Required Information To Maintain A Dog’s Dental Health

Maintaining Dog’s Dental Health

Your dog is your child and being a dog parent, you have to give them enough love and care, but sometimes, you may skip a part that is actually vital for your furry child. You clip their nails, wash them, take them to the vet, give them proper meals and vaccines, play with them; what might be left then? It is often oral hygiene. You may brush your pet’s teeth, but the gums needs more attention to maintain their upkeep.

If the gums are not taken care of, bacteria may accumulate under the gums and may cause gingivitis, causing them to lose teeth. The bacteria may infiltrate the bloodstream and with this, the infection can be spread to other body parts, including the heart, liver and kidneys. This is the reason why professional washing, inspection and proper medical help is needed, which is not possible without dog boarding in Oklahoma or wherever the facility is available.

Dog Dental CareWhen The Problem Arises

There are signs which will indicate that there are problems with your pets’ gums, they include:

  1. Oral bleeding
  2. Bad breath
  3. Sneezing
  4. Change in eating habit
  5. Drooling etc

Generally, to avoid problems, the diagnosis and treatment are done under anesthesia. This needs to be performed by a professional, which is available at dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Once you see any of these symptoms in your pet, set an appointment with a vet immediately for a checkup. Generally, vets will recommend dental prophylaxis for the diagnosis and to determine any further treatment.

Dental ProphylaxisDental Prophylaxis

This is basically an oral medical process that is performed under anesthesia. This process helps to perform a detailed check up on the oral hygiene of the dog.

The process includes tooth root surface examination, tooth mobility checkup, subgingival calculus and periodontal pockets.

  • Extensive water flushing follows the process to remove all the food particles and plaque.
  • A Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler with specialized KLAW tips is used for tartar removal. The calculus build up is removed with the ultrasonic action.
  • For cleaning the oral cavity, 0.2% chlorhexidine rinse is needed.
  • After that, a fluoride paste is used for polishing teeth.

Your pet may face discomfort after the cleaning process, but that will gradually go away. Soft food is recommended after along with prescribed antibiotics.

To take care of your dog during this process, you need dog boarding in Oklahoma. Being a working person, it is difficult for you to take care of your pet. And, you wouldn’t want to neglect your pet. You can come to Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, they offer these services with compassion, proper care and expertise.

Tips For Enjoying Spring With Your Pet

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Spring is the season that marks a new beginning for both nature and our lives. After the cold, harsh winter, the advent of spring is welcomed with arms wide open by all living beings on earth. This pleasant phase of the year brings with it blooming flowers, longer warmer days and a bagful of joy and comfort. Moreover, a lot of festivals are scheduled in the season of spring to add to the joyful spirit.

The festivities of spring call for adequate care for your pets at home. The departing winter season can be even more harmful for your pet’s health, as chances for you to manage minute yet really unhealthy signs and symptoms cannot be neglected. Thus professionals in pet care in Oklahoma City advise the following tips for fully enjoying the upcoming spring along with your furry friends.

Ensure Pet Safety Both Inside and Outside the Home

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Pets are surely our true friends for life. They bestow on us their unconditional love and ask for nothing else in return. Moreover, pets are no less than innocent kids who are undeniably delicate and sensitive. Thus it becomes very important to pay utmost attention to their safety and well-being.

The awesome weather outside during the spring season can tempt your pet to jump out of any opening to get outside. It is thus advised to make sure your doors and windows are well covered with appropriate barriers, as jumping from a height can be dangerous for your pet. While taking your pets for an outing, you should secure them with suitable leashes or in a well-fenced yard to avoid risks.

Mind the Rising Temperature

With spring comes a remarkable rise in temperatures in all temperate regions around the globe. The sudden hike in temperature can make your furry friends restless and tired. In order to enjoy the spring season with your pets in the pink of health, you should keep an eye on their subtle signs and signals. Certain breeds show sensitivity to temperature changes with symptoms like fever, vomiting and lethargy. In order to tackle these problems, all you need to do is to maintain a comfortable temperature inside according to their needs.

Keep Them Away From Harmful Stuff

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Blooming flowers in the garden and people partying out on their patios are quite common views during spring. However, some flowers, like lilies—as well as chocolates and many other things—can be very dangerous for pets when ingested. Proper care should be taken to prevent any accidental swallowing of these seemingly tempting treats by your pets. In addition, some people use antifreeze and other chemicals in pools, fountains and ponds in their yards. Keeping pets away from these toxic areas is therefore extremely important.

Make Sure Heated Floors and Pavement Don’t Hurt Your Pets

Cats and dogs perspire through their paws, which are comparatively soft and sensitive. Due to this, stepping on hot surfaces like floors or pavement can seriously hurt them. During the spring season when the temperature rises gradually, stone landscapes and even flooring get hot and uncomfortable to walk upon. Thus professionals in pet care in Oklahoma City recommend maintaining a comfortable temperature at least inside the house.

Get Pets Vaccinated on Time

Having and maintaining a good vaccination timetable for pets always paves the way for their good health. The change of season during spring often brings a lot of diseases, owing to the growth of microorganisms everywhere. This also gives rise to the appearance of ticks and fleas thriving on your pet’s body. During the spring season, pets are more likely to come in contact with each other. This can further increase the chances of getting an infection or harmful bacteria. A regular and well-timed vaccination program especially during the spring can surely help your pets stay hale and hearty.

Help Them Stay Well Hydrated

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Water is life. This saying holds true even for your furry friends, who are susceptible to considerable loss of water from their bodies during spring. Thus it is advised by experts in pet care in Oklahoma City to ensure an optimum supply of water during the spring so that your pet can also bloom in health with ample intake of water.

Love Them Whole-Heartedly

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Last but not least, to make sure you treat your furry friend with the best pet care in Oklahoma City, you should love them whole-heartedly. Although these furry companions cannot talk back, they are blessed with an excellent talent for reciprocating emotions. Love and laughter are the best medicines in the world, and spring is the season that puts a new life into everything. The above tips present rewarding ways to enjoy this time of the year with your pets and ensure that you both feel healthy and happy.