Home Care & Dog Grooming Both Are Equally Important. Know Why?

Dog Care & Grooming

Grooming is not all about maintaining cleanliness or hygiene of your dog, but also improving her appearance. Dog grooming in OKC is a critical thing, and the process of pet parenting is time consuming. So, you have to take out enough time for your pet from your daily busy schedule in order to keep you dog healthy as well as beautiful. The process of grooming should start right from the puppy stage. This makes her comfortable with scheduled grooming sessions. She may resist ear cleaning or nail clipping later, if she does not get accustomed with these things right from puppyhood.

So, the biggest question is how to groom your dog. Well, it varies from one breed of dog to another. For example long haired dogs need more intense and careful grooming sessions than short haired dogs. It takes time to brush her long furs. It is also important to remove dirt, dead hair and dandruffs. All these things help maintaining better hygiene level and better appearance for your puppy. Cleaning up long furs with precision will help draw natural oil from pores. It is not that short haired dogs do not need grooming at all. They also need to undergo hair clipping, dandruff cleaning and many other grooming sessions.

So, overall, it is a time consuming job, and if you feel that you do not have that much of time, you should find professional service providers for dog grooming in OKC. Here are five grooming services for your pet dog that you can expect from the professional groomers in Oklahoma City.


Your dog’s nails need trimming when they start clicking on floors. Ideally, nails should just skim the floor. Many dogs are unwilling to do it though, and that is the biggest problem for the pet parents in Oklahoma City. This is why nail trimming should be made a habit right from puppy stage. The worst thing is hairs in between pads often cause painful matting. Apart from that, trimming is a sign of good hygiene for your pet. Trimming nails of puppies is not easy, and the job should be concluded by experienced professionals. While trimming nails, you may hurt her paw. So, be careful, and always it is recommended to hire professionals.

Cracked Pads

Like we experience cracks at the rear ends of our feet due to dryness, dogs also experience cracks on their paws or pads. Cracked pads can be painful, and they can even cause bleeding. Cracked paws need to be moisturized. Find a professional in Oklahoma City to guide you on choosing and applying ointments on the paws of your pet. Regular application of moisturizer lotion will keep the pads safe from painful cracks.

Special Summertime Care

While cracked pad is a typical problem during winter, in summertime blisters on pads can be found commonly. Dog’s paws are sensitive to heat, and they can easily acquire blisters or signs of damage. Prevention is better than cure in such cases. Prevent your dog from walking on hot surfaces like asphalt. If burning or blisters occur, wash the paws with antibacterial soap and water. Grooming professionals in Oklahoma City can suggest many other medications for quick recovery, along with further preventive measures.

Brushing Furs

It doesn’t matter whether your dog has long fur, short fur, thick fur, of curly fur, brushing furs regularly is required. Dogs may get annoyed when brushing, but it’s very beneficial. Brushing keeps dandruff and dirt away. It also helps the skin pores to release natural oil for a healthy sheen on the coat.

Ideally grooming puppy should start from three weeks old age. Grooming is a regular practice, and to make this practice desirable to your puppy, you should find an expert for dog grooming in OKC. The biggest advantage of grooming is that it keeps flea as well as ticks away. Not just clipping nails or brushing furs, grooming should also include teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, eye cleaning and many more. It saves your pet from chances of infections, helping it live healthy. Contact a professional groomer for expert solutions in Oklahoma City.