How Busy Dog Owners Can Still Care For Their Dogs

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Since a dog is a man’s best friend, the idea of owning a dog is always fun and exciting. With the world getting busier day by day, we all feel stuck to our routines. It is really hard to take time out from your super busy schedule and spend it with your furry friend. However, dog boarding services in Edmond, OK, have come up with the tips listed below so that you can still care for your dog in spite of being too busy.

Take Care of the Basic Needs

Food, shelter and hygiene are some of the basic requirements of all pets, including dogs. So to take good care of your dog, you need to provide it with the basic amenities like bathing, feeding and grooming in the first place. Being preoccupied with your life and work doesn’t mean you can’t be a dog owner. All you need to do is accept the help of professionals who provide dog boarding in Edmond, OK, so that you and your pet stay happy and organized.

Develop a Routine and Stick to It

Planning is the key, especially when it comes to taking care of your dog in spite of being busy. Developing a perfect routine will not only make things easier for you but will make your dog disciplined and active too. When you feed it or take it out for a walk every day on a fixed schedule, then within a few days the dog recognizes the time for different activities by itself. This surely helps you in the long run.

Exercise Daily

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Exercising is as important for your dog as it is for you. The best idea is to combine both of your timings for physical activities together. For instance, you can take your dog with you for either a walk or a jog every day. This will develop a very healthy habit for you and your dog as well.

Spend Time Together

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Pets can work wonders in relieving stress and tension. Playing with your pet or just pampering it a bit can relieve all your fatigue and weariness in minutes. Hence even the busiest people should take out time to spend some quality time with their dogs so that the bond gets stronger.

Proper Training

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Dogs are the best of all pets, but still they need some basic training so that they do not make a mess of your home all the time. Dog boarding in Edmond, OK, offers excellent opportunities to get your dog trained by caring experts. This kind of training is greatly helpful if you want your dog to be smart and mannered both indoors and outdoors.

Opt for Dog Care

Dog care centers are apt places to leave your furry friends when you are away from them. Dog boarding facilities in Edmond, OK, have experienced teams of professionals who take care of your dog in all possible ways. They even have adequate medical facilities and updated monitoring devices that prove really helpful.

Find a Playmate for Your Dog

Finding a partner to play and spend fun time with is something your dog would love to do. However, that doesn’t mean you need to get another dog; rather, the best idea is to let your pet enjoy some time with fellow dogs at a common playground or dog park. Leaving your dog with a friend who also owns a dog but is comparatively less busy can be a great option to go for when you need to rush to work.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Utilizing dog boarding in Edmond, OK, is also fruitful for those busy bees who have very pampered pet dogs. If your dog is not comfortable leaving home, then you can use pet sitting services too. This involves hiring an experienced person who can take care of your furry friend when you are at work or traveling. A pet sitter can feed your dog on schedule, take it out for a walk or just cuddle with it to make your pet feel better.

Take Your Dog to Work

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If you have a pet-friendly work place, then the perfect way to care for your dog is to let it accompany you to work. Employers around the globe believe that taking pets to work surely contributes to enhancing employee productivity. Also, it is quite important that your dog should learn basic etiquette before its visit to the office.

Choose the Right Dog

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, the last, but not the least, is that you should take care when choosing the type of dog you want as a pet, especially if you are already too busy. Raising a delicate puppy and training it well is definitely not so easy, and with your packed schedule, it might invite more stress. Thus experts in dog boarding in Edmond, OK, suggest that adopting an adult dog that is quite laid back might be the right choice for you. This particular type of dog with limited lifestyle needs will serve as the best companion to you without causing you more stress.

Tips For Enjoying Spring With Your Pet

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Spring is the season that marks a new beginning for both nature and our lives. After the cold, harsh winter, the advent of spring is welcomed with arms wide open by all living beings on earth. This pleasant phase of the year brings with it blooming flowers, longer warmer days and a bagful of joy and comfort. Moreover, a lot of festivals are scheduled in the season of spring to add to the joyful spirit.

The festivities of spring call for adequate care for your pets at home. The departing winter season can be even more harmful for your pet’s health, as chances for you to manage minute yet really unhealthy signs and symptoms cannot be neglected. Thus professionals in pet care in Oklahoma City advise the following tips for fully enjoying the upcoming spring along with your furry friends.

Ensure Pet Safety Both Inside and Outside the Home

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Pets are surely our true friends for life. They bestow on us their unconditional love and ask for nothing else in return. Moreover, pets are no less than innocent kids who are undeniably delicate and sensitive. Thus it becomes very important to pay utmost attention to their safety and well-being.

The awesome weather outside during the spring season can tempt your pet to jump out of any opening to get outside. It is thus advised to make sure your doors and windows are well covered with appropriate barriers, as jumping from a height can be dangerous for your pet. While taking your pets for an outing, you should secure them with suitable leashes or in a well-fenced yard to avoid risks.

Mind the Rising Temperature

With spring comes a remarkable rise in temperatures in all temperate regions around the globe. The sudden hike in temperature can make your furry friends restless and tired. In order to enjoy the spring season with your pets in the pink of health, you should keep an eye on their subtle signs and signals. Certain breeds show sensitivity to temperature changes with symptoms like fever, vomiting and lethargy. In order to tackle these problems, all you need to do is to maintain a comfortable temperature inside according to their needs.

Keep Them Away From Harmful Stuff

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Blooming flowers in the garden and people partying out on their patios are quite common views during spring. However, some flowers, like lilies—as well as chocolates and many other things—can be very dangerous for pets when ingested. Proper care should be taken to prevent any accidental swallowing of these seemingly tempting treats by your pets. In addition, some people use antifreeze and other chemicals in pools, fountains and ponds in their yards. Keeping pets away from these toxic areas is therefore extremely important.

Make Sure Heated Floors and Pavement Don’t Hurt Your Pets

Cats and dogs perspire through their paws, which are comparatively soft and sensitive. Due to this, stepping on hot surfaces like floors or pavement can seriously hurt them. During the spring season when the temperature rises gradually, stone landscapes and even flooring get hot and uncomfortable to walk upon. Thus professionals in pet care in Oklahoma City recommend maintaining a comfortable temperature at least inside the house.

Get Pets Vaccinated on Time

Having and maintaining a good vaccination timetable for pets always paves the way for their good health. The change of season during spring often brings a lot of diseases, owing to the growth of microorganisms everywhere. This also gives rise to the appearance of ticks and fleas thriving on your pet’s body. During the spring season, pets are more likely to come in contact with each other. This can further increase the chances of getting an infection or harmful bacteria. A regular and well-timed vaccination program especially during the spring can surely help your pets stay hale and hearty.

Help Them Stay Well Hydrated

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Water is life. This saying holds true even for your furry friends, who are susceptible to considerable loss of water from their bodies during spring. Thus it is advised by experts in pet care in Oklahoma City to ensure an optimum supply of water during the spring so that your pet can also bloom in health with ample intake of water.

Love Them Whole-Heartedly

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Last but not least, to make sure you treat your furry friend with the best pet care in Oklahoma City, you should love them whole-heartedly. Although these furry companions cannot talk back, they are blessed with an excellent talent for reciprocating emotions. Love and laughter are the best medicines in the world, and spring is the season that puts a new life into everything. The above tips present rewarding ways to enjoy this time of the year with your pets and ensure that you both feel healthy and happy.

Winter Dog Care

You need to take care of your dog in winter so that they do not catch a cold. This infographic outlines some essential winter dog care tips to keep your dog warm and nice when the temperature drops outside. Sweater and booties are must for dogs if they want to play outside because it will provide the extra protection apart from their furs.

Go through this infographic to find out more about winter dog care.

Winter Dog Care

How To Solve All Your Dog Care Problems

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Dogs are the best friends one could have, until the time you take those pills out of your bag or get your dog ready for a bath. Dog owners spend sleepless nights trying to figure out how to fix such problems. The dog grooming professionals of Oklahoma City have come up with some pointers that can help you tackle your pet-related problems with ease.


Even human beings sometimes find it difficult to swallow pills. This is why it would be too much to expect dogs to become overwhelmed with happiness when presented with the task of taking medicine. However, there is one remedy that dog owners can use. Dogs usually fail to resist the lure of tasty treats. In Oklahoma City, most families have pet dogs, and these dog owners have confided that hiding pills inside treats often works. Usually, the dog owners hide the pills inside treats with a strong aroma so that the dog’s attention drifts from the prospect of eating pills.

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Bath Related Issues

Everyone who owns a dog knows how difficult it is to drag a dog inside the bathroom for a bath. Usually, dog owners go through some anxiety thinking of the event. Yet the dog groomers in Oklahoma City assure pet owners that the problem can be solved. The secret lies in making bath time enjoyable for the pet. Make sure to offer a treat while leading the dog inside the tub. This will help you avoid the hassle of dragging your pet inside and making a mess out of everything. While you are bathing your dog, you need to be careful with shampoos and soaps. Make sure nothing gets in your dog’s eyes, as that can create adverse effects and turn your dog away from the bathroom.

Dog Nanny Care

Nail Clipping

Ask any dog owner, and you will get feedback that nail clipping is another dreadful task. Yet, dog grooming centers in Oklahoma City have a solution for this one too. Dogs do not like it when someone touches their feet. You need to make your dog habituated with paw touching. From the initial stage, make sure to touch your dog’s paw. This will take away their rigidity, and you will not face many difficulties while clipping your dog’s nails later. Remember to offer a treat for good behavior. This will motivate the dog to sit properly next time you clip its nails.

Dog clothes

Wearing Clothes or Shoes

Dogs that live in a vibrant city like Oklahoma City may need to wear shoes or clothes to avoid dust. You will have to train your dog to wear clothes and shoes. To get started, make sure to opt for something simple. Make your dog wear jackets or other light clothing to get your dog used to wear clothes or shoes.

It is important to get help from professionals if you don’t know how to get started with dog grooming.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer In OKC – Part 2

It is important to keep your canine away from the scorching heat of the sun in summertime. Try to keep your dog cool and comfortable in order to avoid any heatstroke. Here you will find out some early warning signs of overheating in your dog and the ways to keep your dog cool this summer. Also, find out some other cool tips and tricks for your canine friend.

Go through this infographic to know how to keep your dog cool and comfy during summer.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer In OKC

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer In OKC – Part 1

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Sometimes the scorching heat in the Oklahoma City becomes unbearable. Now imagine you’re wearing a fur coat all the time! It is not only us who feels the heat but our furry friends as well. If you are a dog owner, you’ll know dogs can get overheated easily. Since they rely on panting to keep cool. Here’s how you can help them out this summer:

Don’t leave your dog in your car

Your dog might love to go on errands with you, but never leave him inside your car. When it’s 95°F out, the car interior can get to 114°F in just ten minutes! Oklahoma summers are notorious for hot, sunny weather, so whenever your dog joins you on an outing, plan ahead to make sure he’ll never have to wait in the car.

Adjust your schedule

The hours between 12p.m to 4p.m. are typically the hottest. Going for a walk can become agonizing for a dog during these hot hours of the day. To keep your dog cool and comfortable, take him out for play and exercise during mornings and late afternoons.

Splish Splash!

Going for a swim or playing in a sprinkler during the summer heat is always welcomed. Some dogs love to swim; others act more like cats; but finding a way to make water part of outside playtime always helps to bring the temperature down.

Don’t get anchored outdoors

You might love to visit Lake Hefner, Arcadia, or Thunderbird for a day of play and soaking up the sun, but if you bring your dog, remember he can’t tell you when he’s getting overheated. Dog’s need a retreat from the heat, where they can cool off in an air-conditioned room or at least have shade or water.

Let the breeze cool him down

If your dog is meant to stay outdoors, make sure he has access to water and that his area receives Oklahoma’s wind currents. The garage or shed is a terrible option, since these restrict wind flow and can exaggerate heat like a car.

Know your dog’s limit

Don’t let your dog exercise for too long. Even playing and running under the sun can prove to be dangerous for your dog. Monitor him closely, if you find him to be panting while chasing any toy, stop him immediately and let him cool down first. Change the game, or bring it inside.

It is not easy being a pet owner. You might love your dog very dearly but you need to take good care of him as well. As summer sets in in Oklahoma City, take note of the best summer dog care so that you and your dog can beat the heat.


Help Your Pet To Avoid Heat Stress

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As summer sets in over Oklahoma City, Mr. Golden Sun is not looking down with warmth and love anymore. Sometimes it feels like it’s turning Oklahoma into a giant oven. Like human, dogs and cats are also at risk of suffering from heat stroke. This is your duty to keep your pet safe from the heat. First, learn the signs of heat stress. Any summer dog care expert in OKC, such as a boarding company, can give you a detailed tutorial. Remember to get in touch with the vet the moment you notice more than one of the signs below.

Signs of Heat Stroke

Though dogs need to pant to remove cool off, excessive panting can be a sign of heat exhaustion or dehydration. If panting continues well after the dog is allowed to cool off indoors, it would be wise to contact a vet for advice.

Keep checking the body temperature of your pet if you want to keep it safe from heat related stress. High body temperature is considered to be a matter of immense concern. The normal body temperature for dogs is already 102.5°F.

Like in humans, dogs’ heart rate increases to cool the blood under the skin. But dogs don’t have the benefit of sweating, so a racing heart is a sign of potentially serious heat-related stress.

Vomiting is a desperate sign of heat stress. If your dog starts vomiting during high heat, get in touch with a veterinarian pronto. Dogs get restless in times like this, often translating signs of physical stress into behavior that shows stress.

Avoiding Heat Stroke

Providing shade is the primary thing you can do for your pet. Make sure that even if your dog lives outside the house, it must have proper access to places out of the sun. This freedom is needed and you must ensure this for the sake of your pet’s health.

Water is literally a life saver and must be available constantly. Add ice cubes to keep it cool. This will help beating the heat and keep the body hydrated.

Exercise is important for dogs, but in the summer time, even short walks can be exhausting. Limit the daily run or tug of war games to keep heat stress away. On days when the heat becomes too much, it may be best not to venture out at all.

As any pet owner knows, you should never leave your dog or cat inside the car. The interior temperate can increase by 20 degrees in ten minutes under the sun.

In case of Heat Stress

Even after proper care, pets sometimes end up with heat stress. When the signs of heat stress just won’t let up, wrap him with a wet towel to transport him to the nearest vet clinic.