Best Christmas Gifts for Your Pet in Boarding

dog gift

The decision to keep your pet in a boarding is a difficult one and particularly when this is the holiday season. Willingly or not, sometimes we need to make tough decisions. However, we can make the stay of our pets at the boarding facility a fun filled activity by buying them their favorite gifts. Below mentioned are a few ideas of the best gifts for your pet in a boarding:

  1. Consider buying a Meow Cat Bowl with the figure of a golden fish drawn on the inside. It will be a fancied china bowl for your kitty.
  2. A memory foam dog bed could be the ideal gift for your pup, which is fond of its long winter naps.
  3. A cat scratcher house could be a wonderful gift for your kitty. During the festival time, it can swat, scratch and relax in it.
  4. A cheerful collar is an ideal gift for your dog that loves to play in the snow.
  5. A uniquely designed, colorful polyester sweater will help your dog staying warm.
  6. Keeping your dog active this winter is a necessity. A training bone toy is a smart way to keep him active.
  7. Buy a plush tree for your kitty so that it can scratch on it without any remorse. A few models come with a couple of plush perches and dangling toys.
  8. Soft Spot pet pillows are eco-friendly and resistant to tears. This pillow is washable and comes as a rescuer from an unpredictable pet.
  9. To keep your pet warm during those chilly winter walks, you may consider buying it a warm dog jacket.
  10. Synthetic lamb’s wool sack is an ideal gift for your kitty that loves its naps. Under its paws, it crinkles like a paper bag, which is why your kitty will love to play with the outside.

Finally, remember to leave your pet with something to remember you, if only for the scent! There are many good options available for dog boarding in Oklahoma City. If you are planning for a vacation trip and worried about where to keep your pet, you can think about a quality service provider for dog boarding in Oklahoma City.