Check if Your Pet Comes in the Top Ten List


We all love pets, but we do not bring the same type of breed in our home. Some like a larger one or some like a fur ball when it comes to choosing a breed. Dogs are immensely popular as a pet. The 60 million Americans have 90 millions of pet dogs. As an honor to the National Dog Day, the 24/7 Wall Street has identified the top-ranked breeds according to the popularity. The American Kennel Club has provided data for this list.

No matter what your choice is, house size, you can bring home a pet dog in Oklahoma City or even can put it in a dog boarding in Oklahoma City when you are out of station. Here is a list of the top ten most popular pet dogs in reverse order.

German shorthaired pointers – It is a great gundog and a wonderful pet. It likes to exercise a lot. It is one of the finest swimmers amongst other dogs and a natural retriever in land and water.

Yorkshire Terrier – It is a species of great courage and confidence and fits in the urban culture well. These qualities have earned him the title of ‘the tomboy toy’. It seeks the attention of its guardian and known for its silky coat that has a similar texture with human hair.

Rottweiler – This breed is a combination of intelligence, strength and endurance. This is sometimes portrayed as aggressive but in reality this quite calm.

Poodle – This toy like breed is cute and it is eager to please its guardian. They are very energetic and good runners. They need a trim and regular grooming because of the hypoallergenic coat.

Beagle – It loves to be in a social environment and very friendly. It loves human companionship. It is a scent dog which sometimes put it in trouble.

Bulldog – It has always a special space in a dog boarding in Oklahoma City or other places in the United States. This is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. It is quite friendly and gentle in nature.

French bulldog – Contrary to the name, this breed actually comes from England. It is friendly, playful, and good with kids. It has bat-like ears and prone to snore.

Golden Retriever – It is hardworking and quite intelligent. These qualities make it the perfect choice for search and rescue and hunting. It is friendly and a great pet.

German Shepherd – Though it is the second most popular dog in the United States, it is the first and the best choice for its intelligence, obedience and ability for training. Because of these qualities for police, it is the first choice besides search and rescue team.

Labrador Retriever – It is the first choice for the U.S. citizens. There are several reasons that it has topped the list. It is friendly, obedient and the most sought-after breeds for any kind of challenging work.

The dog boarding in Oklahoma City always welcomes pets warmly. You can expect the boarding Puppy Paws Salon & Spa to be sensitive to your pet and conscious. When you are not in the town, they will step back to give the best care like you do. All breeds irrespective of its popularity have a place there, you only need to inform about your pet and details like medications, allergies, likes and dislikes, food habits etc.