Help Your Pet To Avoid Heat Stress

As summer sets in over Oklahoma City, Mr. Golden Sun is not looking down with warmth and love anymore. Sometimes it feels like it’s turning Oklahoma into a giant oven. Like human, dogs and cats are also at risk of suffering from heat stroke. This is your duty to keep your pet safe from the heat. First, learn the signs of heat stress. Any summer dog care expert in OKC, such as a boarding company, can give you a detailed tutorial. Remember to get in touch with the vet the moment you notice more than one of the signs below.

Signs of Heat Stroke

Though dogs need to pant to remove cool off, excessive panting can be a sign of heat exhaustion or dehydration. If panting continues well after the dog is allowed to cool off indoors, it would be wise to contact a vet for advice.

Keep checking the body temperature of your pet if you want to keep it safe from heat related stress. High body temperature is considered to be a matter of immense concern. The normal body temperature for dogs is already 102.5°F.

Like in humans, dogs’ heart rate increases to cool the blood under the skin. But dogs don’t have the benefit of sweating, so a racing heart is a sign of potentially serious heat-related stress.

Vomiting is a desperate sign of heat stress. If your dog starts vomiting during high heat, get in touch with a veterinarian pronto. Dogs get restless in times like this, often translating signs of physical stress into behavior that shows stress.

Avoiding Heat Stroke

Providing shade is the primary thing you can do for your pet. Make sure that even if your dog lives outside the house, it must have proper access to places out of the sun. This freedom is needed and you must ensure this for the sake of your pet’s health.

Water is literally a life saver and must be available constantly. Add ice cubes to keep it cool. This will help beating the heat and keep the body hydrated.

Exercise is important for dogs, but in the summer time, even short walks can be exhausting. Limit the daily run or tug of war games to keep heat stress away. On days when the heat becomes too much, it may be best not to venture out at all.

As any pet owner knows, you should never leave your dog or cat inside the car. The interior temperate can increase by 20 degrees in ten minutes under the sun.

In case of Heat Stress

Even after proper care, pets sometimes end up with heat stress. When the signs of heat stress just won’t let up, wrap him with a wet towel to transport him to the nearest vet clinic.