How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are the cutest and the most faithful creatures for us humans. A puppy dog face will melt any heart. Once you return home after work, it is the doggie that welcomes you with everything he’s got. As their owner, it is your duty to ensure that the dog remains happy and healthy.

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Keeping Dogs Engaged

We must remember that the dogs love to keep themselves busy. Therefore, provide them with toys and chewing bones to hone their innate skills of hunting, grabbing and catching. Experts say that when the natural instincts of the dogs are suppressed, they tend to become more aggressive.

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Keeping them Social

  • Dogs too love to be in a social environment; they are man’s best friend after all. Isolating them even for a day can make them depressed and anxious.
  • Experts suggest that dogs too need walking and jogging once or twice a day to freshen up their mind and burn some energy. Hence, it becomes a duty of the owner to arrange a regular dog walk hopefully where there will be other friendly dogs and people.
  • Let your dog be introduced to other dogs, one at a time, and on common ground – not in their own home.

Training up Your Dog

  • A well-trained dog does more than party tricks. It can take stress off the owner and others as well knowing the dog will respond to commands.
  • An experienced and expert trainer is needed to be hired who can train the dog efficiently and without the confusion that a trial and error process entails.
  • Research has shown that a trained dog has better developed social skills, able to make a bond with people and other dogs more easily.

Fix Dog’s Schedule and Your Role

  • Dogs easily understand love and affection. However, sometimes its animal instinct comes into play, calling for a timeout.
  • Fix a playtime for the dog only for the time when the dog remains calm and composed.
  • Cuddle the dog when it has successfully followed the instructions. Like humans, they also get a boost in their morale.

Structure Your Behavior

  • To keep the dog happy, it is necessary that the environment around it needs to have a certain order. Therefore, it is advised not to overreact in front of dogs. Excitement can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Experts say that as long as the dogs are kept calm and composed, it is a good sign. Making them nervous could actually become dangerous.

Keeping Physical Health

  • A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Same is applicable for all living organisms.
  • Exercising will keep your dog active and happy.
  • It is also advised to involve the dogs in some sort of active game format.
  • Dog grooming is an essential practice as far as the physical well-being of the dog is concerned. Regular grooming keeps away pests, matting, and infections.

Dog owners certainly have a lot on their plate to take good care of their pet. But a healthy and happy dog is definitely tough to beat for keeping us healthy and happy in return!

How Kids Should Interact With Dogs

Dogs play an important part in our daily life. They help us to cheer up and make us happy when we are down. However, proper interaction with our dogs is necessary. For this, we should teach our kids the basic interaction techniques and train our dogs properly. Scroll through the below infographic to know more about how your kids should interact with dogs.

How kids should interact with Dogs Infographic

Why Positive Reinforcement in Dogs works?

dog training in edmondDo you shut down if someone yells at you? Well dogs react the same way to negative communication. They don’t respond well to abusive treatment or any act that involves striking the animal or yelling – in short, this can lead to a sense of fear and in the long run can lead to depression. To avoid this, positive reinforcement is recommended to Edmond dog owners as an essential part of dog training.

What is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement works on the principle of praising or appreciating your dog for the different activities carried out by him. In the positive reinforcement style of dog training, you never strike, yell or punish your dog for any mistake committed by it. On the other hand, it promotes calm redirection, appreciation or praise. It involves rewarding the dog for the different activities that it does throughout the day. Don’t forget that your dog is a reflection of your behaviour. If you treat your dog well, it will love you unconditionally but if you treat your dog in a poor fashion, it will end up biting you.

Is there any science behind it?

Yes, there is, It works on the simple psychology that when dogs are exposed to a positive atmosphere they respond well whereas if they are ill treated they end up sad and depressed and lose self confidence and the ability to perform. There are many dog training centres in Edmond that offers positive reinforcement as part off their training curriculum. Choosing these quality training services will expose your dog to a positive environment for overall growth and development.


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