4 Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Spa Services

grooming bath labrador

A lot of pet owners groom their dogs at home, which has both advantages and disadvantages. The American Kennel Club advises that getting your dog professionally groomed not only saves owners’ time and energy but is also good for pets’ health and behavior. Not only do professional groomers have the right tools but they specialize in grooming and handling all types of dogs. Each breed of dog has their own individual needs and ideal schedule for grooming. There are numerous dog spa treatments you can choose from, but how do you find the right groomers for your fur baby?

Here are some tips for choosing a dog grooming shop:

Fully-equipped with Grooming Tools and Pet Care Products

Professional groomers are equipped with the right tools, including clippers for all kinds of breeds, sizes and coat conditions. They also have shampoos for dogs with skin allergies, irritations, fleas and ticks plus dog-specific toothpaste to keep teeth healthy and clean.

Wide Range of Grooming Services

Dog spa services offer numerous grooming packages including bathing, drying, brushing. nail trimming, ear cleaning, gland expression, sanitary trim and breed-specific haircuts. Some even include extra services such as de-matting, undercoat removal, teeth cleaning, massages and facials.

Experienced and Well-Trained Groomers

Professional groomers know how to handle dogs. They are patient, experienced, calm under fire, know how to handle stressful situations and handle anxious and aggressive dogs. Also, they are able to notice any concerning injuries or suspicious lumps that need to be checked by a veterinarian immediately. You want to look for a cheerful groomer that will take care of your dog as if it were their own.

Offers Pet Sitting and Boarding Services

In case you have to be at work or out of town with no one left at home to watch your pets, make sure that the groomers you choose also offer sitting and boarding services. If your dog is already used to visiting the shop for regular grooming, then they will feel more comfortable to stay at the facility with the same personnel.If you are looking for reliable and professional dog spa services, make sure that they have a track record and experience to carefully handle your dog’s health needs. Puppy Paws Hotel and Spa provides dog spa treatments as well as dog daycare and boarding services in Edmond, OK. Call us today at (405) 348-2800 to schedule your dogs grooming appointment.