How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer In OKC – Part 1

Sometimes the scorching heat in the Oklahoma City becomes unbearable. Now imagine you’re wearing a fur coat all the time! It is not only us who feels the heat but our furry friends as well. If you are a dog owner, you’ll know dogs can get overheated easily. Since they rely on panting to keep cool. Here’s how you can help them out this summer:

Don’t leave your dog in your car

Your dog might love to go on errands with you, but never leave him inside your car. When it’s 95°F out, the car interior can get to 114°F in just ten minutes! Oklahoma summers are notorious for hot, sunny weather, so whenever your dog joins you on an outing, plan ahead to make sure he’ll never have to wait in the car.

Adjust your schedule

The hours between 12p.m to 4p.m. are typically the hottest. Going for a walk can become agonizing for a dog during these hot hours of the day. To keep your dog cool and comfortable, take him out for play and exercise during mornings and late afternoons.

Splish Splash!

Going for a swim or playing in a sprinkler during the summer heat is always welcomed. Some dogs love to swim; others act more like cats; but finding a way to make water part of outside playtime always helps to bring the temperature down.

Don’t get anchored outdoors

You might love to visit Lake Hefner, Arcadia, or Thunderbird for a day of play and soaking up the sun, but if you bring your dog, remember he can’t tell you when he’s getting overheated. Dog’s need a retreat from the heat, where they can cool off in an air-conditioned room or at least have shade or water.

Let the breeze cool him down

If your dog is meant to stay outdoors, make sure he has access to water and that his area receives Oklahoma’s wind currents. The garage or shed is a terrible option, since these restrict wind flow and can exaggerate heat like a car.

Know your dog’s limit

Don’t let your dog exercise for too long. Even playing and running under the sun can prove to be dangerous for your dog. Monitor him closely, if you find him to be panting while chasing any toy, stop him immediately and let him cool down first. Change the game, or bring it inside.

It is not easy being a pet owner. You might love your dog very dearly but you need to take good care of him as well. As summer sets in in Oklahoma City, take note of the best summer dog care so that you and your dog can beat the heat.