Does Your Pup Brush Teeth Regularly?

Regular brushing teeth is a part of hygiene. No need to explain why we should brush our teeth twice a day. But do you follow it for your pet also? In our dog boarding in Oklahoma City, we deliberately make the dogs to brush their teeth. Most people we have seen do not understand or know the importance of brushing teeth of their pet, but it is equally important for dental care as it is for humans. This habit can prevent heart, liver and kidney issues in pets. Additionally, you may not be able to know the oral problems of your pet. For example, your pet might have an abscessed tooth and it is eating despite pain.

Tips to Brush Their Teeth

Use a toothpaste specially made for pets. They supposed to spit it out but most of the pets eat it. So ask your vet and get a toothpaste that is appropriate for them.

Use a professionally designed toothbrush for pets. This is not the same as humans, especially when your breed is small or pet is a little one or pup. You should but a toothbrush that fits your finger like a thimble. If you have more than one pet, each should have individual toothbrush like us.

Give your dog a treat after brushing teeth. It will seem to be rewarding.

Do not forget to brush back of their mouth. There could be problems and skipping to brush the place you may miss it.

Start growing this habit with your pet as early as possible. It is best to start at the tender age.

How to Start It?

If it is older one try to grow this habit soon but gradually. If your pet refuses brushing do not force it but keep on trying gently. If it agrees then your job is pretty easier. Let it taste the toothpaste first and add toothbrush gradually into the process. You can ask members of dog boarding in Oklahoma to know about it and the training process in brief.

We at Puppy Paws Salon and Spa do not forget to brush pets teeth regularly or as required. Come to our place and check when you will out of town where you can keep it providing a good environment.