How to Stop Two Dogs from Fighting?

dog fighting

It is said that love accompanies possessiveness and as for the most unconditional lover it goes well. Yes, we are talking about the dog. It is psychologically proved that the dog is a very possessive animal and it hates to compete with the other dogs or even humans to get attention from their loved ones. Therefore, no wonder, if someone gets very close to you, no matter if it is a dog or human, your dog would not take it casually. In case of the dog, it can result in dogfight.

Other than your place, it is also a common thing in the dog park. In fact, the scenario can take place in the dog boarding as well. But fortunately, the dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, take care of these situations well. The boarding has well-trained dogs who have been kept for some hours by their parents. So that there wouldn’t be any fight between two dogs, they take full precautions.

What They Do to Prevent Dog-Fighting

Food and toys are the two most risky things that can ignite dog-fighting. Dogs become extra possessive about their loved ones and for protecting those, they can show aggression.

  1. The best way suggested by the expert is to feed the dogs away from each other, or the two they know are prone to get involved in a fight.
  2. Washing the food bowls immediately will prevent growing their possessiveness and there will be less chance of a fight.
  3. It is dangerous to remove toys or bones from your dog. It is better to distract its attention to something else to take it away in between.

There are several warning signs of dogfight. The professional dog trainers of dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, recognize these signs and take precautionary steps to prevent the consequences.

  • Growling
  • Raised hackles
  • Stiffness
  • Flattened ears
  • Staring
  • Bared teeth
  • Downward tail

If you see two dogs are giving any of these signs, you have to be alert. As these are the prior sign of attack. The professional caregivers handle such cases carefully, the dogs wouldn’t be hurt and the other staffs remain safe. Here are some of the methods they follow.

  1. Distraction is a good way to change their focus. You can make a loud noise, or a metallic sound so that the dogs get shocked and change focus. You can also try putting a blanket on them so that they can’t see each other to fight.
  2. The ‘wheelbarrow’ method is also effective here. Two professionals can raise the fighting dogs’ hind legs from back so that they have to stand in front legs. Thus, they have to be taken apart from each other. The sudden awkwardness will divert the dogs’ mind.
  3. When there is nothing to apply these methods, putting a barrier between the two will stop the fighting.

You can trust Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, a reliable dog boarding centers in Edmond, OK, for boarding your dogs for some hours when you are out. They have a proper setting to keep the dogs safe and healthy.