6 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happy!

dog happy

The bonding between you and your dog is an example of unconditional love. Your dog will never stop loving you, and you should also not leave any reason for it to complain. To add some more charm in this pure relationship, you can surprise your dog with several fun activities. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can choose these fun activities for your dog to cheer it up. Many of these activities are offered by our dog daycare in Edmond, OK.

Here is a list of popular fun activities that are beneficial for your dog’s health and mind:

Obedience Training

Your beloved pet is your good boy or girl, but obedience training is needed to strengthen the connection between you two. Through these training sessions, you and your dog will get accustomed to a common language comprehensible for both of you. This language involves some basic commands. With the course of the training at a dog daycare in Edmond, OK, your dog will learn more complicated commands and will become even more perfect in your eyes.

dog trainingAgility Training

Running is one of the best exercises for both humans and dogs. It involves all the body muscles and makes the body more flexible. It improves the metabolism, appetite, health of bones and muscles, digestive system, and many other functions and parts of the body. Agility training at dog daycare in Edmond, OK, trains dogs to move flexibly and obediently. This is a full-body exercise that your dog will love. Your dog’s movement skills will be enriched with hurdles like ladders, tubes, pools and ramps, and your dog will learn when to jump, turn, tip and duck.

Training for Tracking

This training helps your dog develop and utilize its extremely powerful sense of smell. Generally, dogs have a strong sense of smell, and with these sessions, your dog will reach a high level of tracking with this sense and can accompany you in hunting, law enforcement and similar activities. Though the skill set is a little difficult to adapt, dogs are good learners and always find it fun to learn new things.


When your dog is part of your family, you should find dog-friendly accommodations when you travel. Many dogs thrive on vacations. They enjoy nothing less than humans do. Traveling isn’t very difficult today for a dog owner. One great option is the beach, as dogs are fond of beaches. You should research a bit on the dog-friendly hotels at whatever destination you choose. Needless to say, when your loving pet is around, you will also enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Dog Parks

A dog park is a place for dogs to socialize. It is a wide-open place with a soft surface and sometimes various play props for the dogs. Your dog can meet other friends there, and together they can enjoy themselves while you enjoy watching them playing, running and having a good time. Our dog daycare in Edmond, OK, offers this provision for the dogs to enjoy even when you are not present.

dog frisbeeFrisbee and Hiking

Your dog doesn’t always need to go for a vacation or training. It can be happy with simple, fun activities like playing with a Frisbee. Many dogs love chasing Frisbees, balls and other toys. While playing, your dog will also get some exercise. Another simple activity you can involve your dog in is hiking. You can even just take it on a simple walk with you through the neighborhood. Walking with you and meeting new people and other dogs will make it happy.

Whatever you do to make your dog happy, whether you choose simply walking or enrolling it in training, you will remain its hero. Your company and love are the most that your dog wants. Puppy Paws knows the connecting link between you two: It is love. Keeping this in mind, we offer dog daycare in Edmond, OK, where you can take advantage of multiple services and facilities to keep your dog happy and healthy. Dog daycare is a much better option than keeping your dog alone until you return home at the end of the day.