How Much Do You Know About Dog Behavior?

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Dog owners are all familiar with the problems related to dog behavior. However, there are those who wonder why some dogs display these behavioral problems. Biting, chewing or barking can be named as the common problems that dogs usually display. Owners who are unaware of the reasons for these problems often end up mishandling the behavioral issues. The thing is, you will not accomplish any positive results by mishandling misbehavior. To find a proper solution, you need to dig deeper into the problem and understand it from a deeper level. Only then will you be able to find the solution to the problem your dog is displaying.


Dogs bark, which is common knowledge, but excessive barking can be a problem. Before trying to rectify the error, you must first determine why the dog is barking. Is it trying to alert you? Is it trying to be playful? Is it seeking attention? Be patient when you are trying to control the behavior. If you are in doubt or if this is your first dog, you should get in touch with a dog trainer with experience.


Chewing is another natural behavior that can be considered a problem only when it occurs in excess. Puppy teething can be one of the reasons dogs chew. Anxiety is another. To properly control this behavior, encourage your dog to chew the right object.


Some dogs are prone to excessive digging. However, this behavior needs to be controlled if you want to live in a neat and tidy house. Here also you will have to find why the dog is digging. Most dogs dig when bored, yet there are other reasons for this behavior as well. Hunting instinct or fear can lead dogs to dig. Spend time with your dog; training is important to control this behavior.

Separation Anxiety

This may be the most common problem that dogs go through. When separation anxiety hits, dogs try to touch their owners or refuse to eat. they may misbehave or display anxiety. Training and behavior modification can help control this behavior.


This is one of the most embarrassing dog behaviors and can lead to property damage. To control this behavior, you need to talk to a dog trainer with experience and skill. Defecation occurs due to anxiety in most cases. Sometimes medical issues cause this behavior. However, regardless of the reason, you will have to seek professional assistance to modify this particular behavior.


There are dog owners who like this behavior. The immediate result of begging is digestive issues. Obesity also occurs due to this habit. For this reason, try to keep your dog away when you are eating, because that longing stare is difficult to resist.


Going after other animals, people or zooming cars is a sign of aggression. This predatory nature needs to be modified if you want to prevent disaster. A leash works its wonder in controlling the chasing behavior. A noisemaker that can get the attention of your dog will also work well. You must also keep an eye on the potential targets. A behavioral training program is required to control this behavior.

Jumping Up

A jumping dog might seem cute initially; however, with time the behavior is bound to get annoying. This is a dangerous behavior as well. You will have to control this before it gets out of the hand. Ignoring is the best way to stop this behavior. Just turn away from your dog and don’t make any eye contact. This will discourage them from jumping.

These are common behavioral problems of dogs that owners face frequently. Biting and aggression can be common as well, occurring due to fear or defensiveness. Anxiety is another reason that leads to biting or aggression. Professional training will help in modifying these behaviors. However, it is important that you seek help at the right time.