Boarding Package Pricing

Overnights-large dog bedroom

What Sets Us Apart

Did you know that unlike most other overnight dog boarding facilities that charge by night, we charge per day! As opposed to charging on a per-night basis, we offer a daily rate that integrates our all-day daycare service with our overnight price.

As a pet parent, you need to always keep an eye on your dog—but at times you simply can’t, Puppy Paws does it for you! Count on us to give your dog the exceptional level of fun and gentle care while you’re away!

Boarding Price Guide Per Day

4×4 Standard4×6 Luxury5×8 Palace
1 Day$42$54$68
5 Day$193$262$329
10 Day$373$509$646
20 Day$720$993$1266
30 Day$1043$1453$1862

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