5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes Edmond Pet Owners Should Avoid

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The well-being of your dog depends on regular grooming, an integral aspect of pet ownership. Professional dog groomers in Edmond take care to educate dog owners in the area about common grooming mistakes and how to avoid these errors. The fur of your dog is challenging to tame, and most of the common mistakes in the grooming process are to be blamed for that.

This challenge can always be overcome with faith in the growing number of professional dog groomers in Edmond. However, if you do not take your dog to a professional, it is good to be familiar with common grooming errors so as to avoid them. Grooming sessions are a crucial part of bonding between dog and owner. So, your ultimate aim should be to make the session perfect, without any glitch that could cause physical or emotional damage to your dog and cause it to lose confidence in you.

Grooming your dog by yourself at home demands patience and the correct grooming equipment. Here are the five most frequent mistakes that owners make when they groom their furry friend:

Avoid Giving Frequent Baths

Both the coat and the skin naturally secrete oils. If you bathe your dog too often, you’ll only dry out its skin, causing unnecessary irritation. Thus, the ideal frequency for bathing your dog is once every three to four weeks.

Be Cautious While Washing the Face

When you start washing your dog’s face, do so with great care. If by chance the water gets into the eyes, nose or even ears, it might lead to infection, or at least pain. It may startle you to know that even a very little trace of water inside a dog’s ear can become a home for bacteria. So, it is best to use a damp cloth instead of pouring water on your dog’s face.

Rinse Thoroughly

Dogs generally have thick, long layers of fur. Therefore, proper and thorough rinsing are essential. A quick rinse will never penetrate the layers of fur to rinse out all of the soap, thus resulting in skin problems.

Coat Shaving is a Heavy Mistake

No matter what good intentions you may have in shaving your dog’s coat, remember that the coat acts as a shield. Seasonal shaving makes your dog more prone to skin cancer as an advanced result of skin burns. Similarly, they may overheat as the body’s ability to regulate the internal temperature decreases.

Brush Your Dog’s Fur Before a Bath

It is ideal to brush your dog’s coat before you bath it. This helps to break up the dirt. You must avoid brushing wet fur, as this makes it prone to easy breakage and causes unnecessary tangles.

7 Tips for Clipping & Grooming Your Dog

dog grooming

Just like you need regular grooming to keep clean and healthy, similarly, your pet dogs also need grooming and care. They are family too, after all! So, make sure to turn regular dog grooming into a regular habit. Here in Edmond, OK, the numbers of pet grooming professionals are increasing day by day. Thus, dog grooming in Edmond is not a very big challenge. Professional services help you keep your furry friend happy, clean and healthy. Yes, their services not only focus on the physical appearance but also deal with the psychological well-being of the dog.

After health concerns, the second focus should be a clean and attractive appearance. Timely clipping and grooming can do wonders. For best results, hire a professional who is well-equipped with skill as well as experience. The service of dog grooming in Edmond is growing in demand. Once you start scheduling timely clipping for your dogs, their long coats will become a lot easier to maintain.

Don’t just take a clipper to your dog; remember the following:

  • It is best to take show dogs such as terriers to a specialist groomer. Show dogs require a considerable amount of work on their coats. A professional will help you learn the tricks of clipping and how you can make your dog look like a winner in the dog show.
  • Always be sure of what you want your dog to look like after clipping, whether you are having its coat clipped for the hot summer or for easy manageability.
  • Lastly, in order to visualize a perfect clip for your furry companion, you must study the breed to find out which look fits it the best.

Here are some tips for grooming and clipping your dog:

Dog grooming edmond

Familiarize Your Dog with Clippers

There are two essential things to do before you start clipping. First, get your dog acquainted with the smell and sight of the clippers, then turn them on to familiarize it with the noise.

Bathe Your Dog

Give your dog a good bath. A clean dog coat is much easier to clip than a dirty one.

Detangle the Coat 

To make the clipping session smoother and quicker, it is essential to prep your dog’s coat. This includes a thorough detangling to make the clipping experience more pleasant for your dog.

Choose the Right Clippers

Now, if you don’t have the right set of clippers, things will go wrong. It is advisable to pay more for better clippers, as you get what you pay for. You can either use ordinary clippers for your dog or choose between small and standard professional clippers.

Don’t go Skin Deep with Clippers

To avoid burns or cuts on the skin, do not cut below the hair.

Take Breaks

In the case of long sessions, make sure you give your dog some breaks, especially if clipping is very new to it.

Offer Rewards

Lastly, give your dog treats or other rewards as praise for being a good boy or girl.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Nail TrimmingMany dog owners try to avoid trimming their dog’s nails. It can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating both for the dog and his owner.

Dogs don’t particularly like having their nails messed with, often making it impossible to keep their nails properly trimmed.

Fortunately, active dogs that run and play throughout the day don’t need much nail trimming since they do it naturally. However, indoor breeds do need regular trimming – about once a month according to dog grooming experts in Edmond.

When a dog’s nails get too long:

  • First, long nails can be painful for your dog. As long nails strike the ground, they can cause impact stress on the nail beds and tweak the toepads themselves, causing joint pain. This makes trimming all the more difficult.
  • Nerves in a dog’s feet help him coordinate movements with astounding agility. When his feet hurt because of long nails or the nails caused his toepads not to meet the ground properly, his sense of movement will be affected.
  • Over thousands of years, dogs have adapted to many terrains. On hilly or rocky terrain where their nails grow longer, they adapt to a different sort of posture to keep balance. This “goat on the rock” posture puts extra stress on shoulders and hips that can lead to chronic pain later in life.

Now that it is clear how important nail hygiene is for your dog, let’s discuss how to do it.

  • Use a sharp, scissor-type clipper especially for dog nails. Dog nails are much thicker than human nails, so using a standard nail clipper can cause cracking of the nail and injury. Nail grinders avoid this problem altogether, but the electric noise may startle the dog.
  • Under good lighting, start clipping with the clippers facing the end of the nail. You’re looking to essentially shave off excess length a bit at a time. Don’t try to trim off too much at once. It may take longer, but you’ll get far better results.
  • If the nail is pigmented, you should be able to see a chalky ring along the insensitive part of the nail. This will give you an idea of how far is too far to trim.
  • Use a nail file or emery board to smooth out the edges of each clipped nail.
  • If you clip into the quick of the nail and bleeding occurs, dip the dog’s paw into a bowl of cornstarch to help clot the wound.
    Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your dog happy and healthy without the discomfort.

Common Dog Grooming Fails And How You Can Avoid Them

Dog grooming Service

Dog owners know the hazards and challenges of grooming their dogs. As much as one may love his or her pet, this is an obvious part of pet ownership. Dog grooming need not be painful, and in Oklahoma City, there are plenty of experts to help you.

Let us discuss the situations and how to deal with them.

Dirty dogs:

Those ever happy ones jump on any and every puddle and get themselves dirty. You can never make them free of dirt, so repeating the shampoo session becomes a continuous process.

Tangled forever:

When your dog has matted hair, you know you can never straighten it, so try and comb it forever, until you are feeling dog tired.

Stick out hair:

You know that your dog has not been electrified, and yet all it’s hair puffs straight up, because that is how his hairs are.

Messy hair:

Your dog has something stuck to its fur, matting it, tangling, and it is proof that it had gone somewhere, or done something which it should not have done or gone. The maple syrup, the jam or the gum, anything it can be, which makes the fur sticky and dirty.

Bald ones:

A bald dog might be in need of some medical attention or it might just be in his genes; either way there’s no need to pay for its grooming – just sweaters around wintertime.

Bichon Frizzy:

When your toy dog has all its fur frizzy and not fluffy, it is the time for you to untangle it with shampoo, conditioner and a brush.

Blowouts turn wrong:

Blow driers can make your dog look furrier and fluffier than normal, but when overdone, it becomes over fried and frizzy fur. Not the best look…or smell.

Double coated fur:

Some dogs just have too much fur, so much that it’s tail looks like a duster. But instead of picking up debris, it just sheds everywhere.

With pigtails:

When your dog has long haired ears, you can make cute  little pigtails! Just think twice before taking it out in public like that.

Dog grooming on your own:

If you try to style your dog’s hair with kitchen scissors, it’ll probably end up looking ridiculous. There are quite a few centers for dog grooming in Oklahoma City, so call for professional service to treat your dog. You can visit them in person, or get tips from the experts.

Some more tips:

  • If you can arrange the grooming session at your house, it will be best suited for your dog, as the atmosphere is known to it and it will not feel threatened. Also it will help the groomer to handle your dog in a better way.
  • Brush and comb the hair of your dog on a daily basis, so it gets used to the routine, also use this session as a bonding time between you two.
  • Dogs need to be maintained on a daily basis, and not once in six months or a year. Remember, it’s a dog, not a car.
  • If you have mastered the skill of clipping your dog’s hair, may be through a crash course or professional training, then try it at home. But one tip from an expert: do not start from the tail, rather start from the head and gradually proceed to the back.

How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are the cutest and the most faithful creatures for us humans. A puppy dog face will melt any heart. Once you return home after work, it is the doggie that welcomes you with everything he’s got. As their owner, it is your duty to ensure that the dog remains happy and healthy.

dog happy

Keeping Dogs Engaged

We must remember that the dogs love to keep themselves busy. Therefore, provide them with toys and chewing bones to hone their innate skills of hunting, grabbing and catching. Experts say that when the natural instincts of the dogs are suppressed, they tend to become more aggressive.

dog training in edmond

Keeping them Social

  • Dogs too love to be in a social environment; they are man’s best friend after all. Isolating them even for a day can make them depressed and anxious.
  • Experts suggest that dogs too need walking and jogging once or twice a day to freshen up their mind and burn some energy. Hence, it becomes a duty of the owner to arrange a regular dog walk hopefully where there will be other friendly dogs and people.
  • Let your dog be introduced to other dogs, one at a time, and on common ground – not in their own home.

Training up Your Dog

  • A well-trained dog does more than party tricks. It can take stress off the owner and others as well knowing the dog will respond to commands.
  • An experienced and expert trainer is needed to be hired who can train the dog efficiently and without the confusion that a trial and error process entails.
  • Research has shown that a trained dog has better developed social skills, able to make a bond with people and other dogs more easily.

Fix Dog’s Schedule and Your Role

  • Dogs easily understand love and affection. However, sometimes its animal instinct comes into play, calling for a timeout.
  • Fix a playtime for the dog only for the time when the dog remains calm and composed.
  • Cuddle the dog when it has successfully followed the instructions. Like humans, they also get a boost in their morale.

Structure Your Behavior

  • To keep the dog happy, it is necessary that the environment around it needs to have a certain order. Therefore, it is advised not to overreact in front of dogs. Excitement can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Experts say that as long as the dogs are kept calm and composed, it is a good sign. Making them nervous could actually become dangerous.

Keeping Physical Health

  • A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Same is applicable for all living organisms.
  • Exercising will keep your dog active and happy.
  • It is also advised to involve the dogs in some sort of active game format.
  • Dog grooming is an essential practice as far as the physical well-being of the dog is concerned. Regular grooming keeps away pests, matting, and infections.

Dog owners certainly have a lot on their plate to take good care of their pet. But a healthy and happy dog is definitely tough to beat for keeping us healthy and happy in return!

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

To some people trimming the nails of their dog might not look to be so important. They might think that the dogs might have made their nails aligned by scratching against any rough objects like the soil or trunk of any tree. But it is not actually like that. Trimming will not only make the pet look nice but also helps from security point of view. The chances of any scratches due to the nails are minimized when the nails are well trimmed. Also, the chances of breaking are minimized. The breakage of nails of the dogs can be a painful one and can lead to infection.

dog nails

Apart from all these, nail hygiene also affects the way your dog walks. A proper walking posture for the dogs ensures a healthy future as it reduces the chances of bone and joint issues. Therefore, it is suggested to have the nails of your pets trimmed regularly. What needs to be taken in consideration is that the person must have the right information and knowledge regarding the trimming. With that, a proper trimming procedure is completed in no time.

Tools Needed to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

  • Nail clippers

    nail clipperNail clippers are available in various styles in the market that includes the guillotine-style nail clippers which are easier to use and plier-type nail clippers that are used for trimming nails of the larger breeds. Another type of the clippers in the category is the scissor–type clippers. Electric buffer-type trimmers can help avoid trimming too much or causing pain.


  • Treats

    After every cut or trim is made, give your dog the treats kept in hand. Experts are of the opinion that treating the dog after every trimming would help to make the experience more positive for the dogs as well as the one who is doing the nail trimming.

  • Styptic Powder

    This is kept for the emergency purpose as in the case when the cut is made too large and there is bleeding. Vets use styptic powder to help wounds clot.

  • Using the Clippers

    For those who are using the trimmers for the first time, it must be sometimes a shaking experience. But, think about your sweet little velvet paws. Injuring them is never going to be your aim. Hence, before proceeding with the clippers, make sure that the blade of the clippers are sharp and in a good working position. Every trim has to be made as fast and accurate by keeping the pet relaxed. Also, to separate the dog’s toe, the fingers should be used by keeping a firm grip on the clippers.

    According to an expert who has years of experience in dog grooming in Oklahoma City, it would be a better option to get the dog acquainted with the all sorts of equipment before actually proceeding with the work. Try one nail per session to start out.

  • Clipping Dogs Nails Safely

    Make sure you know how much of the nail needs to be cut. In case of any doubts, get the correct information for the nail anatomy of your dog’s breed and size.


    • Keep the trimmer firmly gripped in the hand with the movable part gripped with your fingers. During this stage you must be able to see that a small cutting blade is sliding when the handle is squeezed.
    • The nails need to be cut from the underneath not from the top downwards. Concentrate on the whitish part of the nail because it is the part that is to be cut.
    • Make a smooth squeeze of the handle or the grip to make the trimming effective. Remember, the cut should be smooth and the trimmer should be held firmly without any shake.
    • The cut portion of the nail is to be removed. If needed, filing of the edges of the nails is to be done to avoid scratches, or even places for the nail to start cracking.
    • Keep trimmers clear of the pinkish tissue inside the hard nail. The nail itself is keratin, like our hair and nails, but the living tissue underneath is very sensitive.

What Should I Do When I Bring Home A New Puppy In Edmond?

new puppy in Edmond

If you are planning to get a dog as your pet, it is essential that you do a thorough research on how to look after the dog, what are the measures that you need to follow and what are the methods of dog care. Once, you are done with your research, there are certain areas that you need to concentrate on:

1. Living Space and Sleeping Area:

Make sure that your dog has got a proper living area in your home where they can settle in order to get adjusted to the new environment. This commonly takes the form of a kennel, where all their comforts can be found.

2. Potty Training:

The kennel also helps the new puppy understand that he should not soil his own home. Whenever the puppy is out of the kennel, immediately place him outside in the grass and watch to be sure he goes. An Edmond dog trainer can offer further advice for puppies that resist potty training.

3.Neuter/Spay, Vaccination and Other Vet Care:

Spaying and neutering pets is a humane way to control animal populations, but it is commonly recommended to wait for your pet to mature for a few months first. Vaccination is important as it helps to prevent serious illnesses. Regular vet visits can prevent and get rid of worms, fleas, and other potential health problems.

4. Microchipping and Registration:

Microchipping is a non-invasive process of implanting a rice grain sized RFID chip just under the skin of a pet. The chip can be read by any standard reader device used by animal control and vets. In case your dog is lost, he can quickly be found by the information provided by the chip registry.

5. Training and Socialization:

This should start in the early ages of puppy hood. This helps in building its character and overall development when exposed to new people and other dogs. Your dog will become interactive and far less likely to become fearful and aggressive.

6. Exercise:

Edmond’s dog parks are a great way to socialize your dog while getting exercise! Exercise keeps your dog fit and active. Moreover it helps it in the overall growth and development of the dog. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

7. Nutrition:

It is extremely important that you provide your dog with the right and balanced nutrition. Corn based dog foods are not as nutrient dense and often produce digestive problems. The right food will ensure that his fur is smooth and shiny, eyesight is healthy and bones, joints and muscles remain strong.

8. When You Leave Your Dog Alone:

When you get a pet at home, you have to ensure that it gets utmost love and care. However, there may be times when you have to leave it alone. Training by walking out the door and coming back in after a few minutes will normalize the leave and return process. Otherwise your dog could suffer from separation anxiety.

Having a pet at home is a huge responsibility. And you need to make sure that you will be able to take proper care of it. This is more so because dogs are extremely sensitive to human love and care. Make sure that you live up to your dog’s expectations.

Are You The First Time Dog Owner? Here Are The Answers To Your Queries

Dog grooming in edmond

Having a dog as a pet is a huge responsibility. You are not only bringing your furry friend home, but, you have to ensure that he is well looked after and cared for. If you are living the city of Oklahoma you must be aware how difficult it is to have big dogs like retriever or Labrador as your pet. The space constraint prevents you from having big sized dogs as your pets. In order to provide a cozy comfort to your furry friend, more and more people are opting for small sized breeds like morkies, poodles and shih tzus. If you are a first timer dog owner the following answers to your queries will make your journey of owning a pet quite a memorable one:

  • Yes, it is important to take your dog out for a walk. He needs to meet people, socialize and get fresh air as part of his life. Moreover, exposure to the sun will ensure that your dog gets its daily dose of Vitamin D. Moreover, your dog will be fit and active too. Don’t make your dog a home hamster.
  • Make sure that your dog gets its daily dose of exercise. Just like big breeds of dogs, small sized dogs too enjoy playing games. Hence, make sure that you engage them in throw the ball and fetch it games.
  • And finally, you need to train your small dog too. Make sure that you hire the right trainer for your small sized dogs. The sooner it is exposed to training the well behaved it will be.

There are many dog boarding in OKC where you can keep your dog in case you are going out of station. Make a list of the well known ones in the Oklahoma City. Before you leave for some work, call up these boarding centres and find out about the facilities offered. Select the one that best fits your dog and his requirements.

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6 Ways to Find Out If Your Dog Has Fleas

get rid of dog fleasFrom Lake Arcadia to its many parks, Edmond, Oklahoma offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors! The journey turns merrier if your dog accompanies you. Camping under the stars with your dog or just going for a hike through scenic woods make for cherished memories. It’s all fun until you realize you brought home some uninvited guests: fleas. There are means to detect them early. We have jotted down the top 6 ways to detect fleas, taking expert help from dog boarding professionals in Oklahoma.

Let us get into the details of the means to read the signs that your dog has been infested with fleas:


  1. Perform a thorough inspection of your dog’s fur. The fleas will run in the opposite direction from where you divide the fur. You can easily detect them from their brown color.
  2. Give a thorough bath. Keep the drain clogged for a certain period and closely watch for the signs of black spots in the water. If you see any, take a closer look.
  3. Comb the coat using a flea comb. The small, brown critters of flat and oval shape that run quickly could be fleas.
  4. ‘Flea dirt’ or flea droppings are left behind by these bugs that look like flecks of dirt or black pepper. When you put some flea dirt upon a white facial tissue, after some time yellowish spots will appear confirming it’s not actually dirt! Gross!
  5. If you get hold of a bug from your dog’s coat, try to squish it in a tissue. Gnats and fruit flies are commonly mistaken for fleas, but if it is a flea, you will not be able to squish it easily.

If you want to get your dog and your home free from fleas, get in touch with expert dog boarding in Oklahoma who know how best to deal with a flea infestation.

Make Regular Dog Grooming A Habit In 2017

Dog grooming in edmondYour dog is family, and naturally we take care of our family members. Grooming your dog and taking care of him is essential. With the help of professionals, you can ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy. Professional dog grooming in Edmond, Oklahoma is growing in demand. This is the perfect service to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy as well as promote psychological wellbeing. Here are some key benefits of keeping your dog well-groomed.

Promote Healthy Habits

Cleaning your pet’s coat regularly keeps his fur and skin healthy and also reduces allergens. Dirt, debris, dead skin cells and shedding hair can accumulate in a dog’s coat, causing matting and tension. It can also inhibit air circulation within the fur coat leading to overheating especially during Oklahoma’s hot summers. Brushing, scrubbing and blow drying the coat of the pet removes the dead skin cells and loose hair. Dog grooming experts in Edmond are experienced in providing this service for a variety of breeds and fur types.

Control Shedding

Seasonal shedding is a healthy, normal process for many dog breeds. However, with improper brushing and grooming, the shed hair can end up all over your house and increase airborne allergens. During the shedding season, grooming is essential to remove excess hair and assist the shedding process and keep the skin healthy. Moreover, some shedding is not normal and may be a sign of skin inflammation or clogged pores. Regularly grooming keeps the roots free of debris.

Make Playtime Better

When your pet is nice and clean, cuddling and playing are all the more enjoyable. For the humans in the house, a clean coat on your dog reduces allergens and the smells of dirty dog fur. For your dog, a clean coat is more comfortable and breathable, freeing him to think of other things like having fun!

Make your dog look good

While your dog may not be too concerned about appearance, we take pride in having clean, healthy-looking dogs. It shows other dog owners how much you care. Choose a day care for pets which provide grooming services too, and you can save yourself the extra work of cleaning your pet every time you come back from a trip. The fresh look of the pet from a proper grooming session ensure that your pet is perfectly fine in terms of health and also is rejuvenated by their grooming.