppies and full-grown dogs. People say that different breeds of dog, especially large and small breeds should not be left together to play. But, this is a myth. Small dogs that spend time with larger ones often become friends with each other and enjoy playing together.

There are some common styles of play that dogs love. You may find it strange, but the dogs will enjoy it. Here are some examples.


They are not directly involved in this game, but they just want to be involved. If you are playing a game with your family, they will run around and bark and jump and in this lies their enjoyment. The dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes this in their dog play. They let the dogs run around and just enjoy being out. It nourishes their mind and body.


Sometimes they just like to slam themselves into others. The other dog may be into something else, but they like to rotate their body in a circle and slam into others playfully. This self-explanatory activity makes them happy and helps them to get a healthy body and mind.

dog wrestle


It is a common style of play for dogs to get on top of one another. Generally, the people or other dogs chosen to be the partner in this style of play is someone whom they are close to. They just roll over, hit and get on top of each other. This game requires a lot of bodily contact and the friendly wrestling is essential for exercise and making them feel happy.

Tug of War

Holding something by teeth and pulling it while the other end is in a human’s hand or other playmate’s teeth is one of most dogs favorite games. They enjoy this one a lot. They can grab anything for it, so the dog boarding home in Oklahoma keeps a stash of tug toys for this purpose.

dog fetch play

The ‘Go and Fetch’

It is the most common trick dogs are trained to do and it makes them happy in the process. Any toy or ball can be thrown and then they are asked to go collect it. It improves the dog’s investigational skills. Along with this, the dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes chasing, where they chase each other.

With Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, you will get all of these activities for your dog to make those hours without you more pleasant and helpful to them.

What Your Pet Will Receive from Dog Boarding

dog boarding Oklahoma

If you have ever owned a dog, you might know how difficult to it is to leave them back at home during a trip. Not only emotionally for you but also because of your pets well-being. Your relatives or neighbors might not be comfortable to keep it during those days or the environment might not be suitable for it. In this case, the dog might become fearful and violent in a new environment. Now, you have an extremely helpful idea to keep your pet in a safe place and that is dog boarding.

Dogs do not become violent in boarding because the professionals on staff know how to handle them. Having other dogs staying with them to play with also helps create a friendly environment. The entire setup of boarding is designed to keep pets in the most suitable surroundings. What are the benefits you can get from dog boarding in Oklahoma and other places in the United States? Here they are…

  • Dog boarding always provides the best security to a pet in absence of its master. If you so choose, you can get private and luxury accommodation for your dog. Staying in a pet home assures that pets are away from any threats and its owner can travel without any worry.
  • The caregivers from pet boarding are always concerned about your pet’s meals. You need to inform them if they are on any medication, has allergies, likes or dislikes and any other health concerns. According to the dietary needs, they will feed dogs maintaining a schedule.
  • In dog boarding, your pet will live with other dogs. During the day they get playtime which will help to build up social skills.


pet care


  • In a home, a dog might not get space for physical activities. In boarding, they will get an organized environment to stay physically fit and mentally active.
  • Most of dog boarding in Oklahoma provides vaccinations to dogs. It lessens the chance of infections and boosts their immunity as well.
  • Your pet will receive adequate love and attention and will not feel lonely and homesick. It stops them from being anxious and violent during the stay.

You can contact Puppy Paws Salon & Spa for the most sort after dog boarding in Oklahoma. Here you will get the desired environment for your four-legged family member and peace of mind during your trip.

Gaming Activities That Are Followed In Dog Boarding


dog boarding Oklahoma

Puppies are playful and this habit lasts well into their adulthood also. If your pet is running all over the house, roaming around, this is a sign you have a healthy puppy. In case, you are not in the city and you have to leave your dog in dog boarding in Oklahoma, do not be afraid it’s playfulness will go unchanneled. Dog boarding uses a number of games and activities for the dogs. These activities are also important for obese dogs, reducing problematic behaviors etc. Here are some they use:

Bobbing for Apples

You can use apples or something of the sort. If you have never tried this, try it today. Fill a bathtub for dogs with water and place food items or toys there. To collect them, the dogs will jump in. This is a great game to follow on a hot summer days.

Squirt Gun Shenanigans

This is another game for the summer season. Buy simple water guns and get engaged in a water fight with the dogs. Allow the dogs to chase the water from the gun and let them get wet and muddy. After all making mud is another fun game.

dog games

Jolly Balls

Jolly balls are large inflatable rubber balls that were initially used for horses. These are perfect for community games and can occupy the dogs effectively. Staff should be involved with the dogs while playing this. They can kick or toss the ball in different parts of the yard and engage the dogs.

Keep Away

Dogs generally love chasing balls and human interaction in the game is very important. The team members should always interact with the pets. It will help create a long lasting relationship and strong bond.

Scout out the Scents

Dogs love to search for scents; sniffing and finding things is in their nature. You can hide treats around the place and encourage the dogs to find them. Use items of interesting/strong smells.

Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, the well known dog boarding in Oklahoma, engages dogs using these games to get the best out of them and to keep them fit and sound.

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Think About Dog Boarding Centers

dog boarding oklahoma

Your dog always needs care and attention. Without proper attention and physical activities, your dog may get bored and fall sick as well. But, you have to attend your office as well. How will you pay attention to your dog all the time? Are you fed up to balance your work-life and personal life with your dog? Here is the solution for you. The dog boarding in Oklahoma will put an end to your worries, in addition to making your dog happy.

Here are some beneficial areas of dog boarding in Oklahoma which you should know before availing their service. You may inquire the service provider to be sure if they provide these services and make your decision easier.

dog walkers

Development of the Social Skills

The dog daycares are there to keep your dog for the time you have to spend at your workplace. The package includes proper diet, exercise, training and many other things. Most dog-owners keep their dogs in the boarding and so your dog will definitely get several friends over there. If you have only one dog, it may not develop the socializing skill at your home, but here. It is helpful to make your dog friendly and well-behaved. Despite having power and size differences, they will learn to adjust with them in the dog boarding in Oklahoma.

dog exercise

Exercise and Training

If you can’t get enough time to involve your dog in physical activities, you should think about it now. Less physical activities may make the dog obese, ruin its digestive health and even make it immobile. In the dog boarding centers in Oklahoma, the dogs are involved in enough physical activities. According to the age group, the activities are segregated.

In addition to exercise, the training session is also taken care of in the centers. The professionals over there provide obedience training in a positive but without harming anyone.

dog boarding Oklahoma

A Comfortable Environment

Dog boarding in Oklahoma promises to give your dog a friendly and comfortable environment. You will notice the mental advancement of your dog each day just from them staying in a healthy and happy environment in your absence. Besides physical health, maintenance of their mental health is also very important. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to provide this for your dog.

If you are trying to find the best place for dog boarding in Oklahoma, seek help from Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, Inc. They are the experts you can rely on while not burning a hole in your pocket.

5 Important Tips to Deal With a Fearful Dog

fearful dog

A dog with a haunting past can become fearful. A rescued dog who fails to forget what happened to it may take a much longer time to adjust to its new family. The situation can be extremely difficult, and you may feel that you have brought in a danger to your home and should return it to the shelter. But here is where you may give a second thought. When you adopt a pet, you are responsible to help it gain its lost confidence and trust. You can take the help of our services for dog boarding in Oklahoma to train your dog empathetically and help it overcome its fear.

Here are some useful tips to deal with a fearful dog in the right way.

  • No direct medication can change the behavior of your dog. It had a very different life before, and it needs your patience to overcome the trauma. This is the first thing you should keep in mind before starting. Next, be determined not to give up on it. It’s a difficult, but not impossible, goal to achieve.
  • Understanding the perspective of your dog may be difficult, but you should do this to help your beloved pet. It may seem stressful to understand what makes it afraid. But a tortured dog abandoned in a shelter sees everything from its past viewpoint. This causes it to distrust everyone around it. You can seek therapy through dog boarding in Oklahoma if your pet is going through this situation.

fearful dog

  • Anything that is new and different from its past may scare your dog. You should wait patiently to let it settle in and get comfortable. Once it becomes accustomed to the new and changed environment, its body will release tension and it will stop getting afraid.
  • Handling a fearful dog may take time. It may seem that there is no progress at all, but after a few weeks or months, you will notice a difference. Patience is the main key in dealing with your new pet. If you take help from dog boarding in Oklahoma, you can visit your dog and see the progress in its behavior.
  • Know that the feeling of fear is painful for your dog. Once the therapy is over and your dog has recovered from its fear, your dog will return to a normal life. And this will be the reward for you, as a dog parent.
  • Giving up on the dog is obviously not a solution, and neither is doing nothing. You need to understand the reason behind its fear and that the proper therapy will help it relax and become comfortable. The staff at our facility for dog boarding in Oklahoma can suggest the best solutions for your dog to gift it with the normal life it deserves.

Special Care for Your Aggressive Dog: Dog Boarding

Many dog owners feel that their furry friend with paws and a wagging tail is much better company than other humans. The friendship of a dog has become a proverb used as the best example of unconditional love. It’s a treat to watch a pet grow like your child. Cuddling, petting, playing and sharing every feeling with them is much more relaxing than anything else.

However, exceptions happen. Some dogs show signs of aggression rather than affection, whether due to a shy personality or an abusive past. Connecting with an aggressive dog can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst. One solution you can try is dog boarding in Oklahoma.

First, you should know the various reasons to opt for dog boarding. These facilities will take care of your dog when you’re out of town, you are unavailable to take care of your dog, or even when you need your dog to learn basic good behaviors. The first two points are understandable, but the last one needs a bit more explanation.

Handling an Aggressive Dog

If you are reading this article, you likely have an aggressive dog. Before making any drastic decisions like abandoning the dog at a shelter, remember that it has no one in the world right now other than you. Handling an aggressive dog can be difficult, but it is not impossible. With the right tools and know-how, you can overcome the hurdles to connect with your beloved pet.


First, understand the reason behind your dog’s aggression. Is it a specific person? Is it another animal? Or is it about its food and sleeping area? The sooner you find out the reason, the faster you can solve the aggression problem. There are several types of aggression. Before proceeding further with details about dog boarding in Oklahoma, you need to know about these types, which will help you understand the reasons behind the aggression.

  • When a dog is afraid of something or someone, it can become aggressive.
  • A dog that feels trapped may act aggressively.
  • If your dog is frustrated, it can vent through anger and aggression.
  • Take a close look. Is your dog in pain? This can make it aggressive.
  • If your dog is confused, it make express this bewilderment through aggression.
  • Your dog may aggressively try to protect its possessions if it things someone is trying to take them away.
  • If your dog is protective of you or your family, it may act violently toward strangers.
  • A dog may consider itself the pack leader and show its dominance over you or your family through aggression.
  • If someone interferes when a dog is acting aggressively, the dog may attack the interfering person.
  • A dog may act violently toward anyone they view as an intruder in their territory, such as their kennel.
  • A female dog in heat may act aggressively toward other females, and an un-neutered male may act aggressively if near a female in heat.

Whatever the reason, aggression may lead your dog to attack a person, other dogs or other animals by growling, standing rigidly, showing teeth and biting. Taking your dog to a facility that offers training and dog boarding in Oklahoma may help your furry friend become less aggressive and more friendly.

No dog breed is bad; it all depends on the training. If your child is disobedient and stubborn, would you take him or her to a boarding school or abandon your child forever? Dogs are also your family. They need attention, proper understanding and love to overcome the difficulties they have.