Essential Aspects You Need to Consider when Looking for a Dog Training School

There are plenty of dog training schools that are more than happy to accommodate any dog owner who walks in off the street. There are standards that you as a pet owner, should expect these schools to meet. Unfortunately, not all of these schools can live up to the level of quality pet owners deserve. Here are some points to consider when choosing the right training school for your dog.


The word reputation brings different meanings to different people. Generally, reputation is the measure of a dog training school’s popularity. It also shows that the school has earned the trust of a lot of customers.

In order to find a school with a good reputation, try asking your friends, some vets or trainers. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is also a rich source of reliable information because it can provide you with a list of the names of schools that apply humane training methods.

Methods of Training

When choosing a dog training school for your pet, you must see to it that the school you choose treats dogs the way their owners treat them.

An excellent school is one that uses humane methods that foster positive training and avoid or limit the use of techniques that reinforce negative traits. Good schools use praise and reward and recognize their dogs for their obedience and display of desirable behavior, while bad schools can employ negative reinforcement methods that include old fashioned, punitive, and unkind practices like choking and yelling.

Sufficient Knowledge

Good puppy training schools possess a wide range of knowledge – from the old methods to the most modern techniques. Having extensive knowledge enables a school to optimize your dog’s potential to learn because they have an array of options to train your pet.

When you conduct a search for reliable training schools, one of the things that you have to gather is the information regarding the latest training or seminar that the school’s trainers have attended. You should also get information about how up-to-date the school’s facilities are, and take into consideration the amount you are paying for your dog’s training. It is only fair that you and your dog to get the right services and facilities in exchange for your investment.

Classroom Setup

Dog training schools are classified into two types of classroom setups; group classes or private lessons. The group class fosters socialization and good behavior because your pet is exposed to other dogs. Another advantage of this classroom type is it gives owners the chance to interact with other handlers or owners.

While the group class has plenty of benefits, dogs that may need more intensive training might be well suited for private one on one lessons to correct difficult behavior issues.

Dog training is an important aspect of your puppy’s life.It allows you to interact properly with them, harness their intelligence, make them behave humanely, and be a proud owner anywhere you go.

When choosing a training school for your pet, make sure that it is well equipped and manned  with pet-friendly people like the staff at Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa. We treat your beloved pets as our own whether they are guests or part of our training classes, we make them feel loved – with or without you around.

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