Five Ways to Care for Your Dog While Being Away From Them

dog running car

“A dog is a friend who listens with its heart and replies with its tail” (Unknown). These fur babies need nothing but a little love and care to grow up with the strong bonds of true friendship and turn into loyal companions for life. Therefore, it is indeed essential and worthwhile to care for your beloved pets even when you are away from their eyes.

There are a lot of options available as solutions to help you out when you look for dog boarding services to take care of your pet dog in your absence. This blog post discusses five great ideas that really work when it comes to showing care for your furry friends from a distance.

Traditional Kennels

The traditional kennel is the most common and easily affordable option available for dog boarding in Oklahoma. These places do everything necessary to provide your dog with the basic amenities and even some complimentary bathing sessions. It is generally easy to find a traditional kennel, which perfectly suits the dogs that are happy-go-lucky pooches. In short, if your pet is not prone to any sort of anxiety, then choosing this type of place will be the best option to go with.

Luxury Dog Boarding

If your pet dog is not used to spending daytime hours alone, then it will definitely require extra care and human attention when you are away. Luxury dog boarding in Oklahoma is a suitable option that can rescue you from all worries regarding taking care of your dog. This type of place is undoubtedly an amazing option that offers huge kennels with extra bedding arrangements, stimuli-packed play areas and lots of personalized attention from the staff. These centers often have grooming services, extra cage-free play times and even webcams so that you can keep an eye on your dog from anywhere. However, these luxury dog boarding centers are often too costly to afford, but at Puppy Paws we offer real luxury to your dog at an affordable price.

Veterinary Offices

Opting for a trusted veterinarian and his well-trained staff can provide both fruitful and peaceful care choice for your elderly dog with certain issues pertaining to either bone health or metabolism. Since these dog boarding services in Oklahoma offer care with absolute caution and regular monitoring, they are indeed good options for dogs with medical conditions that require readily available treatment to prevent contingent situations under the trained and trusted vet.

Dog Walkers or In-House Caretakers

Some dog lovers and pet owners may find it difficult to trust a single person as the perfect sitter and caretaker for their furry friends, but as a matter of fact, this type of dog boarding in Oklahoma is the only option that allows you to customize and schedule service at relevant times according to your pet’s needs. The visiting sitter for your pet will take your dog for a walk, feed it and play with it. Many of them even offer poop-scooping and simple house-sitting services like rotating the lights and taking in the mail at your home. This particular service is helpful for the dogs that feel homesick and are used to being home alone while you work, and thus they will find regular visits very similar to their daily routine. In Oklahoma, we also have devoted caretakers who provide nice dog walking and sitting services, some of whom are willing to even stay at your place for an additional charge.

Friends or Family

Family members and friends are the ones who can very well understand your feelings for your pet and vice-versa. Thus, choosing them as the ones to look after your darling pet in times of need is always a better than the rest of the options. Some dogs are shy by nature and take more time to open up to unknown people at unfamiliar places. A familiar face with comforting behavior proves to be an excellent remedy for the pets who are apprehensive toward strangers. Dog boarding in Oklahoma hence includes the favor done on the part of friends and relatives to solace your pet dogs in a way that it enjoys the most, while you worry the least.