How To Prepare Your Dog’s First Day Of Boarding

Now that you have decided to send your day to dog boarding in Oklahoma you have already crossed the hurdle of being mentally prepared for being away from your pet. You are ready to spend hours before the computer and watch your dog carry out silly antics so that you can go “ooh” and “aah” over its little escapades. However, there is one thing that you can do. Prepare your dog for his first day at the boarding center. Following are the ways that you need to follow:

  • Hydration is the key

    When your dog is being sent to the boarding you need to rest assured of one fact – his physical and mental exercise will be much more than what was at your home. He will spend the day sniffing out new places, check out passersby through the window, jumping up and down a new couch, play with a ball and so on. All these will leave him tired and exhausted. Hence, it becomes important that your dog remains well hydrated at all the times. Make sure that your dog have access to a bowl of fresh water when you leave him. In fact, ask the boarding staffs to refill his bowl at frequent intervals.

  • Give your dog time to make new friends 

    Dogs like humans are extremely sensitive about those with whom they mix. Even if your dog is friendly and gels with people easily yet you need to give time to your dog to mix with the boarding staffs. For your dog, it is a new place and he is meeting new people when you are not there. As such, your dog will take time to open up and make new friends. You need to be extremely patient during this time. Don’t force anything on him.

  • Take your dog for a walk before you leave him at the boarding 

    Before you leave your dog to the boarding center, take him for a walk so that in case your dog feels like peeing, he can release himself before he is dropped at the boarding. Otherwise, there are high chances that he will pee the moment he is left alone at the daycare center. This will also ensure that your dog develops proper toilet training.

  • Begin the day on a calm note 

    Dogs have an uncanny habit of picking up moods and sentiments. If you are nervous about leaving behind your dog at the boarding center or you are emotional of being away from your dog for long, your dog will pick up the emotion and will react in a similar fashion. This is neither good for you nor your dog. Hence, begin the day on a calm note. Cuddle your dog, pet him, and give him a warm hug before you leave him at the boarding center. Make your dog feel loved and cherished so that he loves spending his time at the boarding center and looks forward to meeting you in the evening.

Once you keep in mind all the areas discussed above both you and your pet will be prepared for Dog boarding in Oklahoma.