Tips for Handling Obesity In a Dog Day-Care Facility

dog obesity

Obesity refers to the state of being extremely overweight, and it is one of the most common physical problems in the world. Not just human beings but pets also suffer from issues related to excess body weight. This blog post helps you with certain tips to handle obesity in your furry friend.

Pets with excessive body weight often fall prey to certain diseases. Improper diet and lack of physical activities lead pets to gain weight beyond healthy limits, and consequently, they suffer from breathing ailments, back pain, ACL injury and a shorter lifespan.

To avoid these problems, pet owners should be careful about the nutrition and daily activities of their pets. Food, as you know, can be the best form of medicine when consumed as a balanced diet. While feeding your pet, you must keep in mind its needs and preferences for a diet that is both nutritious and palatable. There are several pet nutrition experts and veterinary doctors whom you can consult for planning a good diet for your furry friend.

The secret to keeping your pet in the pink of health is to provide it with adequate nutrition. When you feed your pet on your own, you can easily monitor their diet. However, if you wish to leave your pet at dog day-care in Edmond, OK, then it is wise to bring your dog’s regular food along.

dog nutrition

This method of providing food will ensure your pet gets proper nutrition according to its needs and food habits. This will also sort out issues related to an upset digestive system or illness during their stay at the boarding facility. Changes in environment and routine often can make your pet feel distressed both physically and mentally. Food brought from home will certainly make it feel better.

Pet care professionals and experts in dog day-care in Edmond, OK, suggest several measures to keep obesity in pets at bay. They recommend pet owners to provide a balanced diet for their pets along with ample daily exercise.

dog training

It is obvious that nobody likes their pets to be obese and lazy. Unfortunately, pet owners often do not even realize that their furry friend is obese. Therefore, pet care experts at dog day-care facilities should point out obesity or issues related to pet weight during a pet’s stay at their facility. Furthermore, professionals should refer the pets to their respective veterinarians from time to time so that their health issues can be detected and treated properly.

Pet care is all about loving pets and keeping them happy. This calls for providing proper nutrition and medical help so that your furry friends are taken good care of, especially when you are away from them. If you are looking for a place to care for your pet during the day, Puppy Paws provides the best dog day-care in Edmond, OK, and is committed to bringing out the best in your furry friend.

How to Help Your Fat Dog Lose Weight

Dog ObesityEveryone knows about the obesity epidemic among humans in America, and our dogs are not immune. In much the same ways our food has become more decadent and readily available, dog food has become richer, tastier, and in many ways more nutritious. However, dogs, like humans, did not adapt to a world in which nutrient dense food was always just sitting around, waiting to be eaten.

Some dogs can learn to “free feed” in a responsible way, but others are primed to satisfy the urge to eat whenever they can or even stress eat. Dachshunds, beagles, terriers and cocker spaniels tend to fall into the latter category. Moreover, any canine that lies around throughout the day has a high risk of becoming husky.

It might surprise you to learn that 33% of owners of overweight dogs are unaware that it has become a problem. A quick way to check if your pooch is getting too chunky is to feel of his rib cage with the palm of your hand. If you can’t feel individual ribs, there’s a chance he’s getting on the heavier side. An overweight dog is more susceptible to diseases like diabetes and cancer, so to give your dog a long, healthy life, keeping a healthy weight is important.

Treating Obesity in Dogs

  • Don’t Give Your Dog Diet Pills!We’ve heard of some dog owners slipping diet pills into their dog’s food to curb their appetite or increase their metabolism. This is foolish to say the least! These pills and supplements are meant for human adults and often contain stimulants that can be lethal to dogs, especially considering the weight difference between an average dog and human. If your dog should be taking anything to promote a healthy weight, it must be prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • Choose Dog Food WiselyDogs are not meant to eat a human diet. Nevertheless, many brands of dog food are based on grains like rice or corn. Not only can such ingredients cause digestive distress, but they can also increase insulin resistance in dogs, causing weight gain, and even diabetes. When selecting a dog food, get one with meat or vegetable meal ingredients in the first three places in the ingredients list. Blue Buffalo is an exceptional brand.
  • Toss the Table Scraps!
    Folk wisdom says dogs were made for table scraps, but human foods can actually be one of the reasons for obesity in dogs. It is also harder to screen the quantity and quality of food your dog eats when the family regularly indulges his tableside begging.
  • Monitor Food Intake
    Some dogs learned how to “free feed” as puppies, meaning they know when to stop eating even while food is available. However, dogs raised among other dogs competing for food may never learn to free feed properly. In that case, the total daily food requirement for your dog should be divided into two or three feedings a day. Programmable automatic feeders make this very easy.
  • Discuss Weight Management with Your Vet
    Edmond is known for its reputable vet clinics for dogs. If your dog has existing medical conditions, see your vet for the best advice for keeping a healthy weight. Keep in mind that even spaying or neutering your dog can affect how he or she gains weight throughout life. Some medications may be necessary in cases where your dog has a thyroid or other metabolic condition.
  • Get Plenty of Exercise
    Edmond offers dog owners plenty of sidewalks and parks to give your dog a good daily workout. Thirty minutes a day, three times a week is enough to keep most dogs lean and healthy. For those dog owners who don’t have the time or energy to ensure their dogs receive adequate exercise, there are dog daycare centers normally associated with dog groomers or boarders in Edmond, where your dog can play with others under constant supervision.