Doggie Day Care Checklist

Many working people have to spend too much time away from their dogs, no matter how much they wish it were otherwise. While a daily visit to a park or going on a walk can take care of a dog’s outdoor needs, the 10 to 12 hours alone at home can be hard such a social creature. Especially for adolescent dogs, boredom can set in with loneliness. All that pent-up energy can emerge in lots of destructive ways. To spare your shoes, furniture, carpets, etc, there are many great options for dog day care in Oklahoma City.

But you don’t want to leave your baby with just anyone. When choosing a dog day care for your canine friend you, take the following into consideration:

The Dog Day Care Premises

The best way to evaluate nearby dog day care services you need to visit their facilities in person. Make sure that the day care is clean and well ventilated. Keep your nose out for foul smells that could indicate poor maintenance or the use of harsh chemical cleaners. You would not want your dog coming home smelling of bleach or urine.

Ensure that the dog day care has separate rest and play areas so that your dog has a place to retreat when he’s tired. The day care service should keep reasonable play hours, so as not to overtire or stress your dog. The facility should make food and water available, along with an outdoor area for doing business.

A Good Place to Play

Play groups should include dogs with compatible sizes and play styles. For instance, play wrestling dogs should stay with other dogs that like to play wrestle, while dogs that play chase should be with others that like to run. Other dogs aren’t too active, so there’s no need to stress them out by making them play with dogs of a very different temperament.

Generally, the larger that play area at a dog day care, the better. Dogs with a variety of styles can be out at the same time without getting into each other’s fur. Even a well-behaved dog may inadvertently cause another some trouble, so it’s important that the dog day care have an arrangement to keep incompatible dogs separated.

The Dog Day Care’s Selectivity

If you are presented with an application form asking for details about your dog, his attitude, and his health, this is a good sign. An application form from a quality dog day care service in Oklahoma City will ask for a detailed vaccination history and the dog’s reaction to puppies, other adult dogs and humans. The more the day care employees know about the dogs they keep, the more they will be able to give each of them appropriate care.

The Dog Day Care Staff

Dogs must be supervised properly when at play, so the training and attitude of the staff is very important. A staff with plenty of knowledge on canine behavior and body language are able to recognize potential conflicts easily and act appropriately to keep everyone safe. The dog care staff should also be able to recognize common signs of illness or injury in dogs and should be ready to provide canine first aid if needed.

Other Considerations

  • If your dog requires medications, ask how the staff is trained to handle the medications and disbursements.
  • If your dog has special dietary needs, find out how the staff will ensure he is fed properly.
  • Older dogs often require more patience with potty breaks and eating; find out what kind of experience the staff has with senior dogs.
  • Many dog day care services also offer grooming and other pampering services; a trustworthy day care may also be your favorite groomer.
  • A great perk will be the presence of a security camera system for keeping track of dog behavior.

Choose the dog day care in Oklahoma City for your canine friend that offers your canine buddy safety, quality care, and plenty of fun while you are away.