How To Groom Your Dog?

Dog Grooming Tips

Being a pet lover comes with lots of responsibilities and dog grooming is one among them. Our canine friends have long and praised association with us. People swear by its high-quality loyalty and that is why spending few bucks on its grooming is no big deal. If you are in a fix how to start with the grooming sessions of your dogs, let us take a look at some important aspects of dog grooming.

Groom your Dog with Love and Care

We know how immensely you love your canine friend. There is no need to teach a lesson in this subject. But there may be unfavorable times when, even if you want, you were unable to offer it that much time or attention. No need to worry! Professional dog grooming services are available to fill that gap. Before choosing the right one, do take care of few things.

Foremost concern for pet owners is whether or not they have chosen a dog grooming service with real love for pets. There are cases of animal cruelty and recently an owner has been arrested for mishandling a dog in Williamsburg. Choose a dog grooming service that has impeccable past records. Such records speak lots about credentials of the service.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Choice of right equipment is very important to groom your dog and you may see its worth with professional dog groomers of Oklahoma City. One thing to keep in mind is choosing the right equipment for long coat as well as short coat dogs. Let us take a look.

  1. Bristle brush: Whether or not you have long or short haired dogs, you may use bristle brush on either types. Remember that proper maintenance of hygiene issue is very important and a bristle brush helps to keep off foreign matters from your dog’s coat.
  2. Slicker brush: Many of us love long coat dogs like Afghan Hounds or Shih Tzus. You can try different makeup styles with its hairs. However, your first and foremost duty is to keep a tangle free coat. Slicker brush is the perfect tool to remove tangles and prevent matting.
  3. Dog clippers: Now if you think that there is no need to invest in dog clippers as you can replace it with ordinary barber clippers then it is not correct. These are special tools with snap-on attachments that allow you to adjust it for accurate length.
  4. Stainless steel scissors: Using the scissors you may reach the spots that were earlier hard to reach. If your dog fidgets then you may buy a pair of safety tip scissors.
  5. Stripping knives: Dog grooming in Oklahoma City has been rapidly growing and one of the expert dog groomers has mentioned the importance of stripping knives for wiry coat dogs. One should stripe it every few months.

Necessity of Dog grooming is beyond Physical Beauty

If you are thinking that you should groom your dog to make it look nice and more adorable then you need to change your thoughts. Better grooming alters behavior of dogs and they behave more nicely. One may compare this with humans as well. We feel better after taking baths and maintaining every hygiene factors.

Dog grooming salons keep a busy schedule after the end of winters. But this is not the correct way and dogs should be kept clean during the winters as well. As suggested by an expert dog groomer of Oklahoma City, maintenance of dog’s hygiene factors is essential for the sake of your family’s well being. Sometimes, a dirty dog is the best carrier of pests.

Shampoo your Dogs even if it is Winters

Do not neglect the hygiene issues of your dog during winters. Use tearless shampoo once in a fortnight. Use lukewarm water during its bath. Such comforting factors would encourage your dog to obey your orders and it will not hide under bed when you invite it to take a bath.

Some Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Winters does not mean compromising with hygiene factors of your dog. Just take care that it should not catch cold. Please regularly comb it to keep off woolen shreds from its coat. Bath and brush its teeth with lukewarm water.