Doggie Dental Care

Is your dog suffering from dental problems? It is important to take care of your dog’s dental health and have some basic knowledge on how to prevent any dental issues. This infographic provides the top 5 dog tooth issues along with signs of periodontal disease among dogs. Also, you will learn some preventive care tips and steps to brush your dog’s teeth for a bright smile.

Go through this infographic to know more about dog dental care.

Dog Dental Care

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends!

Dogs are no doubt one of our favorite pets. They have become a part of our daily life. But how did dogs become our best friends? Well, it is believed that dogs have descended from wolves almost 15,000 years ago. Humans and wolves formed a strong bond between them and eventually, the modern dog came into existence.

Find out in this infographic, how dogs became our best friends.

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends


How Kids Should Interact With Dogs

Dogs play an important part in our daily life. They help us to cheer up and make us happy when we are down. However, proper interaction with our dogs is necessary. For this, we should teach our kids the basic interaction techniques and train our dogs properly. Scroll through the below infographic to know more about how your kids should interact with dogs.

How kids should interact with Dogs Infographic