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“Excellence Wins” I’m sure you have heard this before, it is one of our team mantra’s.  The team at Puppy Paws is expected to maintain a level of EXCELLENT customer service, an exceptional level of communication and a professional manner. Along with EXCELLENCE we will exhibit LOVE and CARE deeply for our Furbabies, Clients & our fellow Team Members.

This Extended Training Curriculium will prepare you to step into the next level of EXCELLENCE. To ensure that our dogs feel loved and cared for we will always strive to provide consistant care this is acheived by following guidelines and always striving to get better. To step into our leadership postions you will need to maintain a positive attitude, exhibit cooperation and teamwork with ALL departments and set a good example for the rest of the team. In a leadership role your team will look up to you and follow your lead so it is vital that you uphold and follow ALL Puppy Paws SOP’s & guidelines.

Lead Position Requirements 

  • Uphold Puppy Paws Core Values LOVE . CARE . EXCELLENCE
  • Reliability and a consistent work ethic 
  • Maintains and promotes a positive culture
  • Exhibits EXCELLENCE in all duties 
  • Exhibits EXCELLENT Customer Service
  • Steps up during Peak Holidays “All Hands on Deck”
  • High Level of comfort and confidence with dogs
  • Attentive Observation to maintain dog safety
  • Maintain Facility image by keeping it clean and organized 
  • Follow and uphold Puppy Paws dress code.
  • Exhibits Clear, Consistent, Communication 

Lead Float Duties

  • Taking care of Boarding Dogs; Belongings, arrival & departure prep, bedroom, water & food. 
  • Attentive Observation; You are the eyes and ears of what is going on with the Nanny’s & the Dogs in the facility. 
  • Cross Trained; You need to have a working knowledge of all positions and task lists… Float, Bellhop, Food Prep, Housekeeping, Lead Nanny, Personal, Bath Tech, PU&D, Limited PetExec
  • Moving Dogs; The Float and the Bell Hop are responsible for the movement of dogs throughout the facility. One playroom at a time, ALWAYS ON A LEASH, make every effort to be in control at all times. The Float’s focus is the back taking care of the boarding dogs. 
  • Roll Call at 10am; Help Reception make sure arriving and departing dogs are properly checked in & out. This is especially important when we are running curb side services. 
  • Bedrooms; Tidy, Deep Clean, Setting up. Ensuring dogs have clean beds or blankets and full water bowls at all times.
  • Cleaning Task List; Maintain boarding and daycare cleaning calendars per facility managers requests. 
  • Organization; Keep the boarding area neat & organized; cleaning cart, supply cabinets, shelves, float station etc…
  • Housekeeping; Basic and Deep Cleaning
  • Shift Change Planner; How to read and when and where to add if needed
  • Employee Breaks
  • Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Walkie Talkie Etiquette; Make sure Nanny’s are following WTE
  • Yellow Dogs; Help Nanny’s with yellow dogs, tell them if they are reactive and help with behavior issues