Temperament Testing How To

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Remember that all dogs are required to do a Temp Test before they can come to Puppy Paws. Dogs are graded on a scale of green, yellow, and red. 

  • Green Dog: Positive off-leash play

  • Yellow Dog, These dogs will have behavior issues or something that they are reactive about, they WILL require more ATTENTIVE OBSERVATION. Watch for signs of stress, fear, alert or other warning signals. May require more redirection and breaks.

  • Red Dog: Will be handled by a Personal Nanny and not participate in open group play. They are High risk in off-leash play, due too high arousal, extreme stress, or fear. Typically dog aggressive dogs, older dogs, unaltered dogs over 1 year old or scared dogs.

In this section, we will take a closer look at how to perform a temp test in open play. We will show you how to evaluate a pet’s background and how it might play a role in wether the dog is Green, Yellow, or Red. We will show you how to perform our temp test to ensure playrooms are safe for open play. We will show you how to document the results with in Pet Exec and fill out the report card for the client.