4 Hallmarks of An Exceptional Dog Boarding Facility

happy, smiling dog

For many pet parents, it can be an agonizing decision to leave your beloved dogs behind when you need to travel and can’t bring them along. As paw-rents, we want to make sure our four-legged family members are in good hands when we can’t be there for them! Thanks to dog hotels and boarding facilities, our pets have a place to stay where they are well taken care of, with plenty of food, exercise and even grooming.

While there are numerous pet hotels out there to choose from, not all of them are created equal! As a responsible pet owner, we need to determine the most well-equipped facility that will fit you and your pets needs.

Here are four of the best ways to tell if a dog hotel is perfect for your pooch:

1. Spacious and Comfortable Kennels

Pay attention to the areas where your dog sleeps, eats, and plays both indoor and outdoor. These spots must be properly ventilated, cozy, and safe so your pet won’t escape or mix with other dogs at night. It is ideal for them to have security cameras as well.

Choose a dog boarding facility that understands the need for some pooches to be isolated from others because of issues such as temperament, size, or level of comfort. The staff should not ignore the possibility of dogs reacting negatively to one another, regardless of how playful they seem to be.

2. Constant Supervision by Highly Trained Staff Who Genuinely Love Dogs

When the dogs play, staff members should watch and check on them constantly. When it’s eating or nap time, the staff must patiently and lovingly provide the dogs with the things they need. They must also follow the owner-approved daily schedules for play and socialization.

If the staff members don’t bother to ask about your dog’s favorite things, activities, or medicine, take that as a red flag. They should also ask you about your dog’s immunization; this proves they are trying to keep every animal in the facility safe and healthy.

3. Clean and Well-maintained

If the dog hotel or boarding facility stinks, leave. Cleanliness is of paramount importance. The areas where dogs eat, play, or walk around must be spotless and organized. Dogs can create a lot of mess, but a proper boarding facility will keep things clean and safe for the animals.

4. Extra Pampering and Care Services

A spacious, clean, and comfortable dog hotel is basic. What makes a memorable hotel stay for your dog is the extra care and pampering they get. To keep your dog happy while you’re away, book them for a relaxing dog spa treatment and make sure they get superior dog grooming services.

To make sure your beloved pet gets the TLC he or she needs while you are away, take a tour of your dog hotel of choice. Make sure it ticks all of the important boxes that will give you the peace of mind while you’re away.

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