How To Bathe A Dog?

Dog Bathing

When you imagine a cute puppy taking a bath, you might see a lovely scene with a happy vibe. The dog and the owner might be laughing and having a great time. However, the reality might differ.

Bathing your pet in real life is far from pleasing. Dogs don’t seem to mind being stinky and dirty, but they really don’t like being made to bathe. Resistance may even turn to aggression, creating a tiring and messy experience, turning bath time into a headache. A dog spa in Edmond has a number of professionals who know the exact techniques for getting dogs comfortable with bathing. So check for some help regarding the process.

Positive association

Dogs can put up a fight when they don’t want to do something. So it’s important to teach your dog to follow you into the bathtub. This is the hardest part. You can lure your pet with something it enjoys. It can be toys, or treats or simply affectionate coaxing and pet the dog. Do not show your impatience and frustration in case it takes time. Bathing a pet can be a time-consuming affair. So ensure you have enough time and you are not in a hurry. Make them practice getting into an empty tub first before you add lukewarm water to it.

Ensure ear protection

Make sure water does not enter your dog’s ears. Unlike humans, the pets cannot really make out what happened to their ears and shake out the water. If the water goes within the ear it can disturb their equilibrium, hearing and even cause infections. Never attempt to submerge a dog’s head in water or dump a large quantity of water over the head. Use cups or a gentle shower nozzle.

Bathe them often and from a young age

If you have had your pet from a very young age, simply habituate it to bath time over the years. A puppy would be less likely to put up a fight about being bathed and that would help you make them accept the entire bathing session. Even when they grow up, they will be comfortable with the bathing experience.

The right products

Use proper dog shampoo and also pick the right product suited for your pet. If the shampoo makes your pet’s skin dry and scratchy they may become reluctant to enter the bath next time. A mild soap is required. Simply consult any vet with a good reputation in the region of Edmond and they would be able to advise you about the right pet shampoo that would suit your pet. A dog spa in Edmond can also give you great tips.

Wash from the neck and down

Like the ears, protecting the eyes and mouth of your pet is equally important. Make lather with shampoo from the neck down and later use a damp washcloth to clean slowly without hurting them. Ensure that you dry them rightly. Air drying is the best way to dry your pet though many people swear by blow dryers. The noise and the feel of the warm air can be irritating to the pet if they are unfamiliar to that. It can also cause burns if the dryer is not handled rightly. Any dog spa in Edmond would recommend against using a dryer with high speed or heat flow.

Your pet has their own mechanism of shaking off the water and drying themselves. Most importantly, stay calm and playful to ensure your pet get used to the bathing session and is comfortable about it.