Top 4 Tips to Get the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pet

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When you get a puppy, it becomes your family member. Like your child, you don’t want to compromise its comfort and care. But with most people working outside the home nowadays, it becomes impossible for us to stay with our pets all the time. Leaving it at home alone, even with food, water and toys can cause a dog distress, especially if left for long periods of time. They are very sensitive creatures, and may fall ill from the constant isolation of missing you. To stop this from happening, look for a dog daycare for your pup to allow them to have good time in your absence. There are several companies offering the service of dog daycare in Edmond, OK, but before leaving your furry child with them, you need to research the best one. This blog contains the top tips to find the most suitable dog daycare for your pet.

#1. Visit It Yourself

It is best not to rely on others and see the daycare for youself. Once onsite, look at the other dogs staying there, the entire environment, the area, the training programs, the security system and the staff. These will all be helpful indicators to show if this is the perfect place for your pet. Get to know how many caregivers there are attending to the dogs. Normally the ratio is 20:1 for seeing to all the dogs needs. Know the amount of time your dog would spend in a crate. Look at the surrounding area. At least a 1500 sq. ft. area is needed for 20 dogs. As you know your dog, including all its quirks, no one can be a better judge of what is needed then you. If required, visit the facility more than once to help make your decision.

If you find everything is too perfect or you have a hunch that your puppy may not be comfortable with the environment, trust your gut feeling and try somewhere else.

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#2. The Activity Sessions

Training programs might be an option for your dog at a dog daycare in Edmond, OK. Most of the time they come with an additional fee, however the daycare arranges the training sessions and ensures your dog receives them during the day with no hassle for you. Besides training sessions for puppy obedience, there is also educational playtime for dogs of all ages.  This is a time when dogs can play and socialize with other dogs. It helps to stimulate the dog’s mind and also involves physical activities that can help tire them out.

#3. Disciplinary Training

Checking the type of discipline used in the facility may help you decide if it is suitable for your dog. As per the proper dog training process, the dog should be disciplined with positive reinforcement. Punishment should not be an option. Ensure that the caregivers treat your dog the way he is used to being treated. Dogs at day care should not be harmed at any point during their stay, but especially not during the disciplinary training process.

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#4. Get References

Discuss with your friends and family about the dog daycare you are thinking of selecting and get their opinions. You can also try to get feedback online and from people who have choosen their services previously. The reviews will help guide you in the right direction.

Puppy Paws is a reliable source of dog daycare in Edmond, OK. You can trust them with the responsibility to take care of your dog and know your furry friend is in expert loving hands.

6 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happy!

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The bonding between you and your dog is an example of unconditional love. Your dog will never stop loving you, and you should also not leave any reason for it to complain. To add some more charm in this pure relationship, you can surprise your dog with several fun activities. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can choose these fun activities for your dog to cheer it up. Many of these activities are offered by our dog daycare in Edmond, OK.

Here is a list of popular fun activities that are beneficial for your dog’s health and mind:

Obedience Training

Your beloved pet is your good boy or girl, but obedience training is needed to strengthen the connection between you two. Through these training sessions, you and your dog will get accustomed to a common language comprehensible for both of you. This language involves some basic commands. With the course of the training at a dog daycare in Edmond, OK, your dog will learn more complicated commands and will become even more perfect in your eyes.

agility training

Agility Training

Running is one of the best exercises for both humans and dogs. It involves all the body muscles and makes the body more flexible. It improves the metabolism, appetite, health of bones and muscles, digestive system, and many other functions and parts of the body. Agility training at dog daycare in Edmond, OK, trains dogs to move flexibly and obediently. This is a full-body exercise that your dog will love. Your dog’s movement skills will be enriched with hurdles like ladders, tubes, pools and ramps, and your dog will learn when to jump, turn, tip and duck.

Training for Tracking

This training helps your dog develop and utilize its extremely powerful sense of smell. Generally, dogs have a strong sense of smell, and with these sessions, your dog will reach a high level of tracking with this sense and can accompany you in hunting, law enforcement and similar activities. Though the skill set is a little difficult to adapt, dogs are good learners and always find it fun to learn new things.

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When your dog is part of your family, you should find dog-friendly accommodations when you travel. Many dogs thrive on vacations. They enjoy nothing less than humans do. Traveling isn’t very difficult today for a dog owner. One great option is the beach, as dogs are fond of beaches. You should research a bit on the dog-friendly hotels at whatever destination you choose. Needless to say, when your loving pet is around, you will also enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Dog Parks

A dog park is a place for dogs to socialize. It is a wide-open place with a soft surface and sometimes various play props for the dogs. Your dog can meet other friends there, and together they can enjoy themselves while you enjoy watching them playing, running and having a good time. Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, offers this provision for the dogs to enjoy even when you are not present.

dog playing frisbee

Frisbee and Hiking

Your dog doesn’t always need to go for a vacation or training. It can be happy with simple, fun activities like playing with a Frisbee. Many dogs love chasing Frisbees, balls and other toys. While playing, your dog will also get some exercise. Another simple activity you can involve your dog in is hiking. You can even just take it on a simple walk with you through the neighborhood. Walking with you and meeting new people and other dogs will make it happy.

Whatever you do to make your dog happy, whether you choose simply walking or enrolling it in training, you will remain its hero. Your company and love are the most that your dog wants. Puppy Paws knows the connecting link between you two: It is love. Keeping this in mind, we offer dog daycare in Edmond, OK, where you can take advantage of multiple services and facilities to keep your dog happy and healthy. Dog daycare is a much better option than keeping your dog alone until you return home at the end of the day.

Vitamin D-A Dog’s Nutritional Need

Dogs love to sun bathe. This is due to a major vitamin requirement for dogs: Vitamin D, the ‘Happy’ Vitamin.

Restricting your four legged friend indoors may keep him safe, but he was built for outside! Sunlight is necessary for dogs just like humans to make Vitamin D. They need plenty of time outside but there are times when you are unable to take your dog out. Then how do you expect your dog to get all Vitamin D he needs?

Consider dog day care. In Oklahoma City, with the wide range daycare centers for your pets, you can enjoy peace of mind that their safety and health are tended. All dogs need regular exercise in order to be happy and healthy.

You might not be getting time to pay that much attention as your buddy deserves. It is best that you enroll him or her to one of your nearest dog daycare centers in Oklahoma City. It’s better than locking him up in the house while you are away at work.

Daycares are fun for dogs as they get to socialize with their fellow mates in a cage-free environment. Your pups will also receive bundles of attention and supervision from the trained staff and counselors. They will make sure that your dog gets a good dose of Vitamin D which is vital for the betterment of their health.

It is crucial that they are exposed to the natural environment and at the dog daycare facilities they are not kept away from it. The correct proportion of Vitamin D on a daily basis can work wonders both for the future health of healthy dogs as well as those that are ailing.

Why Vitamin D?

The daycare centers in Oklahoma City do have much access to sunlight but, the professionals also encourage you to take out time to give the dogs a walk during the day.

This sunshine vitamin is produced in the outer skin layers. Now, humans have an advantage because the conversion happens automatically when absorbed by the skin. However, dogs get their Vitamin D orally – by licking the skin.

The positives of Vitamin D in a dog are a good development in skeletal structure, mineral absorption, regulation of phosphorous and calcium in the bloodstream, muscle and bone growth and much more.

Since Vitamin D synthesis and conversion do not occur automatically in a dog’s body, it may be necessary to supplement his food. There are dietary supplements for Vitamin D that are available in the market for your dogs. But, many products do not have the recommended amounts that a dog regularly needs. Deficiency symptoms bone swelling, lethargy, anorexia, and dehydration.

So, do consult the trainers in the dog daycare centers as well as a specialized dietician before adding Vitamin D to their diets. This is important for you to be certain about the deficiency and accordingly supplement it.

How Should You Care Your Dog During Holidays?

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Holiday travel is stressful, whether you are traveling by car, bus or plane; the roads are busier, buses are packed and the airports crowded. While it might be nice to take your dog with you as a co-passenger, this actually adds to the headache and can be very stressful on your dog too. However, leaving your pet at home also requires careful consideration on your part.

So here are some guidelines for ensuring you a stress-free trip and a merrier season for your pet:

  1. Leaving your dog at home

    If you have decided that your pet will feel uncomfortable in the hustle and bustle of long hours of travelling then there are many options to give both of you a peace of mind.

    • Dog boarding
      Dog boarding in Oklahoma may cost more than other options but it offers top quality service, dependability, and it is sure to take great care of your dog. While you’re away, your pet wants more attention and comfort to help keep his mind off of your absence. However, before selecting a boarding service, you should look into the track record of the company. Are there any reviews? Has anyone you know used them? Most importantly, what does your dog think of the facilities and the staff? Some dogs are choosy about their boarding place. Before booking a stay, give your dog the chance to get to know the place and the people.
    • Hiring a pet sitter
      Another great alternative to dog boarding is to hire a pet sitter. This is usually a cheaper alternative to dog boarding, especially if you can pay a friend or family member to watch your dog. Before hiring a professional pet sitter, check out their background. Many pet sitters will be happy to visit your home a couple times a day to care for your dog; others might prefer to take him to their own home. What matters most is how comfortable your dog will be with the arrangement.
  2. Travelling by car

    Small breeds of dogs are most convenient to travel, clearly. Larger dogs may cause a ruckus in the car, making your drive less safe. For high energy dogs, the best option for a road trip is a kennel in the back seat or rear compartment if you drive a van or SUV. Be sure to bring a leash so you can let your dog out for some fresh air and to relieve himself at least every hour of travel or so. Also remember that warm, sunny weather can be very dangerous for anyone left in a car, dogs included.

  3. Travelling by air
    Service animals such as guide dogs get flying permits so long as they meet all legal and airline policy requirements. Most airlines will permit dogs in the plane cabin if they are kept in a kennel. When travelling internationally, you may have to check your dog as live cargo, which isn’t as awful as it sounds. In fact, many pet travel agencies can work with the airline and governments to help you ensure your dog arrives safe and sound with you.

Integrate Dog Training Into Dog Play and Exercise!

Integrate Dog Training Into Dog Play and Exercise

A healthy dog is a bundle of energy and it is the duty of its owner to keep it fit. Ask your vet and he would recommend a 1 hour daily exercise regimen for your dog. According to a study conducted by the Michigan State University, dog owners get 34% more exercise per week compared to people who do not have pet dogs. One may incorporate dog training sessions within its play or exercise regimens combining 2 benefits in 1. Continue reading

What Does Pet Sitting Involve?

What Does Pet Sitting Involve

Many people have come up with innovative ways of providing personal services even with a struggling economy. Pet sitting is a great way to earn some extra income by helping take care of pets while enjoying their company, charm, and playfulness.

Pet sitting

These services come in handy when people or their families have to travel for significant periods of time and cannot bring their dogs. By having a pet sitter, pet owners are assured that their pets will get good care and be fed while they are away. Pet sitters will walk pets, feed them, bathe them, take them to a vet if needed, and just give the pets much needed companionship. Continue reading

6 Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Ways to Help Your Dog Lose WeightJust as in humans, the rate of overweight cats and dogs is on the rise. Almost 53% of dogs in the United States are at risk of related health complications from obesity. Diabetes, arthritis, kidney and heart diseases, as well as certain forms of cancer are among the possible problems.

So what is the best way to keep your dog physical fit and in good health? How will you reduce their risk of developing serious ailments? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are five steps you can take now to help your dog shed those extra pounds. Continue reading

Doggie Day Care Checklist

Dog Day Care ServiceMany working people have to spend too much time away from their dogs, no matter how much they wish it were otherwise. While a daily visit to a park or going on a walk can take care of a dog’s outdoor needs, the 10 to 12 hours alone at home can be hard such a social creature. Especially for adolescent dogs, boredom can set in with loneliness. All that pent-up energy can emerge in lots of destructive ways. To spare your shoes, furniture, carpets, etc, there are many great options for dog day care in Oklahoma City.

But you don’t want to leave your baby with just anyone. When choosing a dog day care for your canine friend you, take the following into consideration:
Continue reading