Dog Daycare, the Best Care for Your Dog in Your Absence

Dog Daycare

You love your dog and we know it. That is why we always try to do the best for them. If they are happy, healthy and comfortable, it gives us satisfaction. We are Puppy Paws Salon and Spa and we provide your pet all the possible facilities needed in a dog daycare in Edmond, OK. We have professional dog groomers and caregivers who will not let your dog get bored or uncomfortable.

It is very possible for you to be busy in the workplace and your dogs will miss you at home. They will have to sit idle and in boredom, and potentially they can start messing up things in your home. They need attention and company all the time. If they stay alone for a long day, it will affect their physical and mental health badly. Furthermore, you may have senior dogs or puppies and they need extra special attention. That is why the dog daycare in Edmond, OK, has become so popular.

If you have not applied for the service of a dog daycare yet, it is high time to make your decision. Here are some reasons for you to make your choice.

Exercise For Dogs

  • Proper exercise is very significant for your dog, especially if it is a very active breed or a young pup. Exercise is needed for keeping them healthy and fit. Exercise also makes a dog friendly, comfortable and keeps away the territorial and dominant attitude. In a dog daycare in Edmond, OK, you can to drop your dog off in the morning. There are several other dogs with whom they can socialize, play and take a nap with. All these things make them physically active and mentally healthy. After work, you will take them back home. Isn’t this convenient?
  • Not only exercise and socialization, but the dog daycare will also offer your pet individual attention so that they won’t get deprived of anything they need.
  • Your dog will have access to grooming facilities, vaccinations and medications if required. You can have everything done in one place. There is always a doctor in the dog daycare to tackle an emergency.

It has been found that most problems arise in dogs because of two extreme conditions. Either people involve them in excessive exercise or they are too busy to take them even in a walk. Boredom and extreme exercise are both harmful to your dog and we efficiently balance these two. We provide them exactly what they need.

What are you waiting for? We, Puppy Paws Salon & Spa are here with our dog daycare service in Edmond, OK to help you manage your work without worrying about your dog all the time.

Required Information To Maintain A Dog’s Dental Health

Maintaining Dog’s Dental Health

Your dog is your child and being a dog parent, you have to give them enough love and care, but sometimes, you may skip a part that is actually vital for your furry child. You clip their nails, wash them, take them to the vet, give them proper meals and vaccines, play with them; what might be left then? It is often oral hygiene. You may brush your pet’s teeth, but the gums needs more attention to maintain their upkeep.

If the gums are not taken care of, bacteria may accumulate under the gums and may cause gingivitis, causing them to lose teeth. The bacteria may infiltrate the bloodstream and with this, the infection can be spread to other body parts, including the heart, liver and kidneys. This is the reason why professional washing, inspection and proper medical help is needed, which is not possible without dog boarding in Oklahoma or wherever the facility is available.

Dog Dental CareWhen The Problem Arises

There are signs which will indicate that there are problems with your pets’ gums, they include:

  1. Oral bleeding
  2. Bad breath
  3. Sneezing
  4. Change in eating habit
  5. Drooling etc

Generally, to avoid problems, the diagnosis and treatment are done under anesthesia. This needs to be performed by a professional, which is available at dog boarding in Oklahoma.

Once you see any of these symptoms in your pet, set an appointment with a vet immediately for a checkup. Generally, vets will recommend dental prophylaxis for the diagnosis and to determine any further treatment.

Dental ProphylaxisDental Prophylaxis

This is basically an oral medical process that is performed under anesthesia. This process helps to perform a detailed check up on the oral hygiene of the dog.

The process includes tooth root surface examination, tooth mobility checkup, subgingival calculus and periodontal pockets.

  • Extensive water flushing follows the process to remove all the food particles and plaque.
  • A Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler with specialized KLAW tips is used for tartar removal. The calculus build up is removed with the ultrasonic action.
  • For cleaning the oral cavity, 0.2% chlorhexidine rinse is needed.
  • After that, a fluoride paste is used for polishing teeth.

Your pet may face discomfort after the cleaning process, but that will gradually go away. Soft food is recommended after along with prescribed antibiotics.

To take care of your dog during this process, you need dog boarding in Oklahoma. Being a working person, it is difficult for you to take care of your pet. And, you wouldn’t want to neglect your pet. You can come to Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, they offer these services with compassion, proper care and expertise.

How To Stop Two Dogs From Fighting?

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It is said that love accompanies possessiveness and as for the most unconditional lover it is definitely true. Yes, we are talking about the dog. It is psychologically proven that a dog is a very possessive animal and it hates to compete with other dogs or even humans to get attention from their loved ones. Therefore, no wonder that if someone gets very close to you, no matter if it is a dog or human, your dog would not take it casually. If it was a dog, it can result in dogfight.

Other than at your home, it is also a common thing in a dog park. In fact, the scenario can take place in dog boarding as well. But fortunately, dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, take care of these situations well. The boarding centers have well-trained workers who have been trained for several hours professionals. So that there won’t be any fighting between two dogs, they take full precautions.

dog boarding edmond okWhat They Do to Prevent Dog-Fighting

Food and toys are the two most risky things that can ignite dog-fighting. Dogs can also become extra possessive about their loved ones and protecting them, they can show aggression.

  1. The best way suggested by experts is to feed the dogs away from each other, otherwise they are prone to getting involved in fights.
  2. Washing the food bowls immediately will prevent growth of their possessiveness and there will be less chance of a fight.
  3. It is dangerous to remove toys or bones from your dog. It is better to distract its attention to something else before taking it away.

There are several warning signs of dogfight. The professional dog trainers from dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, recognize these signs and take precautionary steps to prevent the consequences.

  • Growling
  • Raised hackles
  • Stiffness
  • Flattened ears
  • Staring
  • Bared teeth
  • Downward tail

If you see two dogs are giving any of these signs, you have to be on alert. As these are the prior sign of an attack. The professional caregivers handle such situations carefully, so the dogs won’t get hurt and the other staff remain safe. Here are some of the methods they us.

dog boarding edmond ok

  1. Distraction is a good way to change their focus. You can make a loud noise, or a metallic sound so that the dogs get shocked and change focus. You can also try putting a blanket on them so that they can’t see each other to fight.
  2. The ‘wheelbarrow’ method is also effective here. Two professionals can raise the fighting dogs’ hind legs from the back so that they have to stand on their front legs. Thus, they can to be away from each other. The sudden awkwardness will divert the dogs’ mind.
  3. When there is nothing to apply these methods, putting a barrier between the two will stop the fighting.

You can trust Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a reliable dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, for boarding your dogs for the hours you are out of the house. They have a proper setting to keep the dogs safe and healthy.

3 Key Reasons You Should Choose Dog Daycare

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We know you love your dog and that is why you want the best for it. Like your own children, dogs can be messy and they can unintentionally interrupt you when you are solely engrossed in doing professional work, cleaning or getting prepared for the day, among other things. However, you can’t stop them from doing this with rules like children. Instead, if you board them in dog daycare for that few hours, they can at least enjoy the time and you can do your work peacefully. Dog daycare in Edmond, OK, provides many facilities that will entice you to send your dogs for some crucial hours of the day.

Here are the three most important reasons you should think of this option for your dog, to prevent him from getting bored and get you some personal space.

Less Scope of Distraction

When you are dealing with a very complicated project or stuck in the middle of something important and you need to brainstorm peacefully to get it out of the way, you will obviously not appreciate any distraction. It can be anything from household chores as well as cleaning, washing, or making something. Your beloved pet wouldn’t understand the importance of these tasks and they want you to spend time with them, play with them. In order to seek your attention, they may end up distracting you from what you are doing. Don’t be angry with them. Opt for dog daycare in Edmond, OK, and keep them occupied for hours until you have finished your work.

dog boarding staffs


If you are going somewhere and you can’t take your dog, like a corporate event or something else, you can board the dog for a couple of hours in dog daycare in Edmond, OK. It is better than leaving him at home. You may feel guilty to leave them alone to suffer the boredom. If you send them to dog daycare, they will not be lonely and bored. Therefore, you will have the satisfaction that your dog is not going to suffer in your absence.

Health Care

The caregivers will take note from you any lessons about your dog. Its allergies, food habits, general nature and many others things so that they can provide him with adequate care and support. There are many other dogs in the daycare, so your dog will always have company. If required, they will vaccinate your dog after consulting you so that they are completely safe.

If you are thinking of finding a reliable dog daycare in Edmond, OK, you can call up Puppy Paws. They are a reputable carer for your pet in your absence.

First-Aid Kits at Dog Daycare and Boarding Centers

First-Aid Kits at Dog Daycare

When you go on a camping trip or vacation, do you carry a first-aid box? Most likely, the answer is yes. When you take your pet on the trip along with you, do you consider carrying a first-aid box for it? If no, then it is the high time you should think about it. Our center for dog daycare in Edmond, OK, has already considered it. At Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, we suggest arranging a pet first-aid kit with a few essentials.

Why Does Your Pet Need a First-Aid Kit?

We cannot say enough about the importance of a first-aid kit. Whether you are keeping your pet in your home or leaving them at dog daycare in Edmond, OK, a first-aid kit is essential. Your dog may need special care sometimes, or it may experience an accident. In any case, it is your responsibility to nurture your pet with the necessary medicines and care. With on-time and proper aid, you can reduce your dog’s pain, lessen the severity of an injury, ensure fast healing and possibly even save your dog’s life.

With the right products on hand, when your pet gets in an accident, you can quickly start nursing it. Simply put together a kit with the proper materials.

Top Essentials to Put In a First-Aid Kit:

  1. Wound spray and ointment: You should keep a spray to clean wounds and ointment to promote healing and prevent infection.
  2. Self-cling bandage: This type of bandage will cover the wound but will not stick to your dog’s fur, making the process less painful.
  3. Scissors: Yes, you need a pair of scissors. It is required for cutting a bandage according to the size of a wound or such needs.
  4. Eyewash and ear wash: Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, suggests keeping ear wash and eyewash handy. Any kind of pollutants or foreign particles can get into your pet’s ears or eyes, and your pet can feel sensations like itching and burning. If your pet is allergic, the reaction can be severe. An eye or ear solution will help to give your pet comfort.
  5. Dog cone: This is used for covering the head and neck area. If your pet has any injury, wound or stitches, use the dog cone. With this on, your dog will not be able to chew stitches or lick wounds.
  6. Muzzle: Even if your dog is calm and composed, if it has any wounds, it might start to bite that area. So, keep a muzzle in your kit.
  7. Leash: This is important for keeping control over your dog. Sometimes, in stressful situations, your pet might get nervous and try to run away. The leash will help hold your pet.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide: If your dog eats something poisonous, you need to make them vomit as soon as possible. Always keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy, and make your pet drink it if it eats something poisonous. Your dog will start vomiting, thus ridding itself of the poisonous substance.


Other Things That Should Be In the Box:

  • Absorbent gauze pads
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Cotton balls
  • Ice pack
  • Disposable, latex-free gloves
  • Lubricator
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Corn syrup
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Antihistamine
  • Skin and paw balm