How to Train Your Dog to Stop Scratching and Chewing

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Scratching and Chewing

There are many reasons a dog starts scratching, chewing and destroying stuff. For example, if you leave along in an apartment and leave your dog behind when you are at work, separation anxiety sets in. So the first step to training your dog to stop ruining things is to start learning what causes the behavior.

Separation anxiety is most likely to result from:

  • Boredom. When your dog is bored, he will find ways to keep himself occupied.
  • Barriers that restrict him from reaching you…like walls, doors, and furniture.
  • Lots of time alone. He’ll start thinking you’re never coming back!

Dog training is a common and effective solution for bad behavior like chewing and scratching. However, before you go out to train your dog, consult a veterinarian for advice about normal dog behaviors. The veterinarian will help figure out what is the cause of such a behavior and what should be the best treatment plan and training course.

Try to train an alternative

Scratching and chewing often gets the immediate attention of a person. However, it might turn into bad habits when your dog just wants some attention. The best solution is to train your dog for an alternative. Say, if your dog needs to go potty outside and starts scratching at the door, you can train your dog to use a potty bell or even bark instead if that’s better option.

You must remove all its attention from pawing

Instead of rewarding your dog for scratching by giving him the attention he’s after, teach him that scratching accomplishes opposite of what he intends. This is a necessary lesson of dog training. Say, if your dog scratches for attention, then freeze like a statue. Do not make an eye contact and walk away ignoring him or her for 10 to 30 seconds. Attend your dog when it calms down and abandons the behavior. The more consistent a family is in not rewarding the behavior, the more successful the training will be.

Control their playtime

When dogs play, they like use their paws, but for humans, dog paws can cause painful scratches. Therefore, train your dog to be aware of his paws by showing that paws on human skin means playtime is over. You can consider a time-out period ignoring the dog for 10 to 30 seconds before you resume. Professional dog training in Oklahoma also suggests to train with a toy or ball. For example, don’t just throw a tennis ball to get a scratching dog to go away; hold it until he controls himself, then reward him with a game of fetch.

Teach your dog to shake

As a part of dog training, you can teach your dog to use natural behaviors more socially on cue as this gives you a more control on their behaviors. This will give the dog a great awareness of his actions and make it more likely to happen when asked. For instance, you can train your dog to shake with a word or a signal. It shows him that his paws are not bad, but rather there is a correct time to use them. Teach him that he will be rewarded for the times the behavior was asked for with the cue. Thus, shake can be a way to reward your dog for staying calm.

Increase your dog’s daily exercises

Dog training alone is not enough to contain all of a dog’s energy. Exercise is a necessary ingredient for good behavior. The right amount of exercise for a dog depends on its breed, size, age, and physical limitations. You always need to keep your dog active and make sure that he is involved in daily exercises. Discuss your dog’s fitness needs with dog training experts in Oklahoma.

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