Five Signs of A Bad Pet Nanny

Dogy nanny

Before you leave town, you want to ensure that your dogs are in safe hands. One way is to hire a dedicated pet nanny. Pet sitting is a lot like babysitting; care must be taken to choose someone you can trust. Knowledge is power, so knowing what to look for in a bad pet sitter in Edmond will help you find a good one.

Here are the 5 things to look out for in a bad dog nanny:

  1. Feeding Area: Is there food on the floor? Is the water bowl empty or filthy? It is the job of a pet sitter to keep food and water bowls clean and full and the area tidy. For outside dogs in Oklahoma’s heat, water should be checked at least twice a day.
  2. Potty Stains: Do you smell anything…funky? If your dog was meant to be let out to potty every few hours and was not, there may be evidence. This is important for two reasons: a pet nanny should keep the house clean of pet stains in particular and ensure your dog gets frequent outings to relieve himself.
  3. Damage: Some dog breeds are more susceptible to separation anxiety than others. When you are gone for a while, your dog may become anxious and chew on furniture and window moldings, or scratch doors in an attempt to break free. A good pet nanny should visit often enough to avoid this and also be someone the dog trusts.
  4. Unexplained injuries: Outdoor pets get the occasional bump, bruise or sticker, but if some medical problem is lingering and your pet sitter did not tell you, either they didn’t care to investigate or they intentionally left you in the dark.
  5. Hostility: Have you noticed your dog’s behavior around the pet sitter the next time he or she paid a visit? Dogs can sense when you’re about to leave for a trip, often making them sad, but if they exhibit signs of fear or mistrust of your pet sitter, find a new one.

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