How to Help Your Dog Become More Social

dog social

According to behavioral characteristics, all human beings are unique and so are your dogs. Depending on the breed, the spontaneous dog nature is mainly decided. This is the reason why some dogs are friendly and others are timid and shy. However, besides the characteristics, the personality of the dog is influenced by the surroundings and their experiences. For fostering healthy habits and good socialization skills, it is important to make it socialize from the very initial days.

The period starts from three weeks of age. During this period, the pups acquire information about their surroundings. If they are not socialized from this period, they are most likely to be anxious and aggressive later. Keeping the dog in the daycare in Edmond, OK, can help in growing the socialization skills into the dog.

  • When a dog is doubtful about its surroundings, it can be stressed and anxious. These feelings can later make them aggressive towards the others. If the dog is not socialized, it will not enjoy a dog park or similar environment and parents can be stressed as well. Also, there can be an inaccurate diagnosis if this kind of dog is taken to the vet, due to the fear and elevated heart rate. It is for dogs own good and the surroundings as well to learn good behaviors and socialization. They are happy to learn new things and the dog parents should utilize this. Making them aware of the rules, limitations and boundaries is important for their healthy habits. A treat and showing affection for good behavior can help in this case.
  • When your pup is young, it should be taken to the dog daycare in Edmond, OK. Spending time with more dogs and pups can make it friendly and learn all the etiquettes well. While playing also, they should know how much strength in bite can hurt the others. As verbal communication is not possible, the energy and body language is very much important.
  • Even after the puppy phase, the behavior of the dogs may change. It would be good if you carry a treat with you when they are going for a walk. Give them treats when the others approach them and interact with them. Meeting new people, being good to them and getting a treat for it will remove their anxiety and discomfort to interact with the others.

How your dog will behave mostly depends on your behavioral training and experiences. If you don’t have enough time to let them learn it from you, go to the dog daycare in Edmond, OK, and for learning all these in a friendly manner. Puppy Paws Salon and Spa makes sure that your dog can interact with other dogs and grow healthy habits.