How To Pick The Perfect Pet Sitter For Your Pooch

touching dog

Whether you are planning a long trip or just running some errands, leaving your dog alone at home can be tough. Dogs can suffer separation anxiety, get into things that could be harmful, or ruin your house to pass the time. To avoid this trouble, a professional dog sitter can be a lifesaver while you are not around.

Here are few important points to note when choosing the right sitter for your dog.

  • Get references!

    Don’t just pick anyone who responds to a free web classified ad; hire a pro pet sitter. There may be plenty of college students around Oklahoma City willing to look after your dog for a few bucks; but can you really trust them? When it comes to entrusting the health and safety of your four-legged friend to a stranger, find someone trusted by someone you trust.

  • Use agency screening!

    You will find many brick and mortar and web-based agencies who can recommend top-quality dog sitters in Oklahoma City. To save time, contact these agencies. They can recommend a professional sitter complete with reviews and feedback from previous clients.

  • Meet the sitter before hiring!

    Don’t just go by the reputation of the dog sitting agency. Before hiring the sitter, meet him or her personally and provide an opportunity for them to meet your dog while you are around.

  • Ask questions!

    Does this dog sitter have dogs of their own? Do they love dogs, or just the pay? How have they handled issues with other dogs they have cared for?

  • Don’t wait until the last minute!

    It goes without saying, but sometimes we get so caught up in planning for a trip we forget about something as important as finding a qualified, trustworthy person to visit our homes every day! You’re giving a key to this person, remember!

  • Have a budget in mind!

    Discuss your budget with the sitter, and don’t be afraid to negotiate the rate down. Many dog sitters will charge by the day, including one or two visits to your home.

Dogs don’t like to stay away from their owner for a long time. But if your job requires extensive travelling, hiring a someone friendly to watch over your dog is a good idea. At first, your furry friend might not like the idea, but slowly things will fall into place. The dog sitting in Oklahoma City will help you to make the right choice.