How To Stop Two Dogs From Fighting?

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It is said that love accompanies possessiveness and as for the most unconditional lover it is definitely true. Yes, we are talking about the dog. It is psychologically proven that a dog is a very possessive animal and it hates to compete with other dogs or even humans to get attention from their loved ones. Therefore, no wonder that if someone gets very close to you, no matter if it is a dog or human, your dog would not take it casually. If it was a dog, it can result in dogfight.

Other than at your home, it is also a common thing in a dog park. In fact, the scenario can take place in dog boarding as well. But fortunately, dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, take care of these situations well. The boarding centers have well-trained workers who have been trained for several hours professionals. So that there won’t be any fighting between two dogs, they take full precautions.

dog boarding edmond okWhat They Do to Prevent Dog-Fighting

Food and toys are the two most risky things that can ignite dog-fighting. Dogs can also become extra possessive about their loved ones and protecting them, they can show aggression.

  1. The best way suggested by experts is to feed the dogs away from each other, otherwise they are prone to getting involved in fights.
  2. Washing the food bowls immediately will prevent growth of their possessiveness and there will be less chance of a fight.
  3. It is dangerous to remove toys or bones from your dog. It is better to distract its attention to something else before taking it away.

There are several warning signs of dogfight. The professional dog trainers from dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, recognize these signs and take precautionary steps to prevent the consequences.

  • Growling
  • Raised hackles
  • Stiffness
  • Flattened ears
  • Staring
  • Bared teeth
  • Downward tail

If you see two dogs are giving any of these signs, you have to be on alert. As these are the prior sign of an attack. The professional caregivers handle such situations carefully, so the dogs won’t get hurt and the other staff remain safe. Here are some of the methods they us.

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  1. Distraction is a good way to change their focus. You can make a loud noise, or a metallic sound so that the dogs get shocked and change focus. You can also try putting a blanket on them so that they can’t see each other to fight.
  2. The ‘wheelbarrow’ method is also effective here. Two professionals can raise the fighting dogs’ hind legs from the back so that they have to stand on their front legs. Thus, they can to be away from each other. The sudden awkwardness will divert the dogs’ mind.
  3. When there is nothing to apply these methods, putting a barrier between the two will stop the fighting.

You can trust Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a reliable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, for boarding your dogs for the hours you are out of the house. They have a proper setting to keep the dogs safe and healthy.

Doggie Play Styles: The Favorites of Dogs

Keeping your dog active is one of the crucial things you can do for them. Its physical and mental well-being depends on the activities chosen. Regardless of age or breed, dogs love to be involved in activities. Dogs are cheerful animals and they love to play rather than sitting and sleeping. If you don’t get adequate time to play with them, you can take them to a dog boarding home in Oklahoma to spend a few hours of the day being active and enjoyment.

There are several types of activities you can choose for your dog. They can vary for puppies and full-grown dogs. People say that different breeds of dog, especially large and small breeds should not be left together to play. But, this is a myth. Small dogs that spend time with larger ones often become friends with each other and enjoy playing together.

There are some common styles of play that dogs love. You may find it strange, but the dogs will enjoy it. Here are some examples.


They are not directly involved in this game, but they just want to be involved. If you are playing a game with your family, they will run around and bark and jump and in this lies their enjoyment. The dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes this in their dog play. They let the dogs run around and just enjoy being out. It nourishes their mind and body.


Sometimes they just like to slam themselves into others. The other dog may be into something else, but they like to rotate their body in a circle and slam into others playfully. This self-explanatory activity makes them happy and helps them to get a healthy body and mind.

dog wrestle


It is a common style of play for dogs to get on top of one another. Generally, the people or other dogs chosen to be the partner in this style of play is someone whom they are close to. They just roll over, hit and get on top of each other. This game requires a lot of bodily contact and the friendly wrestling is essential for exercise and making them feel happy.

Tug of War

Holding something by teeth and pulling it while the other end is in a human’s hand or other playmate’s teeth is one of most dogs favorite games. They enjoy this one a lot. They can grab anything for it, so the dog boarding home in Oklahoma keeps a stash of tug toys for this purpose.

dog fetch play

The ‘Go and Fetch’

It is the most common trick dogs are trained to do and it makes them happy in the process. Any toy or ball can be thrown and then they are asked to go collect it. It improves the dog’s investigational skills. Along with this, the dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes chasing, where they chase each other.

With Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, you will get all of these activities for your dog to make those hours without you more pleasant and helpful to them.

Why Leave Your Dog Alone at Home?

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Most people unfortunately have a daily work schedule. It is imperative to maintain this for the sake of healthy and prosperous living. If you and your spouse both go to work and your children spend their time at daycare or school, there is no one at home and your pet should not have to be the one to stay there alone. If you are stepping out for three hours or so, you can keep him at home. But if you have to spend most of the day or more out, you should think of some alternatives to handle this situation. It is very obvious that you keep toys, food, water and everything needed near for your pet, but he will miss you. Pets especially dogs are social animals and the feeling of loneliness can make them bored and depressed. This can be really dangerous for their physical and mental health. This is where the need of dog boarding in Edmond, OK lies.

The situation can be as bad as the below-mentioned, if you leave your pet for most of the day or more than:

  • After spilling water, your pet wouldn’t have anyone to refill the water bowl and it may be without water.
  • For lack of interaction, it may bark continuously or fall sick.
  • Separation anxiety may get into his brain.
  • For boredom, it can do something very unusual such as destroy your belongings and forget his domestic training.
  • Your pet can try running away, hurt itself to find its owner, or try make itself safe from thunderstorm or fireworks.

dog boarding edmond OK

What you can expect in the dog boarding:

  1. Spacious and private indoor and outdoor kennels.
  2. Areas are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Availability of fresh water.
  4. Quality food.
  5. Climate-control features along with fresh air circulation.
  6. Regular exercise and play time.
  7. Social interaction with other dogs to make it a cheerful and active environment.
  8. Grooming facilities including bathing.

Therefore, if you want your dog to be happy and healthy on a whole, you should call Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, a reputable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, where the dogs are given all the needed facilities so they won’t feel lonely or depressed.

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3 Key Reasons You Should Choose Dog Daycare

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We know you love your dog and that is why you want the best for it. Like your own children, dogs can be messy and they can unintentionally interrupt you when you are solely engrossed in doing professional work, cleaning or getting prepared for the day, among other things. However, you can’t stop them from doing this with rules like children. Instead, if you board them in dog daycare for that few hours, they can at least enjoy the time and you can do your work peacefully. Dog daycare in Edmond, OK, provides many facilities that will entice you to send your dogs for some crucial hours of the day.

Here are the three most important reasons you should think of this option for your dog, to prevent him from getting bored and get you some personal space.

Less Scope of Distraction

When you are dealing with a very complicated project or stuck in the middle of something important and you need to brainstorm peacefully to get it out of the way, you will obviously not appreciate any distraction. It can be anything from household chores as well as cleaning, washing, or making something. Your beloved pet wouldn’t understand the importance of these tasks and they want you to spend time with them, play with them. In order to seek your attention, they may end up distracting you from what you are doing. Don’t be angry with them. Opt for dog daycare in Edmond, OK, and keep them occupied for hours until you have finished your work.

dog boarding staffs


If you are going somewhere and you can’t take your dog, like a corporate event or something else, you can board the dog for a couple of hours in dog daycare in Edmond, OK. It is better than leaving him at home. You may feel guilty to leave them alone to suffer the boredom. If you send them to dog daycare, they will not be lonely and bored. Therefore, you will have the satisfaction that your dog is not going to suffer in your absence.

Health Care

The caregivers will take note from you any lessons about your dog. Its allergies, food habits, general nature and many others things so that they can provide him with adequate care and support. There are many other dogs in the daycare, so your dog will always have company. If required, they will vaccinate your dog after consulting you so that they are completely safe.

If you are thinking of finding a reliable dog daycare in Edmond, OK, you can call up Puppy Paws. They are a reputable carer for your pet in your absence.

What Your Pet Will Receive from Dog Boarding

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If you have ever owned a dog, you might know how difficult to it is to leave them back at home during a trip. Not only emotionally for you but also because of your pets well-being. Your relatives or neighbors might not be comfortable to keep it during those days or the environment might not be suitable for it. In this case, the dog might become fearful and violent in a new environment. Now, you have an extremely helpful idea to keep your pet in a safe place and that is dog boarding.

Dogs do not become violent in boarding because the professionals on staff know how to handle them. Having other dogs staying with them to play with also helps create a friendly environment. The entire setup of boarding is designed to keep pets in the most suitable surroundings. What are the benefits you can get from dog boarding in Oklahoma and other places in the United States? Here they are…

  • Dog boarding always provides the best security to a pet in absence of its master. If you so choose, you can get private and luxury accommodation for your dog. Staying in a pet home assures that pets are away from any threats and its owner can travel without any worry.
  • The caregivers from pet boarding are always concerned about your pet’s meals. You need to inform them if they are on any medication, has allergies, likes or dislikes and any other health concerns. According to the dietary needs, they will feed dogs maintaining a schedule.
  • In dog boarding, your pet will live with other dogs. During the day they get playtime which will help to build up social skills.


pet care


  • In a home, a dog might not get space for physical activities. In boarding, they will get an organized environment to stay physically fit and mentally active.
  • Most of dog boarding in Oklahoma provides vaccinations to dogs. It lessens the chance of infections and boosts their immunity as well.
  • Your pet will receive adequate love and attention and will not feel lonely and homesick. It stops them from being anxious and violent during the stay.

You can contact Puppy Paws Salon & Spa for the most sort after dog boarding in Oklahoma. Here you will get the desired environment for your four-legged family member and peace of mind during your trip.

Gaming Activities That Are Followed In Dog Boarding


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Puppies are playful and this habit lasts well into their adulthood also. If your pet is running all over the house, roaming around, this is a sign you have a healthy puppy. In case, you are not in the city and you have to leave your dog in dog boarding in Oklahoma, do not be afraid it’s playfulness will go unchanneled. Dog boarding uses a number of games and activities for the dogs. These activities are also important for obese dogs, reducing problematic behaviors etc. Here are some they use:

Bobbing for Apples

You can use apples or something of the sort. If you have never tried this, try it today. Fill a bathtub for dogs with water and place food items or toys there. To collect them, the dogs will jump in. This is a great game to follow on a hot summer days.

Squirt Gun Shenanigans

This is another game for the summer season. Buy simple water guns and get engaged in a water fight with the dogs. Allow the dogs to chase the water from the gun and let them get wet and muddy. After all making mud is another fun game.

dog games

Jolly Balls

Jolly balls are large inflatable rubber balls that were initially used for horses. These are perfect for community games and can occupy the dogs effectively. Staff should be involved with the dogs while playing this. They can kick or toss the ball in different parts of the yard and engage the dogs.

Keep Away

Dogs generally love chasing balls and human interaction in the game is very important. The team members should always interact with the pets. It will help create a long lasting relationship and strong bond.

Scout out the Scents

Dogs love to search for scents; sniffing and finding things is in their nature. You can hide treats around the place and encourage the dogs to find them. Use items of interesting/strong smells.

Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, the well known dog boarding in Oklahoma, engages dogs using these games to get the best out of them and to keep them fit and sound.

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Think About Dog Boarding Centers

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Your dog always needs care and attention. Without proper attention and physical activities, your dog may get bored and fall sick as well. But, you have to attend your office as well. How will you pay attention to your dog all the time? Are you fed up to balance your work-life and personal life with your dog? Here is the solution for you. The dog boarding in Oklahoma will put an end to your worries, in addition to making your dog happy.

Here are some beneficial areas of dog boarding in Oklahoma which you should know before availing their service. You may inquire the service provider to be sure if they provide these services and make your decision easier.

dog walkers

Development of the Social Skills

The dog daycares are there to keep your dog for the time you have to spend at your workplace. The package includes proper diet, exercise, training and many other things. Most dog-owners keep their dogs in the boarding and so your dog will definitely get several friends over there. If you have only one dog, it may not develop the socializing skill at your home, but here. It is helpful to make your dog friendly and well-behaved. Despite having power and size differences, they will learn to adjust with them in the dog boarding in Oklahoma.

dog exercise

Exercise and Training

If you can’t get enough time to involve your dog in physical activities, you should think about it now. Less physical activities may make the dog obese, ruin its digestive health and even make it immobile. In the dog boarding centers in Oklahoma, the dogs are involved in enough physical activities. According to the age group, the activities are segregated.

In addition to exercise, the training session is also taken care of in the centers. The professionals over there provide obedience training in a positive but without harming anyone.

dog boarding Oklahoma

A Comfortable Environment

Dog boarding in Oklahoma promises to give your dog a friendly and comfortable environment. You will notice the mental advancement of your dog each day just from them staying in a healthy and happy environment in your absence. Besides physical health, maintenance of their mental health is also very important. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to provide this for your dog.

If you are trying to find the best place for dog boarding in Oklahoma, seek help from Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, Inc. They are the experts you can rely on while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Top 4 Tips to Get the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pet

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When you get a puppy, it becomes your family member. Like your child, you don’t want to compromise its comfort and care. But with most people working outside the home nowadays, it becomes impossible for us to stay with our pets all the time. Leaving it at home alone, even with food, water and toys can cause a dog distress, especially if left for long periods of time. They are very sensitive creatures, and may fall ill from the constant isolation of missing you. To stop this from happening, look for a dog daycare for your pup to allow them to have good time in your absence. There are several companies offering the service of dog daycare in Edmond, OK, but before leaving your furry child with them, you need to research the best one. This blog contains the top tips to find the most suitable dog daycare for your pet.

#1. Visit It Yourself

It is best not to rely on others and see the daycare for youself. Once onsite, look at the other dogs staying there, the entire environment, the area, the training programs, the security system and the staff. These will all be helpful indicators to show if this is the perfect place for your pet. Get to know how many caregivers there are attending to the dogs. Normally the ratio is 20:1 for seeing to all the dogs needs. Know the amount of time your dog would spend in a crate. Look at the surrounding area. At least a 1500 sq. ft. area is needed for 20 dogs. As you know your dog, including all its quirks, no one can be a better judge of what is needed then you. If required, visit the facility more than once to help make your decision.

If you find everything is too perfect or you have a hunch that your puppy may not be comfortable with the environment, trust your gut feeling and try somewhere else.

dog exercise

#2. The Activity Sessions

Training programs might be an option for your dog at a dog daycare in Edmond, OK. Most of the time they come with an additional fee, however the daycare arranges the training sessions and ensures your dog receives them during the day with no hassle for you. Besides training sessions for puppy obedience, there is also educational playtime for dogs of all ages.  This is a time when dogs can play and socialize with other dogs. It helps to stimulate the dog’s mind and also involves physical activities that can help tire them out.

#3. Disciplinary Training

Checking the type of discipline used in the facility may help you decide if it is suitable for your dog. As per the proper dog training process, the dog should be disciplined with positive reinforcement. Punishment should not be an option. Ensure that the caregivers treat your dog the way he is used to being treated. Dogs at day care should not be harmed at any point during their stay, but especially not during the disciplinary training process.

dog boarding

#4. Get References

Discuss with your friends and family about the dog daycare you are thinking of selecting and get their opinions. You can also try to get feedback online and from people who have choosen their services previously. The reviews will help guide you in the right direction.

Puppy Paws is a reliable source of dog daycare in Edmond, OK. You can trust them with the responsibility to take care of your dog and know your furry friend is in expert loving hands.

5 Important Tips to Deal With a Fearful Dog

fearful dog

A dog with a haunting past can become fearful. A rescued dog who fails to forget what happened to it may take a much longer time to adjust to its new family. The situation can be extremely difficult, and you may feel that you have brought in a danger to your home and should return it to the shelter. But here is where you may give a second thought. When you adopt a pet, you are responsible to help it gain its lost confidence and trust. You can take the help of our services for dog boarding in Oklahoma to train your dog empathetically and help it overcome its fear.

Here are some useful tips to deal with a fearful dog in the right way.

  • No direct medication can change the behavior of your dog. It had a very different life before, and it needs your patience to overcome the trauma. This is the first thing you should keep in mind before starting. Next, be determined not to give up on it. It’s a difficult, but not impossible, goal to achieve.
  • Understanding the perspective of your dog may be difficult, but you should do this to help your beloved pet. It may seem stressful to understand what makes it afraid. But a tortured dog abandoned in a shelter sees everything from its past viewpoint. This causes it to distrust everyone around it. You can seek therapy through dog boarding in Oklahoma if your pet is going through this situation.

fearful dog

  • Anything that is new and different from its past may scare your dog. You should wait patiently to let it settle in and get comfortable. Once it becomes accustomed to the new and changed environment, its body will release tension and it will stop getting afraid.
  • Handling a fearful dog may take time. It may seem that there is no progress at all, but after a few weeks or months, you will notice a difference. Patience is the main key in dealing with your new pet. If you take help from dog boarding in Oklahoma, you can visit your dog and see the progress in its behavior.
  • Know that the feeling of fear is painful for your dog. Once the therapy is over and your dog has recovered from its fear, your dog will return to a normal life. And this will be the reward for you, as a dog parent.
  • Giving up on the dog is obviously not a solution, and neither is doing nothing. You need to understand the reason behind its fear and that the proper therapy will help it relax and become comfortable. The staff at our facility for dog boarding in Oklahoma can suggest the best solutions for your dog to gift it with the normal life it deserves.