Integrate Dog Training Into Dog Play and Exercise!

Dog Day Care Service

A healthy dog is a bundle of energy and it is the duty of its owner to keep it fit. Ask your vet and he would recommend a 1 hour daily exercise regimen for your dog. According to a study conducted by the Michigan State University, dog owners get 34% more exercise per week compared to people who do not have pet dogs. One may incorporate dog training sessions within its play or exercise regimens combining 2 benefits in 1.

Different types of dog games

  1. Blanket hurdle: You want to instill a little common sense in your dog without being overtly professional. Let us make it a fun game for both of you. If you want your dog to walk or run without breaking valuables inside or outside your home then blanket hurdle game could teach it a thing or two.
    For this, first of all make enough space inside your room so that the dog could easily run without hurting itself or breaking your valuables. Place a single or multiple rolled-up blankets on its way and fix its height as per the height of your dog and its agility. Walk it throughout the course and make it jump over the rolled-up blanket. Once it has got its nerve, take it to another corner and call it from a different direction.
  2. Hide and seek: We can call this childhood game of ours to be a good workout session for the dog. Let your dog stay in one room. Then move and conceal in another. When it finds you, do not forget to reward it with a treat. This game may act as a training session and could prove to be valuable during emergencies.
  3. Tug-of-war: This simple game holds immense benefits for your pooch. This game instills the sense of how and when to ‘grab it’ and ‘let go’. Also, it helps it to get over its inner canine aggression. Herein, you may use a toy as a suitable prop. Teach your dog; unless and until you say so, it would not grab the toy. If it could successfully follow that order, reward it. Place the toy on ground. Once it has that down, utter the action word ‘grab it’. This training session would instill the sense that it has been allowed to grab the toy.

A success of 1st stage would follow the 2nd. Herein you need to instill it with the sense when to ‘let go’. Once your dog has successfully completed the task, reward it.

Different types of dog exercises

  1. Walking: This might sound simple but has many benefits. Regular walking sessions at slow pace helps your dog to restrain aggression. Keep such walking sessions within time limits like 1 hour in the morning or evening.
  2. Running: Dogs are avid runners without giving minimum care to inclement weather conditions or terrain types. Make it your routine to run with it, every morning. It would help you to keep a fit mind and body. However, this exercise session requires a good piece of hard work and training. You need to see that the dog understands a logical pace of running so that you could stay behind a manageable distance. Otherwise the dog may run others into trouble.
  3. Stairs and Inclines: An Edmond personal trainer suggests that traversing stairs and hills bring different muscles and ligaments into action, more like the natural landscapes both humans and dogs adapted to.
  4. Stand up on hind legs then stretch: This is a fun exercise for you both. Inspire your dog to stand up on its hind legs and reach for your hugs. It is a good exercise for its hip muscles. This training session could instill in it a friendlier attitude towards humans and help your dog to learn when jumping up is acceptable or not.

Dog daycare and training in Edmond has been working for years. For instilling a sense of discipline in your dog, you should train it. You may also take help from professionals.