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Pampering pups is our specialty! We have locations in Edmond and now NW OKC to serve our pup clients. Call for overnight boarding, doggie daycare, professional training, spa grooming and more!

Transparent background with white paw print drawings.
Transparent background with white paw print drawings.

Who are we?

We are a full-service, luxury dog hotel with locations in Edmond and NW Oklahoma City providing overnight stays, doggie daycare, spa grooming services and professional dog training programs.  We believe that Care + Luxury + Love = A Happy Dog and this principle guides all that we do.  We place the highest priority on safety and customer service to ensure that your dog has the best possible experience with us.  We are unique in this market, others may do SOME of what we do but they don’t do ALL that we do…and we do it better than anyone else.

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If you’re a busy pet parent or have a pup in need of playtime, leave it to us to provide top-flight doggie day care services!
By appointment only.

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Overnight Boarding

Going away on a trip and worry about your dog? At Puppy Paws, we strive to provide your dog the best overnight boarding service so that they get the same attention and love you give them.

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From the routine nail grinding to a soothing facial, we are trained and fully equipped to give your dogs a comprehensive range of grooming and pampering services!

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Puppy Paws Academy is designed to enrich the relationship between you and your pet. Through many educational opportunities, Puppy Paws has created programs to enhance your dog’s experience. All programs are designed by Pet Expert and Trainer, Travis Brorsen.

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Paw Chauffeur

Are you a busy pet parent? Let us help! Whether it’s to daycare, the spa, vet, or home, our pick-up and delivery services are here to safely transport your precious pup wherever they need to go!

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Puppy Paws Boutique features all the best dog products and accessories your pup will love from collars, bandanas, beds and more. Check out our debut series of trendy accessories inspired by breathtaking travel destinations in the Desert Southwest!

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What our clients have to say

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I’ve been taking my pups to get groomed and to daycare at Puppy Paws for 6 years, and I have nothing but the best to say about the staff and facility. The care and love Puppy Paws provides is outstanding! The nannies love on all the dogs like they are their own pups. They are so gentle with the dogs, and take their time to groom them so that the dogs always feels comfortable. It means the world to me to not have to worry about the dogs because I know they are in the best hands; even so, they send me pictures throughout the day which always make me happy to see my pups having so much fun! My dogs love to go to Puppy Paws and will bark and whine the minute we turn down the street until they jump out of the car. I can’t even say “Puppy Paws” at home or else they get so excited!…The fact that they continue to go above and beyond for the dogs and the owners is one of the many reasons I will always come to Puppy Paws.

Katie S.
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Travis and Puppy Paws Trainers and Nannies were life savers for my dog Jack and I. When Jack was 16 weeks old he had so many phobias which were affecting his behavior. I thought because of his behavior and size, I was going to need to find him a new home. I contacted Travis for help; him along with Puppy Paws staff have managed to train Jack into a very manageable, well behaved, sweet 90 pound puppy. Jack loves his time going to Puppy Paws socializing safely with his puppy friends. I highly recommend Travis Brorsen and Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa for training, daycare, boarding, and grooming. Very Grateful.

Kris S.
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Puppy Paws truly treats my baby like family! I’ve been with Puppy Paws all the way back… I can’t imagine bringing Gypsy anywhere else. What they do is beyond words!

Michelle N.
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Puppy Paws is our go-to for all things related to our furry friends- grooming, overnights, training, & even a doggie spa. BUT our new favorite thing is hiring them to come help at a wedding or event. We had them at the Boots wedding and it was a game changer. They got the dogs all groomed and ready for their photos. They helped handle them, brought them in when it was their time to shine, and then took them back and loved on them when it was time to party!

We cannot recommend them enough if you want to incorporate your animals into your special day!

Aspen Ranch
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I wish I had not let my fear get in the way of enrolling Hazel Rose sooner in [Puppy Paws Academy’s] 12 day training program. My sweet rescue suffered a lot of neglect and abuse before I adopted her, and she had always been timid around new people, especially men. She was also boundary oriented and it took awhile for her to get comfortable to jump in the car and go for rides. I rehabbed her slower than my other rescue boxers. My girl has been thriving since I picked her up 10 days ago. But I also love that I have a trusted place to board and drop her off at doggie daycare. Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa has changed our lives. I had no idea it could be like this. I am grateful for you and your team! Thank you.

Melissa F.
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We interviewed many trainers before finding Puppy Paws Academy; what we loved most was the Positive Reinforcement as they trained our sweet Beau Britton. She was so receptive to them because of that! Beau was a hot mess on the leash. After 10 days of training, we can now walk her in the neighborhood with little to no struggle!

Beau is a big golden retriever and would be so happy to see kids, but want to jump. After 10 days of training, we had 6 little friends over and she was a completely different dog. So gentle around them and NO jumping. All our friends were amazed at the difference in her!

Shelly W.
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Autumn loves coming to Puppy Paws for doggie daycare! The nannies take such great care of her. She loves them & they love her. She also loves her Friday baths.

Lisa & Piyush P.
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I recently attended Puppy Paws Academy ‘play and train’ session. Travis and Keri are so good with my puppy. Every one of the staff were so kind and thoughtful. At the end of the session, my puppy had made huge improvements and learned all the commands including leash training. She would be so excited and happy when she saw we were pulling up to the facility. Daily pictures and videos were sent to me and, at the end of the 2 weeks, a report card showed how much improvement she had made. I also learned how to train myself and to make it fun and rewarding for both of us. All in all, it was great.

Terry C.
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Puppy Paws Academy and Travis were a life saver for us and our one year old Goldendoodle, Enzo. As a pup, who loves everyone to a fault, we could not control his excitement when meeting new people which meant embarrassing scenes for us when he continually jumped all over our guests. It was cute as a little 10 lb pup, but when he grew to 40 lbs it was not so cute anymore. Travis worked with Enzo and after 10 days the difference was amazing. He gave us the tools we needed to continue working with Enzo at home. Travis also helped us with loose leash walking and after only 5 days I was walking Enzo instead of him walking me. The transformation was impressive and I would highly recommend Puppy Paws Academy for all your training needs.

Bethany M.

We can’t wait to see your pup!

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